God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Friday, May 30, 2014


I have an idea! Why don't wealthy private investors supply loans to the victims of all these financial crimes? Many of these victims had successful businesses BEFORE the unaddressed federal crimes destroyed their lives; they are creative, talented and bestow great work ethic, or they never would have been able to create and build what was stolen from them; often have a number of business plans completed; have in depth experience and knowledge about the legal and financial world that many people probably don't, unless they've experienced the same crimes. The point is "we the victims" to all this crime can help you make money and best of all keep it!

Holding onto your hard earned money today is the trick with all the, unaddressed by the proper authorities, federal crime taking place. Doesn't appear that this will be changing soon, so we must beat it or create and prosper around the crimes! Many of "we the victims" can certainly supply the information and actions needed to accomplish these goals while using our creativity, talent and work ethic to build great things; make money, which ultimately supports the good in society; supplying employment!

Additionally," we the victims" to unaddressed federal crimes know something else better than the "not yet victimized". We know how to squeeze every penny from a dollar; we've had to live like this for survival. What's more we spend our idle hours, that most don't have, creating great business ideas; business plans and submitting these ideas to the wrong investors , because all we hear back is, "Your credit is destroyed". Well yeah it's destroyed we have been hit by unconscionable crimes! Of course it's destroyed! However, we are a wealth of experience for the right investor who understands that we not only have great business ideas, we have a depth of experience that can only deepen our commitment to a project, after all, hard work for us would be like a island vacation for others; we know suffering poverty and the injustice that brought it on. We all know how certain experiences create unusual strengths. I believe the world will soon understand what all this hardship, created by unaddressed federal crimes, has created in the human spirit! Financial hardship may destroy credit but it causes humans to dig deeper, into their souls, for creative ideas and expands one's talents as well.

Additionally, many of us lost our businesses by the federal crimes committed against us and now can't retain employment because we have always been employers and employers don't hire other "once employers". They only hire employees so where do our hearts go after living through the experience of being unable to get employment? Back to creating another business with a wealth of new knowledge that won't allow federal crimes to destroy it again!

What's more, it won't be too long before everyone in this country, and abroad, will have bad credit while, so far, lenders haven't adjusted for this or taken into consideration the federal crimes taking place, UNLAWFULLY destroying the credit of hard working, creative and talented citizens!

So be the first really smart investor, (if you don't someone else will and make a killing) to check out entrepreneurs such as ourselves; see what those in society who still use the old fashion "credit check" as their guide to invest are missing:>( Hey Donald Trump probably doesn't have good credit! BUT, he's successful because he's creative and has earned the trust for his creativity from..... well don't know who they are! In fact, in my experience, even in the past often times a person with excellent credit is lacking in talent, creativity and the great work ethic. Well just my experience.

Nevertheless, I believe the investors who jump on the ideas of those of us who have been through all this unaddressed federal crime will be the next big boom so check out our ideas, while also helping society mend.

Remember, if we weren't talented, creative, and held great work ethic, which makes us very valuable, no one would have wanted to steal what we created in the first place and now we are the only ones, "we the victims", who know the facts on how to prevent further loss through unaddressed federal crime! Why? Because the real federal crimes are being held back from the public. The victims are the only ones who know what these crimes actually entail.

The media is not sharing the whole truth!

Why pay your hard earned tax dollars towards helping the homeless and penniless survive in the streets? Make money off us, and with us, through our, suppressed by federal crime talent, creativity and great work ethic; learn from what we have experienced that will help us all KEEP what we have earned! No one in this country should be homeless and penniless with the wealth of creativity and talent that we all bestow while those of us who have the strength, many of us don't have at the moment, could lend their strength of financial resources to those who have everything else but the funds. This is what America was built on. Right?

We must stop doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results, or better results, such as using a person's credit to evaluate their ability to borrow or own. Bad credit, created by crimes committed against a person, does not concern creativity, talent or the work ethic. We must adjust to the times and the times they are-a seriously threatening situation in this country, in fact the world, with unaddressed federal crimes that are taking out the best of society; today many of the creative, talented citizens! The fact is we're a better risk because we know right down to our souls how to protect our funds, your funds, better than those who haven't yet been stricken by federal crime.

Those you shouldn't trust are those who came up with the credit system!

If Albert Einstein lived today we'd be without his great creative mind now wouldn't we if he had bad credit! Think about it!

I created and built the home apove and a number of others; I've created, designed and made every garment you see here on the website below; my husband created, designed and built the furniture; www.bespokebydeborah.com . I have written a number of books; http://deborahbreuner.blogspot.com/ and my husband and I have together written five screenplays. We aren't lazy! And, we have recently come up with four different business ideas with their business plans and financials.

The investment monies needed range from the $2,000,000.00 idea to the $50,000,000.00 plus idea and a number more ideas needing an investment amount in between. Our ideas range from real estate investments and restaurant ideas to fashion and furniture design. We don't care which project we start with first; we know eventually we'll get them all completed! Check us out for your next investment opportunity!

My heritage which I hold in my soul below;


Email me for a business plan of your choice; debbiebreuner@yahoo.com


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