God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Saturday, April 12, 2014


Justice Anthony M. Kennedy's signature, as my attorney, on my first divorce decree, (my last name then was Strong) which also lists my assets. Will attach this list as soon as I figure out how add it to this blog:>))

April 12, 2014

To Attorney General Eric Holder,

I wonder if you can imagine the anger I feel towards you and for what I’ve learned about the USA Government authorities, over sixteen years, in which my family and I have suffered. Many of these years we have lived in below poverty level, because of the job you have been elected to do and don’t! I say BELOW POVERTY level and we still are! I assume you recall the letters I wrote to you during my husband and my three years in a tent? Did I write to you during our one year living in the truck? Can't recall. I believe this was 2010? Check your records, if you even keep them!

In fact because you refuse to do your job we have been amongst the few people,(today millions more people) who know how they’ll probably die; it will be in the streets from exposure, starvation and humiliation. Yes, I add humiliation because this is what one feels when they are totally ignored after being seriously violated! Every time I write the DOJ, and I have been doing so since 2002, I’m ignored; violated again, and again, and again! I have never received correspondence, in return from your office, while the federal crimes committed against my trust and myself are staggering. In fact with each complaint I’ve written, to the proper government authorities including the DOJ and the FBI, I instead of an investigation receive more federal crimes committed against my trust and myself, which has now affected my husband too. It’s outrageous!

Losses; My 80M$ trust embezzled while under the care of UBS Paine Webber; four multimillion dollar properties stolen by either ILLEGAL, NON-JUDICIAL, FORECLOSURE or CRIMINAL EVICTION; three of these properties were trust owned; there were no loans against the trust; BESIDES THIS TRUST OWNED PROPERTIES MUST BE FORECLOSED UPON JUDICIALLY EVEN IN A NON-JUDICIAL STATE; The personal loans I did have were paid; one paid up AHEAD by TWO YEARS; all mine and my husbands' personal belongings, furniture; jewelry; heirlooms; china; my husband and my flourishing business; all our business equipment; our fine credit and reputations and worst of all our five precious dogs… beloved family members.

Here's a list of the financial institutions involved with my trust; Crocker National Bank(Wells Fargo today); NBD(Chase today); Shearson Lehman; UBS Paine Webber; KeyBank; McDonald Investments; Raymond James and finally Edward Jones who stole my last $10,000.00. They cooked the books over a "friggen" $10,000.00? You Mr. Holder should be investigating these financial institutions and because you never investigate anything, or do your job they will NEVER cease from committing federal crimes against the public! Obviously your plan!

The worst part of all this is how does one rebuild their life, without the authorities doing their jobs? I am 65 years old with employer experience only; I’ve tried for five years to get employment and can’t. Heiresses don’t qualify for social security, though my estate has paid millions of dollars in taxes, to the USA while my credit is destroyed by unaddressed federal crimes. Today I don’t even own a car and all my earthly belongings are gone. There’s no chance I (we) can even retain a loan to help us rebuild our lives; we've tried to find investors; to no avail so far:>( My husband Larry’s life, also affected, because of the loss of our mutual business . He too always an employer and is way too young for social security. He’s been barely able to get employment, but by the grace of God has been able to work for minimum wage. We can at least eat, but we won’t be eating anymore this month until next Tuesday.

The American people should know the truth; heiresses (most likely heirs too) are now seriously attacked by federal crime committed against them by their own financial institution which leaves them worse off than most other Americans. Why you may ask? I believe you know, but the public may not. The reason is we don’t have the experience with the employment market; too old to retrain ourselves and without money to do so, (or good credit to borrow funds to pay for this retraining) we’re very likely to merely die in the streets with our credit destroyed; unheard from ever again. Also we don’t qualify for social security, unless we’ve had a business. My business, (ours), established after I raised my daughters, wasn’t running long enough to allow either Larry or myself to draw social security and you know this Eric Holder! Also once all this unaddressed federal crime takes every cent one has, just how do they pay to even file a lawsuit pro per? This is exactly where you and the USA Government want us, isn't it?

The real truth is, from my perspective and experience, anyone in this country, other than government leaders and workers, are at risk of having all their funds and assets embezzled and extorted away from them by federal crimes committed by the powerful, (especially by financial institutions and mortgage companies) sanctioned by the USA Government. If you happen to be a wealthy citizen in this country, as I was, no matter how you may have earned your wealth it will be stolen from you. THIS IS A FACT; THIS IS COMMUNISUM!


The above website is what we've been trying to get going with finding an investor, the only but slim chance we have to survive, unless you do your job! Not likely we'll get an investor now that we know what we know. Most investors have no idea about the federal crimes going on, purposely un-addressed by YOU! They gasp with disgust at us; not to mention they are probably afraid to invest knowing what has happened to me (us) will or could happen to them! So this narrows the field. Maybe we can find a dishonest investor who will steal all my patterns, while you sit there and pick your nose!

At the same time with all the unaddressed federal crimes destroying lives in this country, the employers at large not yet affected, are using fifty year old guidelines when hiring people; this goes for retaining loans and/or investment monies to start businesses, which we're certainly qualified to do. However, we're a so-called bad risk because of our, UNLAWFULLY $ CRIMINALLY DESTROYED, credit. In other words, employers aren't taking into account the unaddressed federal crimes that have destroyed lives but instead judge us, as they may have in the fifties as if we're criminals, refusing to allow us opportunities to rebuild. We are judged by our poor credit no matter how it occurred. And you know this too Mr. Holder. You and the USA Government have controlled the Media so the public doesn't know the truth!

You and our USA Government have created a holocaust! I believe our USA Government, with you at the helm, have done this on purpose, which is obvious when you allow financial institutions and other criminal acts to go un-investigated as the criminals never have to take responsibility for what they have done. So since this is true, why not be criminals?

I did not come from a corporate family who screwed over their employees for their own gain. No, I came from German/Irish immigrants who came from the old country, to the land of the free in the 1800s, and created viable businesses that employed many people all over Northern California, Reno and Arizona. They gave to the community. The respect my father’s business, (Breuner’s Furniture) generated by the many employees and customers alike, is still talked about today, though the business was sold in 1978. I assume you, sir, have actually sat in one of the 120 desks my great grandfather built, by hand in 1856 in the California Capitol, still used today! My mother’s Diamond K Ranch in Roseville, California carries even more history and respect, if one can believe it; not to mention my great grandfather and grandfather Kaseberg certainly did their share for the community. I inherited 1/4th of their estates, upon my parent’s deaths, but more than this I inherited my ancestor’s work ethic. I too created my own business which all this, UNADDRESSED, federal crime has destroyed!

You actually, if not concerned with the federal crimes against me, should be very concerned over the taxes that are probably not being paid, to the IRS, by the criminals who embezzled my funds…80M$s could go a long way now couldn’t it Mr. Holder? Ah, hell you can always just steal from bank, trust and stock accounts if you choose, so who cares?

What are the USA authorities? Mafia? The truth is Mafia treats their own with more respect; you could learn from them if you don't mind me saying so!

I’m asking you politely, once again, to investigate my 80M$ trust, which was embezzled, extorted and laundered into a business, (Davis Industries, Detroit, Michigan) actually one of my trustees’ businesses, while my account statements have been withheld from me for over sixteen years by my trustees, (one being Richard Lynn Davis II) UBS Paine Webber, (money manager Fred Mirbach Jr.) my divorce attorney, John F.Schaefer Esq., McDonald Investments, Conrad D. Chapman Esq. (second trustee) and Kenneth Joseph Catanzarite Esq. (the last attorney I hired to handle two law suits, in handling this, instead committed more horrendous federal crimes against my husband and myself)

Additionally, my ex-husband, Richard Lynn Davis II, also once one of my trustees, sold his ill growing business, Davis Industries to Tesma International out of Canada whom, I’m sure, had and has no idea the funds that made my husband’s business valuable were very likely the funds he embezzled, extorted and laundered out of my trust. I believe with the help of another Detroit money manager, Lauren Symington (Davis)? Yes, my ex-husband married her!

The first attorney to have responsibility for what has happened to my trust, (Deborah C. Davis aka Deborah B. Davis or Deborah C. Breuner Trust) is none other than Justice Anthony “Tony” M. Kennedy. He was my attorney from 1969-1978; he is my second-removed brother-in-law; my first divorce attorney; advised that I create this trust for not only myself, but also one for each of my three daughters. Two of these trusts have been embezzled, as well; do not know about the third? I have been excommunicated from my family, since 1999, which means to me they are all in on this heist!

All the state attorney generals and financial watchdogs, I’ve reported this to, claim, “This isn’t our jurisdiction” which I’ve since learned, means only, “I don’t want to do my job”. My case is a RICO case that spans from California to Michigan to Idaho and Colorado in between.

These horrific federal crimes do not just concern me but anyone doing business with financial institutions, corrupt attorneys, corrupt judges and corrupt media who refuse to tell the public the truth as to what these financial institutions are actually getting away with in this country. And, I believe the newest federal crimes are these financial institutions going after heiresses and heirs with family money. So now the only wealthy in this country will be the government employees and those who give money to campaigns.

You are responsible Eric Holder with your “Too big to fail”. Your attitude about the federal crimes these financial institutions commit actually encourages more federal crimes!

I have notched out quite a space for myself, on Facebook, Twitter and Google, (try both Deborah Breuner and Deborah Breuner Davis) and I’m posting this letter, I’m writing now, to every space I can find so the world can see that I have indeed sent this letter to you! And, then we’ll all watch what you do. Nothing other than launching an investigation and charging these criminals will do, while also forcing them to pay me restitution for their federal crimes.

And do not advise that I seek civil action; this is not a civil case but a federal case and your job! And, I'm now so destitute I can't even afford to buy a stamp, with a return receipt requested, so I can US Mail deliver this letter to you. But I will next month after we see what we have left from our grocery money!

Thank you for your time.


Deborah Breuner (Davis)


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