God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Saturday, October 12, 2013


Americans are so stupid; in general, that it’s difficult for me to continue discussing what is actually going on in this country financially, now that I have been kicked in the gut; awakened with the truth! The ones whom have yet to experience, what my small family and I have experienced, are the ones dictating to you and me as to what’s going on? Wow! How smart is this evaluation technique, the inexperienced telling their stories of what? They parrot, what they hear from the media or experts, who are professional criminals that do not want you to know the truth! This is the cold reality; what I have learned. And, I’m not saying I too have not been in denial in my lifetime, I have but when it’s time to wake up, then wake the phuck up!

The corrupt media, refusing to report outrageous federal crimes, while creating spins, on facts that aren’t true, are the methods being used assuring you’ll be an unsuspecting next victim, not knowing about your risks practically promises you’ll be attacked, if not today tomorrow, and the media has silenced the seriously afflicted victims, so generally, you won’t hear much from them. Besides are you going to listen to a vagrant who’s all smelly because they haven’t had a shower in a month? Believe me our USA Government, and the protecting media, are at the bottom of the homeless too; confident you won’t listen to these poor victims for just the reason I’ve stated! The media calls them all drug addicts that brought their demise on themselves…most of the time, this is not true! More media lies to keep you unaware!

How do I know this is true? Well because I’m not a drug addict, never have been. I hired experts to advise me, financially, and paid them well. Today, as is typical of the media and people who don't get it, I'm blamed for not choosing correctly? No blame for the criminal! One such expert was Justice Anthony M. Kennedy; yes our SCOTUS. Before he was a judge, he was an attorney and he was mine from 1969-1978. But, I had 80M$s embezzled from the trust Anthony M. Kennedy Esq. recommended that I create. When I tried to contact him over eight years ago, which was immediately upon my awareness, he ignored me and has since, and now I’m a vagrant; sometimes I graduate to cheap apartment, then back to vagrant. Humm, so what are your thoughts?

This, unaddressed by the proper authorities, crime has destroyed my life and left me completely homeless and penniless! When I reported this outlandish federal crime to the proper USA Government authorities, instead of an investigation into the financial institutions, and others involved with this heist, I found myself with an illegal foreclosure on a 3M$ home with no loan against it, by KeyBank and the loss of three more properties by federal crimes; loss of my precious five family members, also known as my dogs; all my belongings and my fine credit!

No one could survive this without landing in the streets!

What's worse once you're in the streets there's no help anywhere, until all Americans come together in a front against the USA Government. Some victims may overcome by their own hard work, yet few will:>( But aren't we all in this together? Unfortunately most Americans, not all but not enough, don't care about all this unaddressed crime, because it hasn't destroyed their lives and they are confident they are smarter, than the rest of us, and it won't happen to them. Unfortunately these are the Americans who are slowing down progress in doing something about all this. We the victims must patiently wait for you to get it! If we can't join together now and do something, like stop paying our taxes together, you will be the next victims. When the whole of American citizens have been victimized there will be no strong citizens to help us fight for all our rights anymore so the end will be the end! This truly is difficult to watch when you know if we all were on the same page, we could actually get something accomplished; citizens whom have lost their homes and finances through federal crime could very likely get their assets back. But, the way we're doing it today, showing up in corrupt courts will merely take our health away, not bring justice!

Fact is the one group in society you should be listening to are the vagrants; they know the truth...they’re living it!

The next group in society to whom you should pay attention, so you can see what stupid looks like and avoid it, are those who question their own reality and obvious coming reality, because they are in denial and want to believe the lies the media spouts... hopefully this isn’t you?

My most favorite question of all coming from the yet-to-be-victimized by unaddressed federal crime is a cynical, “What proof do you have”? Well personally I am fortunate to have quite a bit considering what the courts are doing to suppress it. I’m a very lucky victim to federal crimes. I have in my possession more proof than the courts want to admit. This is why the courts REFUSE to even look at my proof.

Oh, you didn’t know this? Yes, between the financial institution(s), your “own” attorney, the judge and the government authorities there will, as with me, be a moratorium on hiding every stick of evidence they can possibly hide with manipulation of court orders, judge arrogantly canceling court dates for absolutely no reason and then never rescheduling, judges denying requests for subpoenas and attorneys purposely withholding evidence from the judge, while lying to you! Just to keep you in the dark and hopefully unaware you will be honored with small wins that go on for years, in my case ten years, but in the end whatever horrendous loss you have experienced, by unaddressed federal crimes, will totally be ignored and if you haven’t made other arrangements, you’ll end up in the streets with nothing but illegally destroyed credit, lost job; unable to retain new employment, no government assistance, no car, no cell phone, no computer, no home and no money, while a complete American asshole, with no empathy and who refuses to use their brain, says to you, “Go get a job!” And, “If you’re so homeless and penniless how is it you have a computer”?

I’ll answer this; when you have lost everything, because of unaddressed federal crimes, and there’s no hope for employment, or media coverage bringing attention to all this crime for not only you but others suffering, you do whatever you can to continue eating and getting computer time. You sell your couch, for pennies on the dollar, out of storage for instance!

By the way, even with all the federal crimes occurring in this country and remaining unaddressed by the proper authorities, causing many citizens to lose their employment, obtaining new employment has more stringent hoops than ever, which must be jumped through and there’s no leeway for really horrible credit, which the unaddressed federal crimes created. Add this challenge to ones older age, lack of employment experience after owning their own business, for a couple of decades, and one can’t obtain employment no matter how many talents they may possess. This is a fact and one I’m confident the USA Government, who refuses to address all the federal crime of the financial institutions, is quite aware of. So what is our USA Government’s motive; what is on their agenda? Obviously our government does not care whether Americans have jobs, no matter what they say, or they wouldn’t allow the financial institutions to continue their crime spree, now would they?

Additionally most, not-attacked-by-federal-crime-yet-Americans haven’t caught on to the illegal tricks of the trade, I’ve mentioned above, concerning purposely-suppressed evidence. They are still asking the victims to these horrendous federal crimes, “Where’s your proof?” Maybe this is the result of calling attorneys, themselves, who know all this criminal activity is going on in the courts and in order to downplay the case one calls them about, says “What proof do you have”?

Hello, there rarely is proof because the financial institutions arrogantly refuse to supply your documents and account statements, while the courts purposely suppress the proof by refusing to subpoena these pieces of black and white evidence! Then a judge arrogantly orders, “No court trial on this case for lack of evidence, next case please”!

Actually, I've seen, through my own cases, some very disturbing behavior by judges. Most I've described in my book(s) but one of the most memorable was Oakland County, Michigan's Judge Young when she sent me a memo claiming she dismissed my 80M$ case because of lack of evidence. And of course I knew at the time what this meant because my attorney hadn't done one deposition or interrogatory, nor had he subpoenaed my account statements. I wasn't too worried because I knew I'd be replacing this attorney, anyway, because of the issues I've stated here. Well at least two years later after this same attorney instead withdrew from my cases, for no reason, and evicted my family and me from our home I found out, by complete accident, that this attorney, who was to stand before Judge Young, in a judge's hearing, NEVER SHOWED UP IN COURT, and this is the real reason the judge dismissed my case. So basically Judge Young, in a very manipulative move, completely avoided the truth and merely said in her memo to me, "lack of evidence." In other words, she LIED!

I'm confident today, after what I've seen and learned that this whole process was completed on purpose; my attorney and the judge organized the whole scenario.

Yes, well unbeknownst to many, attorneys don’t like to take cases on against financial institutions because they know they can’t win; it’s not allowed; banks are protected by the USA Government so unless you, as a client, have extra funds laying around for your attorney to seize, as extra bogus “costs,” even on a contingency fee contract, they will never take your case. Many attorneys will go as far as to lie about why they won’t represent you by claiming you don’t have a case when you absolutely do! If they should take your case, they will purposely lose and claim every cent you have, calling these costs, and they won’t have to prove these costs to anyone. No, not the state bars either!

Because you see, the attorneys and judges are all in on suppressing the truth; if they don’t the attorneys are disbarred; the judges are kicked off the bench.

If you don’t believe the American victims’ stories find yourself a Russian or German American, first generation in this country is best, and ask them what they believe is happening to America. My favorite question to present to a Russian or German American, “Is corruption as bad in America as it was or is in your mother country today?” The answer is always a resounding, “No, America is far worse, even worse than it was during WW II, worse than like Hitler!”

Why would anyone, ungrateful as you might see them to be as Americans, say such a thing? Well because after what these immigrants have seen or heard about as to what went on in their country, they are even more sensitive, obviously, to what is going on here in America. Many of them are shocked to see what is going on in this country; many more are sorry they ever immigrated to America, the land of the free. They realize this is a lie! They recognize the signs of communism and corruption, and though these signs are everywhere for American born citizens to see, they refuse. What makes America worse in corruption than Russia or Germany during the war? The USA Government is secretive in their corruption while the media purposely hides it and the American citizen is either stupid or so deeply in denial that can’t see the forest for the trees? But, then again, maybe all Americans are being drugged?

Whoa! Knock my socks off! What do you think about this? Oh, I know, whatever they are talking about, it will never happen here in America! Hello, (I just threw up a little in my mouth) sorry, this all makes me physically sick!

All these horrific crimes against humanity are occurring right now and have been going on for at least one hundred years, (in my family alone) and in this country right under your nose. You say you haven’t been attacked? Ha! You mean, YET! Or you mean, you haven’t noticed, YET!

One of the ways our USA Government & media keep the horrific unfathomable federal crimes and others away from your awareness is by playing on the human past time; BLAME!

Believe me our government is well versed in psychology, Neuro-linguistic mind control and medications, which alter the way a human thinks while under this manipulation. And, they know exactly how to use these techniques to control the sheeple. Until you get this you are considered a sheeple and the USA Government counts on you not getting it!

Come on people get with the program! PLEASE!! Here’s one example. You have seen the advertising at your local drugstores and super markets for flu shots haven’t you? Yep they are now so easy to get you don’t need an appointment, while you glide right into the pharmacy with your kids hanging off the back of a grocery cart for family immunizations! Hum, wonder who’s at the bottom of insisting that you get your flu shots and making it ever so easy to schedule this pain into your busy day? Besides do you have any idea what’s in these shots? Have you asked a trustful, USA Government educated doctor? Have you asked what makes these shots work? As far as I’m concerned, based on my experience, these shots are poisonous to our systems and those of us whom have actually taken these shots, annually, have a stronger constitution than I do if they haven’t become deathly ill. Oh, and I love this when you ask about why you’re so ill soon after the shot, “Well you’re merely experiencing a bit of the flu the shot is protecting you from; had you not received the immunization you’d get even sicker.” Right! Fact is I have had one flu shot thirty years ago; made me deathly ill; haven’t had one since; never get sick; knock on wood!

Yeah and there’s an answer for this too, I’m sure. The US Surgeon General has announced that the flu shots are better and safer today. Right! Hey, do you even know her name? Did you know the US Surgeon General is a woman? I literally had to look up on Google who our US Surgeon General was. Is she someone we can trust and respect? What is her education? How does this make us feel about the attention given to American citizen’s health? Oh and here’s another point, the public is blamed, by media mind control, for not knowing who our US Surgeon General is, when the truth is the information is purposely not addressed, at all, amidst the American citizen’s busy day. The busy-ness actually also created ultimately by our USA Government instigated problems, otherwise easily managed if the government were doing their jobs, and the government controlled media.

This all should scare the s—-t out of you! And, what do you think ObamaCare is going to do for you and your family? How about making it easier to poison you some more? In fact, I believe you'll be forced to poison yourself!

To top this off advertising is insulting your intelligence, manipulating you into feeling idiotic if you aren’t smart enough to get your damn shots, for instance! Oh and if you don’t immunize your children then you might be a candidate for CPS to come investigate your motives!

Hum, hum, hummmmmm. I believe this is all crap! The need for flu shots that is! I believe all these shots we’re recommended to give our children; the elderly; and take ourselves has something to do with what the USA Government plans for society; that is thin it out!

Here’s a question, “Why do you believe what the so-called-experts; USA Government; financiers, authorities, politicians, attorneys, judges, doctors and media tell you? It’s so serious in this country that people actually denounce their own experiences for the opinion of an expert who clearly doesn’t have your best interest in mind.

Here’s another media report, below, blaming the victims in American society. Do they mention many poor victimized pets become such because our USA Government allows the national financial institutions to embezzle; extort, launder our funds and illegally foreclose on our homes? Yes, this usually causes problems if you happen to have beloved pets. They can’t go with you to live in your car. There isn’t enough room.

So if the media were being honest they would report that Americans should not own pets because when they get illegally, unlawfully foreclosed upon by their corrupt financial institution; often times on a home that has no loan against it, there will be no legal help and since they’re now homeless and penniless without employment, they won’t be able to care for their pets. There may possibly be reason to believe one pet would be okay but defiantly not anymore than one.

Instead the media blames us as they always do! Sure there are heartless people who shouldn’t own pets, but the timing of this article is very interesting considering the fact that there are millions of misplaced pets, all over this country, because of unaddressed federal crime! Heartless pet owners are not the problem today as much as heartless USA Government!


Every dog deserves a loving home, but should every person should have a dog?

As much as I advocate adopting unwanted pets and opening your home and heart to a homeless pup, some people just should not have dogs. You will have to clean up, feed, walk, and play with this animal daily, and at regular intervals throughout each day no matter your lifestyle. If you don't see yourself as someone who can handle that level of engagement, it is kinder to not bring home a puppy or dog, because too many people adopt dogs only to surrender them soon after when the reality of owning a dog kicks in. I have known people who see my dogs and comment that maybe they should get a dog of their own. However, they are often the same people who would have a problem with daily walks, vet care, and even regular feedings. I tell them that dogs are a lifetime commitment that requires a deep understanding of yourself and your willingness to bring another life into your home. Not everyone should own a dog. Could you be one of them? Read on for 7 signs you should NOT get a dog. -By Danielle Sullivan

Oh please! With the unaddressed federal crimes going on in this country as the financial institutions embezzle, extort and launder funds straight out of their customers accounts, even trust accounts, are the American people going to get these assets back along with the illegally, unlawful foreclosed upon family residences?


Right, I guess there’s no reason to address this ridiculous article when you know what the truth is; PURPOSELY UNADDRESSED FEDERAL CRIME! Wonder why this isn’t mentioned as to what is truly going on?


If it isn’t mentioned in this article, which it isn’t, that by the time Americans are in their fifties they will be stricken with unaddressed federal crimes that will destroy their lives and credit, then this article too is dishonest! See? Blame the consumer for their credit problems, and purposely don’t mention the horrendous federal crimes that are actually literally destroying lives!


This is how sick our once beautiful America is today! Am I angry, as I’ve been accused of being, by people I’ve accused of taking advantage of the federal crime victims in this country, for their own agendas? You’re damn right I am! You should be too. But, then again it’s not politically correct to anger anymore; this is why our government might be putting antidepressants in our water, or perhaps they already have along with taking God out of the schools and courts!

And you know what? You might want to rethink all the stories you’ve heard over a lifetime about heirs and heiresses, created by hard working American ancestors, who end up penniless and drugged, dying alone with no family. More media crap, that if the truth be told, these wealthy people were embezzled and extorted from while their funds laundered into where? Very likely into our USA Government’s bank accounts while the media claims America is broke and these wealthy, hard working, Americans who lost it all were mentally ill and spent their funds, while the media has convinced you of these lies, as the USA Government continues to steal from us all.

The few laws that are upheld in this country; are the storage facilities’ laws; selling your belongings for late payment, no exceptions, and traffic tickets. Have you ever noticed that the owners of your storage facilities are ghosts, silent owners? Yeah, have you ever met the owners of your storage facility? They are criminals, in my mind, protected by the laws and they use them! Why else would you even go into a business like this? With all the illegal foreclosures, storage facilities are making a killing, I can assure you of this and they don’t care if you have struggled to pay them for over five years and haven’t missed any in the end. If you ask for an extension, just once, to save your legal documents, family photographs and a few clothes you can wear when you do retain employment, they don’t care, they won’t help you even for an extra week knowing that you’ll have the cash to pay them at weeks end.They feel like they are helping with their annual monthly call, “Hi this is Blah, Blah, Blah from Blah, Blah Blah; it’s a courtesy call to let you know we will be auctioning off your unit on Blah, Blah Blah. Have a nice day.”

I will tell you a storage facility that has helped desperate people who have been struggling, with unaddressed crimes, and that would be U-Haul in Twin Falls, Idaho. They are true Americans. What they did for us is an example of what all strong Americans should be doing for those whom have already been attacked by all the unaddressed federal crimes and have no recourse. I'm not saying take care of them; I'm saying give them employment, and be ready to set up the front against our corrupt USA Government with them. And, most of all do not judge these fellow Americans for their bad credit! If things continue as is, you will be next:>(

To the warriors, teachers, learners, victims who walk and fight beside me.... I just took a moment to pray for you, that while some of us are weak, some of us are strong, this shifts, wait for it. Keep your eyes open for opportunity, and when you are strong... hurl your strength toward the world for the rest of us to lift it up and hurl it further along with our own. Psalms 91.

By the way all my husband's and my valuables are gone now; we sold them, in order to feed ourselves. If it hadn't been for U-Haul's humanity, we'd not have anything to sell in order to help ourselves. Why can't we all care about each other? Frankly I think U-Haul in Twin Falls, Idaho deserves an award for being a good "EXAMPLE."

Most of all, for Americans to realize what their government's agenda is, and do something about it, will be our best hope of survival, because our government is murdering us...on purpose!

By: Deborah Breuner
Heiress Lives In A Tent

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