God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Monday, October 21, 2013


Why are we Americans so enamored with experts? Experts are the group in society whom have embezzled, extorted and laundered funds, destroying lives with their advice, which trumps our gut feelings? Instead, with every financial decision contemplated we run off to our money manager, bank president, stockbroker or attorney. Most of the time we consult them all; still we end up homeless and penniless, by the time we’re fifty years old as media blames us for our neglectful money management, unless we’re members of the “USA Government Loving” groups. What groups are these? Well they are government employees including politicians, state & federal representatives, financial institutions and attorneys who protect them even when they are representing you. If these attorneys refuse to buy into this procedure they’ll lose their license to practice law.

I don’t say this lightly; I’ve personally experienced what I’m talking about here for the last twelve years or more, while media will never report this fact...ever!

You see there’s a group in society who has money; some have a lot while others, enough, which would cover many Americans who don’t belong to the “USA Government Loving” groups. This would entail citizens who are worth hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of dollars; came by these funds honestly, some inherited money from hard working ancestors, others through their own grueling work. Nevertheless, this money was legitimately earned and yet what the public in general has no clue about, as unlawful foreclosures ravish many families, the financial institutions are ravishing bank accounts belonging to these wealthy individuals as well as anyone who has any funds at all from...checking, savings, trust and stock accounts. The media refuses to report these federal crimes while the government authorities are actually instructed, I believe by our USA Government, NOT to investigate this criminal activity.

How can I boldly say this? Because I have lived it!

I’m a mother and a grandmother, inherited money from my parents who were third generation to immigrants from Germany in the early 1800s...on my paternal side, Breuner’s Furniture, on my maternal side, The Diamond K Ranch. I too, though an heiress, have made my mark in parenting, which I took very seriously; the fashion and design world; gourmet cooking; photography; writing; art; dance and sports. I didn’t just sit back and lounge in assets, as many unconscious people have accused me of. Fact is I’ve inherited more of my ancestors’ work ethic than the funds created by their hard work. And, I have lived in poverty most Americans have yet to experience, but I promise you it’s coming, to you too, unless we all stand together against government corruption, and while social media is comforting to our souls, it won’t change a thing.

The truth is, though many immigrants came to America, the land of freedom to create, this was an American lie and still is. By what I’ve seen and experienced, this was and is propaganda, created by government, to get foreigners into this country with all their talent and creativity; allow them to flourish financially so the USA Government could and can seize these assets through federal crimes of the financial institutions, while the USA Government supports these federal crimes by remaining behind locked doors of secrecy purposely refusing to have these outrageous crimes investigated. Why? Because our government wants all the money! It’s as simple as this! It appears to me, and many others, we are living another holocaust brought on purposely by another Hitler. And, this doesn’t just settle on Obamas’ shoulders; federal crimes, such as I’ve seen, started a hundred years ago in my family alone.

“Actions speak louder than words” as they say; simple point actually, and oh so true. Yet, we Americans in general, like hungry rabid animals, glue ourselves to the media dying to hear all their manipulative words...also known as neuro-linguistic programming for the masses!

Here’s an idea? Why don’t we just look at what is going on around us; the unlawfully foreclosed upon homes; financial institutions and bankers never being investigated; citizens being left homeless and penniless; attorneys lying, cheating and abandoning clients; against all Professional Rules of Conduct for state bars, attorneys are stealing their clients homes; Judges are refusing to allow pertinent evidence, especially against financial institutions and attorneys, into the courts so they won’t have to order a trial.

So now the USA Government and media, controlled by them, are a bit concerned that there are too many in the public that get what is going on, so the media is beginning to report what I call mock lawsuits against corporations like JP Morgan. Ha! JP Morgan, and others like them, are part of the “Government Loving” group. There will be no damaging lawsuit against them, for real, unless they merely follow through with the cost of doing business? For instance they may have stolen fifty billion; they’ll pay for their crime, fifteen million dollars. This is like adding tax to the soap you just purchased at the drug store. Oh and who will receive this fifteen million dollars? I know, none of the victims, settlements will instead be presented to our USA Government...that is if there are any lawsuits at all, over and above media hype!

Have you ever taken the time to investigate these so-called lawsuits? Probably not, because just when you were thinking of doing so, another major event or tragedy strikes America and you’re re-routed into concerning yourselves with this. And, of course the media creates all the drama on purpose so you will forget to investigate. Yes, the media keeps us watching the left hand while the right hand screws with our heads...just like a magician!

So with all these federal crimes occurring by the financial institutions, which the USA Government protects; bank bail-outs; all government agencies not performing their duties; government workers not doing their jobs; politicians watching porn rather than their work ethic, integrity and morals; non- profit charities & churches turning all the poor away and the law protecting the criminals; what in the world can we, as Americans, expect and why in the world would we even believe our USA Government has run out of money? Our government isn’t spending our tax dollars on what they are earmarked to be spent on...neither are the charities and churches. So where are these funds going?

Please use your common cents...I mean sense! We must get out of the corrupt courts and attack the USA Government where it hurts, in their silk lined pockets. We as a nation must get fed up with complaining and start doing. We need to all stop paying our taxes! With all the complaining, across social media, and lack of doing the normal media is achieving an upper hand. If we could all get on the same page, we're protected; they can't arrest us all; Ha!

The media have the public believing, while many adamantly deny it, that X amount of the public refuses to work and instead just want to take drugs; I don’t believe this...sorry! No one likes feeling useless; everyone has talents; it’s God’s gift to us all. Some victims resort to drugs out of pure frustration and pain created almost entirely by USA Government corruption as they are the entity elected, by the people, to protect the public from financial corruption; poisons in our food and water; terrorists; identity theft; disease entering the country etc. Yes, but I doubt our votes even count in this country. And, the only true harm coming to Americans are the crimes our own government commits against us...including terrorism!

Our USA Government, through the media, want Americans, who aren’t yet victims, to be furious with the homeless and penniless whom, in their minds, are using up their tax money, while the vagrants refuse to work, when in fact these victims are merely struggling to survive with the whole damn government and powers that be against them. You believe you could fight a better fight? You should try it after your credit has been unlawfully destroyed; the law won’t uphold justice; you’re middle aged and you have lost everything including your car, cell phone and computer, while the charities, churches and government assistance programs actually help no one!

It’s our government again, placing the blame on their victims while they take the attention off the truth with media spin just for you! Now our USA Government has accomplished what they set out to do. They have you angry with your fellow human beings, whom have been victimized, while instead you should have empathy. But you don’t because the media has made sure you hate them! All the while the same corruption, that destroyed your homeless, penniless fellow human being, is lurking in the background to attack you and your family.

The USA Government has accomplished their mission...dividing us from each other; there is no battle fought and won by division! Division also helps the enemy attacks continue!

What I want to know is why are we Americans, in general so damn selfish? Why are we so arrogant? What I’ve noticed since I’ve been victimized by serious unaddressed by the proper authorities federal crimes is that the public, in general, puffs up all over the place with pride when they see another human being suffering financially? Then they prance off to their “friggin” expert for advice, think they are doing the right thing; feeling smarter than the rest, when the experts are the exact people who have or are in the process of destroying them.

This is where “we the victims” are smarter than you, and we’re not arrogant or selfish about what we know; we want to share and help society, a society, in general, who don’t want to know! As my mother use to say, “Trying to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear” or here’s another one “we the victims” haven’t learned. “If no ones listening; stop talking”! Once we do learn this we start doing something and expecting our fellow human beings to join in the fight:>)

To the warriors, teachers, learners, victims who walk and fight beside me.... I just took a moment to pray for you, that while some of us are weak, some of us are strong, this shifts, wait for it. Keep your eyes open for opportunity, and when you are strong... hurl your strength toward the world for the rest of us to lift it up and hurl it further along with our own. Psalms 91.

Come on Americans, isn’t time we used our own common cents, I mean sense? Or how about both? When it comes to our finances; health and how we want to live our lives there are no so-called experts; just the truth and how we are going to allow this truth to support our lives and that of our families’ lives?

Here's a point! Why do fat people ask experts how to lose weight, when they are basically standing next to a thin person? They never ask the thin person; only the expert. And, if the expert knows so much why are Americans fatter than they have ever been? Think about it:>)

And, I have another idea; how about "we the people" depending on God and our perception of him? Have you noticed how our government wants to get rid of any resemblance of a higher being? I believe this is to again lessen our value as human beings and our own intelligence.

By: Deborah Breuner
Heiress Lives In A Tent

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