God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Wednesday, October 9, 2013


So you think you live in a country called America, and it’s the land of the free? Nah, you know better than this by now, don’t you? But did you know you are not allowed to ask questions of “foreclosure specialists” on Facebook? No you can’t and if you do you’ll be suspended and your question, posted, will be deleted. Shame, shame, shame on you, you stupid little victimized American. What can you to do about it? Nothing, from what I can see, short of a revolt!

You’ll just be suspended from Facebook for however long it might be, after the person who suspended you, in my case I believe it was Rob Harrington on LawDogs, attacks you with vile statements only a bully from a high school in the poorest part of any failing city would say to anyone! Oh yes, I almost forgot, it’s against all Facebook rules to slander another person; abuse them; call them names and threaten them as Rob arrogantly did to me in public. But, it’s perfectly okay for Rob Harrington to report me for asking a question that made him flip out, or was it Rene Powers or John Wright who flipped out first? Yep, they all flipped out, I just can’t seem to recall who did first? Who knows? Who cares?

You may be able to catch the conversation we had on Facebook by going to LawDogs or Bank Fraud Revealed’s Facebook sites; most of Rob’s outrageous responses to my questions are here.

Want to know the question? I bet you’re dying to know? Well not yet, I still have a bit more background to fill you in with first.

You know these three people are merely a few of those on Facebook, Twitter and other places on the Internet sharing their knowledge about unlawful foreclosures; recommending attorneys, websites, pro per legal sites that inform the public about what laws need to be addressed in court for the lone pro perer:>(Rene actually recommends her Homeowner Coalition. I have no idea what her involvement is with this organization, but she pushes it out there to the public as a place to get help with unlawful foreclosures. But the Homeowners Coalition ignored my documents of proof and me? I wonder why?

I’ve actually known all these "foreclosure specialists” for a good two years. They know my horrendous story, about unaddressed federal crimes, and individually at different times, they all offered to be of service to me, and my foreclosure nightmares. I believe they consider themselves “foreclosure specialists” or at least have connections to them. However one looks at this, they are advising the victims of unlawful, illegal foreclosures on either a donation fee basis or perhaps the attorneys they recommend to the public are paying them? Still worse maybe the victims to these horrid unaddressed by the proper authorities are paying for their advise? I honestly don’t know? This is one question all "foreclosure specialists" refuse to answer with, “We help people for free”! I’m pretty sure this isn’t true or they wouldn’t be so violent towards someone, like me, when I ask them who’s paying for their services?

Besides you cannot tell me, based on what I know and have experienced, with corruption in this world, that all these “foreclosure specialists” are doing their jobs all day long, out of the goodness of their hearts, for free. Sorry, I wasn’t born yesterday. And the American people, in general, are considered greedy by the whole world. Mark my words when I bring the word “pay” up to any of these “foreclosure specialists” they go ballistic and start calling me names like “gas bag. What’s that saying, “Me thinks he protests too much”?

Anyway, Rob Harrington and I spoke on the phone months ago, last year, and he gave me the name of a friend of his, a producer for documentary films. Larry, my husband, and I have written a number of scripts about our experience with the nightmares of unlawful foreclosures and federal crime; showing you through a saga just exactly what we’ve learned. Believe me it’s a lot different from what the “foreclosure specialists” are telling the public. At that time Rob was horrified with my story; very sympathetic and apologetic about what we have suffered. He made other promises to help us and then I never heard another word from him; heard one word from his producer friend and then he blew us off. Larry and I were at that time in our third year of living in a tent in California when I first met Rob.

Frankly, I don't see how anyone can trust someone's opinion who criticizes a victim to all this, purposely unaddressed, federal crime for doing all they can to restore their lives after realizing they can't retain employment because of mostly their unlawfully destroyed credit; age and employment experience lacking, because they always had their own business. My husband, Larry and I have done whatever we can to restore our lives, against all odds; written screenplays, books, and created a business plan that with an investor's commitment financially, will create many jobs while putting us to work! Rob Harrington instead mocks our efforts, in writing, all over Facebook? Monstrous!!

Rene Powers and I were on a radio show together, Senka’s Show, where Rene stated to the world, on the radio, that Larry and I could come live on her ranch, at the same time she filibustered over my story, for an hour, in public. Very confusing and abusive I would say, at the least very rude! It caused me to feel very unheard and I'm aware of the reason people do this...so you won't hear me either:>( The invitation Rene gave me in public was never brought up again, and this was a serious betrayal when one realizes we were living in a tent in the middle of winter! We were cold and wet:>(

So then there’s John Wright with his Piggybankblog. He once told me he’d familiarize himself with my horrific story and write about it, which would obviously help others; actually so did Martin Andelman of Mandelman Matters. These helpers-of-the-public are self-professed as such, but in my experience and belief, liars. In fact John Wright also invited us to come stay with him, then apparently removed the offer without telling us...he let it go; never brought it up again. Both John and Martin have many of my documents of proof yet refuse to use their expertise, which seems to be writing, to help me expose this truth:>(Why would this be, we need to all ask ourselves? Our story, and many more like it, could help millions of other Americans! With the truth out there, perhaps "we the people"could all get on the same page and do something about our beloved USA?

Instead, because of jealousy and greed, our country is full of those who are re-victimizing the victims for their own profit; they are lying to you for this purpose. Despicable!

And there is Bill Windsor author and producer of, "Lawless" also very well versed on my story of horror; I interacted with him for over a year; he has all my documents too. In the end he blew me off:>(Did some government agent pay him to shut-up?

So now you’re thinking “well they probably found out her story isn’t true”?

Wait! Hear me out first, before you decide to believe what criminals want you to believe. They do not want you to know that I had 80M$s embezzled, extorted and laundered out of my trust account. When I reported the federal crime to the proper government authorities, instead of an investigation into the financial institutions involved, they saw me as a whistleblower and came after me with a vengeance. I ended up losing four multi-million dollar properties, three of which had no loans against them, by illegal fraudulent foreclosures and one criminal eviction, by my own attorney! Because of this my flourishing business, my husband and I shared, was destroyed and we have lost everything we ever owned, including our precious family of dogs, while the government authorities laughed at us; still are, and the attorneys hired purposely withheld evidence from the judge and judges didn’t show up in court, dismissing the cases and purposely not reinstating new court dates. There were never any depositions or interrogatories done?

Here, we have seen the tricks of the legal trade when they don’t want certain crimes exposed to the public. They pull all these manipulative moves so your case will fail. The USA Government does not want the crimes against me, and now Larry too, exposed because Justice Anthony M. Kennedy is at the bottom of this mess as my attorney from 1969-1978; he advised the trust that has been embezzled; he’s my second removed brother-in-law.

However I’ve known of other victims to what has happened to my trust and me, that didn’t have a huge powerful figure at the bottom of the federal crime. So obviously this is not the reason for hidden facts on unaddressed federal crime!

So I believe from the experience I’ve had, that all these so-called “foreclosure specialists” or whatever they choose to call themselves, read my story, saw the documents of proof and concluded very quickly that my case, and many others like mine, blow their tactics clear out of the water and if they actually do what they said they would do, and help us, they would lose all credibility with their clients, or whatever they call them. Their clients would find out what we know. They will never get their homes back! The "foreclosure specialists" would cease making an income off their advice.

There can be no forcing of the laws to be upheld when the judges are the ones making sure the laws aren’t upheld. Who ladies and gentlemen will force them to change their corrupt ways? Do you believe the government authorities will put an end to this corruption? No, it’s been my experience that they actually sanction these federal crimes. Oh so how about signing petitions and marching in DC? No, the government and politicians are laughing at these moves; it’s pure entertainment to them, because they know what many Americans just can’t get their heads around. There is no one above the corrupt government, disgusting immoral politicians, criminal authorities, malfeasant-laden law and the lying media who can make sure these criminals are held accountable, investigated, charged and arrested for “Misprision Of Felony”. The media has the truth, but because they know this truth they’re basically being threatened with losing their jobs or lives if they breathe a word to the public. And, this is true for the alternative and alternative to the alternative media as well as the MSM.

Nevertheless, these “foreclosure specialists” are instructing their clients of the laws to be used in court; posting on their sites lawsuits filed against financial institutions, which in my opinion are fake lawsuits or end before anyone has to pay, designed to be reported in the media to calm the sheeple. Further these "foreclosure specialists" are promoting the Homeowners Coalition and gaining the trust of these scared-out-of-their-mind victims to unlawful foreclosure, when the truth is quite different to what they are sharing and encouraging their clients to do.

Their clients believe they will get their homes back if they bravely fight back. But herein lies the truth; they won’t!

The USA courts are corrupt and no one, no matter what attorney they hire, or laws they insist support the federal crimes committed against them; the courts are corrupt and the properties will never be returned! Period!

This is a fact through my twelve years experience. The USA Government authorities are purposely ignoring the federal crimes of the financial institutions, while the attorneys and judges are in on protecting the financial institutions as the media, all media, spins untrue tales of lawsuits filed against financial institutions. Yes, it’s horrific!

My question to Rob Harrington who professes to help victims of unlawful foreclosure is this; “Why aren’t you informing your clients of the fact that the courts are so corrupt it’s likely they would be better off to walk away if they don’t want to spend their lives in litigation (often over ten years) and come away without their property no matter how egregious the federal crimes were that took it in the first place, and deathly ill from the stress?” Why isn't Rob Harrington, and experts like him, promoting instead that all Americans gather together creating a front against the USA Government? Now this would be helpful and more quickly all this corruption would have a chance to end, while victims to the unlawful foreclosures would actually have a better chance of getting their homes back! Instead Rob Harrington, and others like him, are promoting something they know won't work while they earn their living off of these false hopes they give their clients! Want to talk about selfish, this is the height of selfishness!

It actually reminds me of my family, (blood group) "they eat their own" for their own personal benefits. Support for each other, as in a healthy family, is completely unheard of! They will gang up (victimize) a family who they are jealous of; complete unfathomable acts against them and then criticize their victim's tears; call them mentally ill or nuts and throw them into the streets. Hey, just like our American government has become?

Rob went ballistic when I asked why he won't tell the truth and had me suspended from Facebook after calling me cruel names. There is truly something wrong with our values in this country! And of course anyone who responds like this to a simple question is hiding something!

You know what? I have asked many times over Twitter and Facebook that people come forward with their save-their-home-success -stories. You know what I receive? Silence! Apparently there are no success stories, which has been my experience too!

It is a fact that should you see and know of a crime and you don’t report it; you are as much a criminal as the person who committed the crime. It’s called “Misprision Of Felony” if a politician or any other USA leader or authority ignores the crime, they know about, but who’s charging these criminals for their crimes? While all this is true, and I try to live by the creed to be a responsible citizen, our culture doesn’t!

None of the “foreclosure specialists” seem to either in my opinion? They refuse to address what has occurred to my family and me while most, whom I’ve met, know all the details. They instead purposely hide crimes such as has occurred to our family, and many more millions of Americans. And, I believe I know why; the attorneys may be paying them to recommend their law firms to these willing-to-do-anything-to-save-their-home victims. My (our) story and many others like it are too horrendous and prove how corrupt the courts actually are. I mean if 80M$ embezzlements, by financial institutions, and illegal criminal foreclosures on four multimillion dollar properties are completely ignored, by the proper authorities, do people think their fight will return one home?

If the “foreclosure specialists” tell their victims the truth, they make no money from the attorneys who pay them to recommend their law firm. The attorneys know also that the courts are so corrupt they can’t win a case so they rely on getting the victim’s last dime, by committing breach of contracts, and move onto another client (victim). How can they get away with this moral turpitude? The state bars are Mafia groups protecting the attorneys who are criminals and handle their cases in this way; the honest attorneys who do right by their clients, end up disbarred and jailed, as with Richard Fine Esq. out of California!

Actually, as I’ve mentioned many times in my articles, I have more respect for Mafia; they care about family and right from wrong. Our national state bars and government leaders don’t.

Our whole American culture protects criminals! And the most serious criminals in our culture today are professionals, financial institutions, attorneys, politicians and the government leaders and authorities who oversee them. As long as this continues we can expect nothing more than continuous unlawful foreclosures and other serious life threatening crimes that destroy lives! And, those of you who believe they are braving all odds to march against this are getting nothing done, although your efforts should be respected, but not if you know better and you should by now. Where’s the grief or threat to the government or legal world in your march on the capitol; signed petition or call to your senator or congressman? There is none and that’s why it doesn’t work and never will! It should work in a democracy but we’re now in dictatorship and drastic measures, such as all Americans completely stopping the payment of their taxes, should be taking place in the next tax season. Now we’ll see the USA Government respond.

Last but not least I’m sick to death of watching greedy jealous Americans, and you know exactly who you are, take advantage of the victims to all this unaddressed federal crime! We have new real estate companies, popping up all over the country, selling illegally foreclosed upon homes; worse yet you greedy Americans are tripping over each other to buy them; “foreclosure specialists” giving horrible legal advice to suffering homeowners, giving them hope when there is none and the “foreclosure specialists” know this! Want to know how I believe this fact? Because of the way these helpers-of-the-public always respond to my black and white proof of horrendous unaddressed federal crimes. They appear to be afraid of it and so pretend to you, the public, that they don't know about it or they call me a liar!

Oh and the storage whores, don’t even get me started on this. My God, these people are, tripping over each other, buying the personal & family treasures left, temporarily, in storage because of unaddressed federal crimes that took these victims' homes... well there just aren’t words. But hey, what these greedy buyers couldn’t afford in their lifetime, so far, they can now buy for pennies on the dollar at the storage auction, while bringing still more grief to the federal crime victims; more loss. These victims are losing family photos, heirlooms and legal documents now! These same people, who hear of my plight, often say to me, “Get a job”! One of my favorite criticisms of me by these greedy-take-advantage-of-the-victim-so-I-can-advance-by-doing-nothing-but-stealing is, “You’re selfish” or “All you care about is yourself” Wow! There truly aren’t words! And what was it that Sherry Hermadez said to me on Facebook? I’ll paraphrase, “We need to work together to address these crimes.” Right, but heiresses, whom have been victimized, are not invited to the party, nor does their pain matter! And, it is my belief, you Sherry would be the first in line at a storage auction belonging to an heiress along with your friends in the ‘foreclosure specialist” business!

Below is merely one of Ms. Hermadez’s posts to me; nothing wrong with it really, it just shows she doesn’t pay attention. By the way we spoke over a year ago on Facebook; she doesn’t recall:>(

Sherry Hernandez We are all fighting our own battles and trying to use our own battles to help others. If we didn't have these battles we might not understand how horrendous it can be. We can have sympathy for others who are hurting, but they are biting the wrong hands! We don't have the answers, we are searching, just like they are and sharing our information as we find it. Their anger, as we know, is misdirected. No one can set aside their own life to follow another completely, rather we must link arms and walk side by side to uncover the fraud and expose the REAL villains in this national land grab. Foreclosures specialists? I think there are none, only people that have found one piece of the puzzle that they try to use to help others. Some exploit us with this information, others genuinely try to help, but which ever you run into, let's not lose sight of the real goal...to EXPOSE THE FRAUD. We cannot keep fighting among ourselves or we will get no where.

But, again I’m an heiress so I don’t count, nor does my input which I gave out to many starting twelve years ago, and yet even with my Blog, Facebook and Twitter few get it!

By: Deborah Breuner
Heiress Lives In A Tent

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