God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Monday, October 7, 2013


Okay I finally get it! If you happen to have been born into this world with parents and grandparents who actually created something, with their creativity, brains, hands and grueling work ethic then you’re nothing more than a criminal to society.

This is what our world has become, ladies and gentlemen, and I personally started observing the sick attitude when I was less than five years old in the early 1950s.

My parents hired a Danish nanny, Herdis to help out with raising me; she came into my life when I was about 2 or 3 years old. I was living with my parents on my mother’s 80 thousand acre sheep ranch in Roseville, California at the time. My great grandfather bought this stunning Oak Tree sprawling property, with cash, and built a beautiful white Victorian home, (some would call it a mansion) after earning the funds to do so, by hauling freight to the gold miners in the Sierra Nevada’s during the middle 1800s. I mean come on how criminal is this? Yet, my mother was very proud of her parent’s accomplishment?

Herdis, behind my mother’s back, was emotionally and physically abusing me. Why, would she do this? Well because of the things she use to say to me in her broken English, I’d say extreme jealousy. She’d say, “I hab tu take care of vow becuz you’re moder can’t; she sick! I’m you’re moder now!” If your moder not sick I could stay in Denmark. I come from a wealthy family too! Your moder make me wear uniform! I hate her!”

Well a three year old wouldn’t understand Herdis’ transparency wrapped up in her angry, lying remarks, but my many years since and experience reveal an early truth! First of all my mother was never sick; she was independently wealthy! Herdis was very jealous and yet she had incredible talent, in her own right, with the ability to create as well. I know for a fact my parents would have done anything to help she and her, Swedish born, architect husband, Carl out of gratefulness for caring for me. But, Herdis would rather complain, abuse me and blame my mother!

Meanwhile, my mother’s life was stricken with cruel jealousy coming from her husband, (my father), her wicked three oldest daughters and many so-called friends who weren’t really friends, including Herdis’ insidious abuse. I may have turned on her too, but interestingly, not understanding what she was going through at all, I still took my mother’s side. Today I understand why? Our souls met somewhere before we were ever born. My mother died of a broken heart, and I believe poisoning by the betrayal of a family member, at 62 years old after all her funds had been embezzled by a combination of my father’s greed, and a number of financial institutions, while this was never investigated by the proper authorities:>(

Mother was a beautiful person, inside and out, who loved her family, the land that sheltered millions of European sheep and stunning Oaks, including the extraordinary history of the Diamond K. Ranch created by emigrants from the old country, coming here for what they thought was freedom!

This is what I saw of my mother, a person who loved deeply from her gorgeous rose garden to the way she’d take care of her family and home. Nothing she called hers or ours went without exquisite care by my mother’s love, intentions, creativity and efforts. She had an incredible work ethic too. She also believed in family so strongly that no matter what relative, they were considered part of the family at the ranch. Some lived with us amidst the many bedrooms in the Victorian house. After my great aunt’s husband embezzled all her money, in the early 1900s, while the government authorities purposely ignored the crime, Mother built a, wheelchair friendly, house for Auntie on the ranch where she could live out her days with love and care. The story of our relatives’ lives continued when my mother would have me escort her, monthly, delivering beautiful roses and ivy to the mausoleum to adorn love ones’ crypts; including for my fathers’ relatives.

My mother’s taste was exquisite too so our home was always beautifully decorated and never did we go a week without fresh flowers or greens in the house that Mother picked and arranged. She was also a great cook; photographer and volunteer at our church. She graduated magnum cum laude from Stanford University in English in 1920. And what about the arts? Well I spent my youth, seeing every ballet and musical, in San Francisco, that came out between 1950 and my mother’s death in 1970. Obviously I loved my mother deeply, while at the same time I’d see her cry a lot and hear my father drop hints to family members about my mother’s sanity? I didn’t understand back then, and unfortunately at the time I was confused; didn’t know what to believe?

Then when I was 48 years old, after raising a beautiful family myself; having many of the same loves, interests, talents and pain in life as my mother; around the same age my mother was when I heard my father’s strongest voice putting her down, I would have a realization about our world that shocked me to my core! What people will do in the name of jealousy and greed!

I used to believe the jealousy I’ve seen in life wasn’t really so serious, but now at 64 years old I understand it has destroyed my great aunt, my mother, my children, my grandchildren and “fixin” to destroy me, but never will! It is destroying the USA!

You see if you happen to be an heiress who has lost, through embezzlement and unlawful foreclosures, by multiple financial institutions; four multimillion dollar properties; a viable flourishing business; her precious family of dogs; all her belongings and her once great reputation, through lies, then she deserves it is the consensus!

Why? Because of jealousy! I have found that I can’t retain the help I need from the so-called “foreclosure specialists” because I owned too much and therefore I don’t deserve help! Not that they are actually helping anyone because there is no help to be had! THE LAWS IN THIS COUNTRY ARE PURPOSELY NOT BEING UPHELD BY THE JUDGES! And, this is what makes me very angry with these “foreclosure specialists”. They know this truth, I speak about here, and yet they continue to give suffering victims, of federal crime, hope. Suggesting to them to hire this attorney or that one, while attorneys are all corrupt belonging to a nation of corrupt state bars. Then they suggest and teach the laws to the suffering, scared-out-of-their-mind public who represent themselves pro per. These specialists fail to instruct them that the judges are corrupt too. To me this is worse than the original crimes committed by the financial institutions, unethical, corrupt attorneys and judges. A petition signed or a march in Washington DC will not work either! Think about it! What’s the threat? There has to be a threat to our leaders in order for change. Otherwise they can continue to do whatever they choose, and so they have, and it will continue to get worse until we come together as “we the people” and stop paying our taxes all at the same time, or just flat out revolt.

The truth is when all is said and done, just as my dear friend Rich, originally from Chicago told Larry and me years ago, “Sell everything and just start over; the courts are corrupt and you will never see justice!” We didn’t believe him. After our twelve years plus experience in the courts; writing government authorities; senators; congressmen, assemblymen; financial watchdogs, the FBI and even talking to “foreclosure specialists” concerning the federal crimes committed against my trust, Larry and myself there is no doubt that Rich was and is absolutely correct.

Yes, the problem we have here in America cannot be handled in the courts; the courts are corrupt and there’s no one above them to fix this. Just like a totaled car, after a horrible accident, must be trashed, so do all the USA leaders, politicians, state bars, judges and the media that protects them!

Meanwhile the “foreclosure specialists” as well as new real estate companies, sprouting up all over the nation, to sell illegally foreclosed upon homes to vultures, and storage whores are having a heyday!

The “foreclosure specialists” are actually single handedly prolonging the inevitable and being paid by someone to do it. I just don’t know by whom yet? Most probably by the corrupt law firms? Real help would be, teaching and allowing Americans to come to the realization my family and I have come to through our personal, painful experiences. There is no justice and no one can force a judge to do what is right; no laws; no government intervention because the government is purposely not getting involved with these outrageous federal crimes! Why aren’t we Americans asking why to just this one fact? Government authorities are responsible to investigate federal crimes; unlawful, illegal foreclosures and embezzlements of bank accounts which are federal crimes, they aren’t civil crimes that should be addressed by a civil lawsuit!

You know who chastises me the most for telling this truth? Not the USA Government, they can do whatever they want because they know most Americans will merely continue to complain over social media getting nowhere. It’s the “foreclosure specialists” who loathe me for telling you the truth!

Again it all comes down to jealousy and greed becoming so out of hand, in this country, that it is now considered a crime to create anything, through hard work, that enables you and your family financial wellbeing. If your spouse, extended family, children or neighbor don’t steal what you worked hard to create your government will! And no law in the land will protect you; it or get it back for you if stolen! Period!

But professionals, such as “foreclosure specialists”, who want to take advantage of this truth; the pain of all the unaddressed federal crimes committed against you and your families have become ramped in our society today, because they know authorities have become non-existent and they are making money off your pain!

Haven’t you seen a least a hundred Nigerian attorneys emailing you, a day, claiming a relative just left you a fortune and they would like to send it to you? Have you ever wondered, with all the technology and government watching everyone for terrorists, why they can’t seem to control these horrendous fraudulent emails?

Come on people please crawl out of your denial! You will actually have more chance of keeping what belongs to you, such as your property, if “we the people” together, get out of the corrupt courts, and stand up against government corruption rather than to allow “friggin” “foreclosure specialists” to continue to take advantage of our plights!

And, now I’m sure “foreclosure specialists” are going to come down on me, this article, my book telling you the truth, my husbands’ and my scripts showing you the truth, while violently coming after me with vile accusations about what a selfish heiress I am, (as if being an heiress is a crime) because I’m trying desperately to share a truth the public needs to understand. How is this selfish? I gain nothing from sharing my experiences but the knowing I’m helping; doing God’s work in my mind. Showing the public a truth they would otherwise never learn because the media is making sure you don’t learn until the same crimes attack you and your family; at this point it’s too late because these crimes and the victims are purposely not exposed by the media and the courts are corrupt, so you’ll never get justice! Remember I’ve had over twelve years experience.

The fact is the more violent someone becomes against another’s truth should show you how unethical they are not the lack of ethics of the victim they are attacking! But you knew that already.

By: Deborah Breuner
Heiress Lives In A tent

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