God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Friday, April 11, 2014


I’ve decided to be a self professed critic of the media and legal world, anyone want to pay me? I could really use the income otherwise we won’t be eating until next Tuesday!

I have over sixteen years experience in the USA corrupt court system as they have done everything possible to hide one thing; my account statements to MY 80M$ trust account which was completely embezzled! And, for 16 years I have watched the media lie! I live in below poverty conditions because of this corruption!

So here’s an interesting piece of news. Think it’s true? It’s very difficult to know when the media, spins, lies, exaggerates and prints articles on purpose to cause any emotion from the public they want to see.

Vietnam Is Sentencing Corrupt Bankers To Death…


My favorite is when, right in the middle of the latest and worst government economic corruption that destroys another group of hard working Americans and their families Yahoo prints an article about the wealthiest people in society; adding a stunning photo of their homes. Next there’s a horrendous disaster; hundreds of children dead or dogs destroyed! Children and animals, in pain, disturbs our sense of balance every time:>(

Then we turn around, overnight, and wake up to articles such as what is happening to corrupt banksters in Vietnam, executed by their corrupt government. Not that I feel sorry for the banksters. Their actions deserve the death penalty, as they are killing people slowly; causing death in the streets from criminally instigated poverty. But, their government, attorneys and judges should be shot along side them. The banksters could not embezzle funds without the government and law being in on it! Period! Whats more, and a twist, the federal financial crimes, committed by the Vietnam banksters, are crimes against their government. Hum, what do they do to banksters who commit federal crimes against the public? Like I've mentioned, as in America, these crimes aren't addressed and the victims die in the streets.

Ladies and gentlemen this is Communism carried on by our own USA Government,leaders,authorities,legal world and media!

The shooting squad needs to be carried out here in the USA too; the crimes would instantly stop! Personally be-heading would be scarier to look towards so I opt for this! Throw into the mix the attorneys and judges too!

However, truth be told the Vietnam story could merely be media spin reported by the Vietnamese Government and there would be no way for us to know if it’s even the truth; it should be is all I can say! Instead it's probably reported to cause still another emotion in society, jealousy, that their country isn't addressing federal crimes, bringing restitution to the victims. Truth is the Vietamese Government is sending banksters who commit federal crimes against them to the shooting squad; not the banksters destroying lives in the public. See, again, just like the good ol' USA!

One of the reasons the media likes to keep the public in “emotional chaos”, with many bogus reports, is because while we’re in chaos, otherwise detained, our corrupt leaders and other powers that be are busy completing more crimes against the people; passing laws we know nothing about until it’s done! Plus it causes us to forget about lawsuits supposedly filed against large financial institutions so we never look them up to see if these suits were actually filed; settled and who received damages? Trust me, if there are actually lawsuits (there are always some to settle the sheeple) and damages they're never paid to the victims; just the USA Government!

Yep, these articles sure stir up emotions, especially when the reader has lost all their earthly goods, and employment, created by pure unadulterated federal crimes our USA Government sanctions and helps execute against you, while the legal profession takes on our cases, against national financial institutions/ “banksters”, and purposely destroys these lawsuits because someone is bribing them to withhold evidence concerning the horrific unaddressed federal crimes committed by these banks against poor little ol’ you and your family. And, believe me, the Judges are in on all this too!

The judges and attorneys hold private conferences together, behind your back, and decide what will be done to destroy you by hiding the horrific crimes committed by the financial institution and banksters. They call these conferences “Judges’ hearings”! And, you aren’t invited; most of the time you aren’t even aware they are taking place!

In fact, in my experience, your attorney might tell you about one of these judges’ hearings, to make you feel like all is well, then when you aren’t looking many more take place!

For heavens sake, what do you think “Attorney client privilege” actually means? It doesn’t matter, I assure you! Because, it’s a vague term that can mean anything your attorney wants it to mean!

My favorite is when “your” attorney states in court “Sorry, it’s attorney client privilege” to the defense; then asks for a recess to chat in Judge’s chambers? Hello!….What are you thinking they chat about? You and how to support your claim? Nope! I believe they talk about how to protect the financial institution from you; what law they can twist the meaning of to destroy your case; what documents and facts to hide from the jury. Worse yet, I believe they are looking at how to get the case dismissed often enough:>(

Fact is, most lawsuits against financial institutions end up in settlements once you haven’t got a dime to your name, while you’re offered a half a penny for every couple of million dollars the financial institution embezzled, from your trust account, or unlawfully foreclosed upon in properties! You’ll either take this minuscule settlement or starve to death… your choice!

Did you know that your attorney makes cell phone calls to the “bankster “attorney, (he/she is suing on your behalf) to shoot the breeze and somehow lands on the subject of you! This is against all Professional Rules Of Conduct for attorneys to do but who’s watching? If they are, such as any state bar, they don’t care, except possibly Kansas, I’ve observed. This concerns the famously recited, “Attorney client privilege” which every attorney I have ever known, but a mere few that practice shuffling papers, only, completely annihilates! The paper shufflers use landlines!

Nevertheless this is when the bribes fly, I’d surmise! And, none of this legal, financial or media corruption could take place without our USA Government sanctioning it all!

I believe the worst of all the news is when we read about the lawsuits filed against these financial institutions and how much they are being sued for. What’s still worse the American public clings to these news articles with their last breath of hope, while I don’t believe one word written or reported is true! It can’t be!

My case is a perfect example of what the truth is, although many of you prefer to tell yourselves I’ve missed the boat somehow; have no case; hired the wrong attorneys; should use Common Law; a Commercial Lien and represent myself pro per; better yet, “in my own person” But, you see you’re lying to yourselves; in denial, because of one thing. There is no case, statute or common law, without account statements and the judges, attorneys and financial institutions have worked together to make sure I don’t receive these and they have gotten away with this for sixteen years while media, mainstream, alternative and alternative to the alternative REFUSE to report crimes such as this or expose the fact that many times leaders like Justice “Tony” M. Kennedy (who was my attorney when my trust, and my daughters trusts, were created) are criminals who embezzled with the help of a few financial institutions.

Hey, has corruption like this occurred to you and your lawsuits also? Just asking! I can promise you if it has you’ll be the only journalist reporting the horrendous federal crimes and you'll pay dearly for your speaking up!

Why won't any of the media outlets report these horrendous federal crimes? Because our USA Government doesn't want you to know just how horrific federal crimes actually are. They are far worse than the public knows and to keep you in the dark they are going to "poo poo" my experience, by not reporting it, so you won't believe me which leaves you open to the next horrendous federal crime that will destroy your life!

By: Deborah Breuner
Heiress Lives In A Tent


  1. Regarding legal corruption, you should know about a rule the ABA wrote for themselves and have enacted as law in every state. It's called Rule 1.6 of Confidentiality of Information. It makes it illegal for any lawyer or officer of the court to expose legal corruption, and (since most legislators are lawyers) makes it impossible to repeal the law! This website, http://work2bdone.com/live/, has the full story. Progress is being made on the Constitutional Challenge to Rule 1.6 that is currently in the PA courts.

  2. Thank you Jay Spencer for your comment; fact is my case should never have even been handled by attorneys; it's purely a RICO federal case. The only reason I even hired attorneys to deal with the federal crimes with a civil lawsuit was because our USA Attorney Generals and FBI don't do their jobs. Paul Bertrand, the head of the Los Angeles FBI economic crime unit has had my documents, of proof, for over four years; He spoke to me once in 2009 via e-mail; asking that I send my documents of proof to him. Since then I have NEVER heard from him! If I call the FBI and ask about my case they act like they have never heard from me and claim "secrecy" and they aren't allowed to talk about anything. Come on, get it? The legal corruption, I've seen, involved my attorneys would then be part of the law you speak about:>) Again thank you for your input:>)))