God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Oh boy more expert advice from those in the know… the experts! Really? Experts with no experience! That’s like sending a recluse to analyze human relations! All the education in the world will render nothing without experience. This is the truth!

'Irrational' sense of fairness fuels furor over high-frequency trading

By: Michael Santoli

About Michael Santoli

Unexpected Returns is a column that helps readers make sense of financial-market moves, economic trends and corporate news. Written by senior columnist Michael Santoli, the column goes beyond the stock quotes and headlines to provide commentary and analysis on investing opportunities and risks, while placing corporate performance and news into perspective. Stock-market trends are scrutinized, economic and Federal Reserve policy explicated and corporate results and deal-making dissected, so readers can gain insight into finance, the economy and their own portfolios.

The problem is that we the public still aren’t receiving the whole truth. Oh the experts dance around it, I’ll give them this, but they just refuse to dance the facts right up into your face! Some know they are lying to the public; some are idiots with a higher education and don’t know any better!

The financial institutions are embezzling, extorting and laundering your funds into their pockets! Why haven’t you heard anything about this…except, of course, from we the victims?

This is because we speak the truth and the media has been instructed by our USA Government to not breathe a word, while you are led to believe, because of the lack of media coverage, that the federal crimes I speak and write about aren’t true or my case was an isolated incidence. No, hardly an isolated incidence; it’s an incidence that’s rampant but held secret by our USA Government, and they count on the rest of the public to dismiss me, and others like me, so the horrendous federal crimes can continue destroying including your family next! If you should have funds embezzled out of your bank account, even a trust or stock account, there are no legal remedies available to you! And the media merely overwhelms the airways with horrendous foreclosure issues to keep you otherwise detained; not that unlawful foreclosures aren’t horrific, but the media is claiming these are being dealt with through the courts. But has anyone asked who will be getting their money or home back? Plus losing one’s home to an unlawful foreclosure, I’d assume by government thinking, is more palatable than hearing that an American citizen, in the land of the free, had 80M$s embezzled by a number of national financial institutions, out of a trust account, and when the victim reported the federal crime to the proper authorities the financial institution and legal world, as the government authorities including the FBI looked on, Mafia hit this person by stealing or destroying four pieces of multimillion dollar properties; all their belongings and their family of dogs. The victim, of course, landed in the streets.

Then lets add in the so-called experts on, financial crime, like Matt Taibbi, Max Keiser and the number of others; so since they don’t mention what I speak and write about suddenly my story isn’t true?

It’s a set up ladies and gentlemen to throw you off the truth. Again, we have been sold a bill of goods, in this country, that we shouldn’t listen to experience, but instead to the experts, who by the way are journalists or financial experts who aren’t allowed to tell you the truth or they’ll lose their jobs; possibly even be murdered!

One of the tricks of a chronic liar, when they are caught, is to tell part of the truth and apologize. This deters the victim, for a time, as they feel somewhat vindicated? Meanwhile the lying criminal continues their crimes and they escalate!

Wow! Sounds like our USA Government, financial institutions, government authorities, state authorities, attorneys and judges. The media makes no apologies at all. They get paid to lie and will lose their jobs if they don’t!

“Telling part of the truth”, and meant to convince the public it’s the whole truth, is spread all over the news daily as we hear and read about lawsuits filed against large financial institutions involved with the foreclosure fraud. So you believe these misleading articles and news reports? Do you really?

Here, check this new blog out; http://usbankster.blogspot.com/

From what I’ve seen and read here it’s much of the same; articles pulling the wool over the publics’ eyes; mostly about lawsuits against banks. Ask yourselves, “What happens to these lawsuits while I’m busy living my life. I’m going to check on them in a year”! What I find interesting, as well, is we don’t know who this blogger is? Why not expose yourself so we all know who you are? I do! Hum, could it be an Internet shill? How about someone I know who isn’t really a friend? How about a “bankster” in disguise? I wonder to myself, “Would this blogger like to hear or write about a truth I hold about financial institutions?”

Did you know even if a financial institution is found guilty of committing federal crimes what they pay, in legal fines, amounts to the cost of doing business and they still advance from committing the federal crime? So they are actually rewarded for the federal crimes they commit against you! Oh and you’ll be paid $150,000.00 for a federal crime that cost you close to a hundred million dollars; took your homes, precious pets, and belongings, while throwing you into the streets.

I recall when I was very young, around thirteen years old, and just learning about having a checking account with a bank, when I heard my soul speaking and yet didn’t realize it was my soul speaking and I needed to listen. I wondered to myself how anyone could trust a bank with their money? Who was watching these bankers and tellers making sure they didn’t steal?

I mean we just hand over a thousand dollars to a bank, which no matter what size this bank is it’s bigger than we are, and expect this money to be safe? Then my father said to me, “Hey not to worry, you have your receipt and your check register.” Right!

The wisdom of a thirteen year old is far greater than an older mind having been subliminally twisted by media and false advertising so I’ve learned! And I consider what we the people are taught, about this country and the laws, as false advertising. It’s the same false advertising our USA Government uses to put young boys in the military, convincing them they are protecting their country while their own government leaders are actually terrorists against the American people and do not care when this young military man or women is killed, in the line of duty, nor do they care about what happens to them when they return from war. This is obvious by the many military heroes living on the streets; it’s outrageous!

A number of years later my parents died and I was worth millions of dollars, which eventually were put into a trust by the advice of Tony Kennedy, my attorney. You know him as Justice Anthony M. Kennedy our US Supreme Court Justice.

Unbeknownst to me these funds were being embezzled, slowly over the years, while the money managers lied about what I was worth actually to compensate for what they were stealing as many other professionals, a few attorneys and two trustees took their share. My account statements adjusted every month to keep me in the dark.

I believe the worst part about all this is not so much the serious federal crime, but to find out there’s nothing a victim can do about this legally, and the reason is because of legal corruption! A trust won’t even protect you! And this is all true because the judges are protecting the financial institutions and will manipulate your lawsuit against a financial institution to the point where the pertinent documents are purposely withheld from the judge, at his/her request I’d suspect, and your day in court never takes place, while the attorneys help destroy their own client’s case. At the same time, fraud upon the court has no statutes, so I have the rest of my life to file another lawsuit, but just try to hire an honest attorney to do such. If you represent yourself you’re even at a greater disadvantage because you have less ability to obtain past account statements, while the judge will purposely not subpoena them for you. The account statements, in your possession, have somehow up and disappeared. Interesting!

Oh and look what I found on Yahoo just now:

Big banks haven’t improved much in the last year
; http://finance.yahoo.com/news/big-banks-haven-t-improved-much-in-the-last-year-200512376.html

While this information is probably all true, it’s still not the whole truth; the author isn’t mentioning embezzlement, extortion and laundering funds out of trust accounts.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen this is the truth about your finances, the financial institutions and the law and what will happen to you if you use a financial institution for anything other than having a small account to pay your bills every month. In other words if you owe fifteen thousand dollars in bills; deposit the money to pay them on the same day you write the checks and send your payments out. Otherwise keep your funds in a safe, buried under ground or within a secret space in your home; fire protected; an alarm attached; and somewhere no one else knows about.

Yes, I know one can’t prove what you were worth if somehow these funds get stolen, but the fact is your funds are safer kept in a safe than in any financial institution…they are less likely to be stolen.

Why do you think the ultra wealthy and criminals have safes in their homes?

By: Deborah Breuner
Heiress Lives In A Tent

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