God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Oh my God, if the crimes against me rendered my death then perhaps the authorities would be out looking for the killer, and to no avail I’m sure! Or there would at least be a news report, never followed up upon of course, smitten with media lies and promises!

Attempted murder doesn’t meet the criteria for an investigation, (or even an announced fake investigation) by the authorities even if one throws in an 80M$ embezzlement of the victim’s trust account, by a national financial institution, which occurred, unbeknownst to the victim, before the attempted murder. Have you noticed how seemingly stupid the authorities pretend to be? In fact they act so stupid I’m positive it’s actually arrogance announcing their avoiding of serious crimes on purpose, because if they were to speak they would say, “And what are you going to do about it, Sucker”?

The elite “powers that be” criminals know we, (the public) won’t do one thing to force them into doing their jobs, so why should they? All we do is complain over social media! Some of us even become criminals ourselves in order to cope. Then there are the very few who are doing their part with the resources they have; without their fellow American standing by their side. You know who you American heroes are. God Bless you!

Why do I feel this way? Well because when I reported the 80M$ embezzlement of my trust account, and my attempted murder to the proper authorities, instead of receiving an investigation into my claims I experienced more federal crimes committed against me, coming from nowhere else than the powers that be, using powerful national financial institutions to commit these crimes as our USA Government authorities approved and watched the outrageous acts; obviously to shut me up I soon realized. Our USA Government, ladies and gentlemen, is Mafia!

At this point a victim becomes a “Targeted Individual” while behind the scenes rumors are spread about them and their mental health; their social security number sports a red flag; more rare accidents take place seemingly out of nowhere; they continue to notice weird health problems and some of them just die alone and forgotten, often in the streets as other Americans walk right over them snickering about how disgusting the homeless and penniless are. Again we can thank the lying media for teaching these lies about us:>(

So tell me how would you fare under these criminal acts along with the government and authority attacks that come into your life if you report the crimes? So lets talk about an unending battle and stress now! Want to?

Common sense says it would be more productive to stop a murder rather than find a life snuffed out, or arrest federal crime before it takes place? Needless to say you, Mr. and Mrs. Public pay taxes for our authorities to protect our families and ourselves. In fact the publics’ taxes pay for all kinds of protection, including protecting us from federal crimes committed by our financial institutions. So how come your taxes, wasted, does not PI$$ you off?

But you see the truth is you must already be dead, in this country, to qualify for any kind of investigation and according to what I’ve observed on Investigative TV the authorities even bungle murder investigations while families of loved ones suffer for another thirty years because not only are the murder victims rarely given some sort of justice, in a timely manner, but the perpetrators are most often never found and the wrong person is put in prison for life or even executed! What's more many times the authorities are warned, there could be a murder, and they ignore the tip!!!!

The true perpetrators in this country are our leaders, the authorities; the attorneys; judges or the everyday criminal most often let out of prison early on good behavior because of over crowding in the prisons. The mistake prosecutions? No, they stay in prison until an everyday citizen takes it upon themselves to fight, up against all odds!

Personally I believe a prosecutor, in these cases, should go to prison for the same number of years they wrongly committed the so-called offender, (obviously the wrong person) to prison with their lying, withholding proof, creating false evidence and collusion.

Why do prosecutors do this? Well because they use these convictions as springboards for their careers. This is why and they certainly can’t do the work involved to find the real perpetrators in time for the next career change or election so why not “blame the one you have, in custody, rather than find the one you don’t”?

It takes effort to uncover a crime; effort our authorities refuse to exert. Yet, today crime is so rampant it’s easy to find the evidence and the perpetrators. They are today standing right in front of you waving their hands in the air saying, “Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha Ha! There’s nothing you can do; neener, neener, neener”!

This is because the perpetrators have become very arrogant, based on what they know and you don’t, until you’re attacked. They know crime is rarely ever investigated while the media echoes across all news outlets complete lies about what is and isn’t investigated. We the victims know this truth; we are living the facts. Our lives are destroyed albeit until we somehow, with more effort than a giant, manage to rebuild on our own, against all odds, while holding more experience than someone with an MBA or a doctorate, in life and the truth to what is going on in this country, as the powers that be still come after us:>(

I haven’t been trained to be an investigator, but I know I could do a better job in finding these criminals and even prosecuting them. Why? This would be because my intentions are honorable. Plus I hold a library law degree in both statute and common law while understanding more than most about how to investigate!

The powers that be in the USA are not honorable and this includes everyone from our USA Government leaders, politicians, government authorities, local authorities, judges, attorneys to the media. And, we wonder about what is wrong with our country…the world for that matter?

These powers that be are all on the take being paid by our taxes to protect the public as they refrain from this and instead use these funds for their own agendas.

Are Americans sick of this yet? Apparently not! Your fellow Americans are uselessly dying in the streets, homeless and penniless, because of these unaddressed crimes, while you continue to believe this won’t happen to you because you’re smarter.

The truth is you’d be considered smarter if you learned from us Americans who have gone before you; you know like in the holocaust! I wonder how many holocaust victims may have been spared if they heeded warnings?

Stand up and fight for yourselves and us while you still have the resources and I’m not talking about spending your resources in courts where it’s guaranteed you’ll lose, I’m talking about supporting your fellow Americans with a wall of people all doing the same thing in revolt, (such as stop paying out taxes) against Tyranny of our USA Government! It will be worth your while since if things don’t change soon you and your family will be next to be destroyed!

Yes, this act will be uncomfortable, perhaps, but not for long! Not as uncomfortable as many of your fellow Americans have been as victims of serious unaddressed crimes. Imagine what can happen if everyone in this country agreed and followed through in not paying their taxes?

Thanks for listening! Meanwhile how would you like to read a diary on how we, (my husband and I) rebuild our lives from horrendous unaddressed federal crimes at 65 years old, as we wait for the rest of you to get on board, after no legal action has been taken on our behalf? It should be a real eye-opener!

Please leave comments, here, on what you feel will be the most beneficial for you to read about in this hideous story; all I want to do is warn and help:>))

By: Deborah Breuner
Heiress Lives In A Tent

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