God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Sunday, April 6, 2014


Jack Hollow Photographer

I just posted a sweet picture, on my Facebook wall, of a little girl letting a red balloon escape, into the sky, on what appears to be an underground transportation system wall; behind her on the same wall it’s scribbled, There is always hope. It’s graffiti, of course, and seems obvious it belongs there!

I believe in hope, but if one happens to be seeking justice, in this country, the land of the free there is no hope. This is a fact, that is, if you’re seeking justice through the legal system.

The second truth is if you happen to be worth a lot of money, or at least more money than most others have, it will be stolen from you, period! How this will happen is not written in stone, but it will most likely occur by those professionals you trust such as the financial institution you bank with, your broker, money manager, trustee, attorney or a family member. This is a fact! The reason for this is blatant! The criminals know they won’t be prosecuted and most of the criminals, in this country, are those I’ve stated above.

It could take you over sixteen years to realize that you will never get legal justice should your funds and assets be embezzled, extorted, stolen or laundered. This is how long it took me to understand this, because it takes all of this time to write the letters to the various government authorities, financial watchdogs, FBI, senators, congressmen/women, assemblymen/women and media, while hiring attorneys; filing complaint after complaint in many different courts under many different judges and then doing it all over again three our four times, with a library law degree under your belt, and finally representing yourself pro per. The other reason it takes so long to understand that there is no justice, in the legal system, is because you just refuse to believe that someone can embezzle 80M$s, out of your trust account, and when you report the crime to the proper authorities you instead of an investigation end up with more federal crimes committed against you; in my case I had four multi-million dollar pieces of property stolen from me; lost five of my precious dogs; all my furniture and my belongings; my clothes and jewelry; all punishment, by the powers that be, for reporting the first crime.

I’ve communicated with enough people to know I’m not the only victim to this kind of crime, and frustration, in getting justice through the legal system. I’ve learned that this is normal not a slip through the cracks of red tape as we heard growing up! But, how would I have ever known? The media purposely won’t tell the public the truth and this goes for most of the alternative media as well. I’ve written them all and continue! In fact I just emailed Hagmann & Hagmann Report, a Christian radio station. So far they are ignoring me. Here, you contact them and ask why they are ignoring serious reporting that could help millions of Americans? Banks are embezzling funds out of their customer’s trust and stock accounts!


With all that Max Keizer reports about finances, and the crimes involving finances, tell me why he wouldn’t report my story and others like it; banks are embezzling funds out of consumers trust and stock accounts. Wouldn’t you want to know this so you can protect yourselves? The fact is, because the media refuses to report these horrendous federal crimes, the public doesn’t know for sure if what I’m reporting is even true! Trust me this is what the government and media want you to believe:>(They want you questioning me, not them!

I know, we were all taught to respect authority, when we were young, but haven’t we Americans seen enough to realize this virtuous respect isn’t deserved by MOST of our professionals, banksters, attorneys, judges, authorities and leaders in this country?


Hey, leave a message for Mr. Keiser here: @maxkeiser. Ask him why he won’t report my story or others like it?

At the same time, you might as well ask Matt Taibbi why he has ignored my story for the last four years, also? Ask what other victims to financial crimes he has ignored?


Message him here: @mtaibbi

Supposedly Matt has moved to First Look Media as of the middle of March 2014, but of course, I don’t know for sure?

I’ve also learned about being a “Targeted Individual” which is a form of punishment for the victims experiencing, reporting, filing lawsuits against perpetrators and receiving no justice for horrific crimes committed against them! Actually the more horrific the crimes committed, by the very most powerful, the less likely the victim to this will end up with anything more than lifelong torture and an early death by suicide or illness.


This is merely one person’s (and I believe a few other's) take on being a “Targeted Individual”, mine is different but the result is the same…a destroyed life!

Oh I know, there’s a new way to bypass the corrupt legal system to get justice, it’s bringing in Common Law to the courts, representing yourself as your own individual person or filing Commercial Liens. Makes sense, but if what you state in the complaint is rebutted, by the defendant, then the case is overseen and judged by a corrupt judge in the end. What’s more, if you file a Commercial lien against a corrupt judge, he/she can “corruptly” throw you in jail! Yes, again who will be holding the corrupt judge accountable for his/her corrupt actions? Will it be your corrupt attorney general, district attorney and FBI who will help you? I seriously doubt it! And God help you if you choose the wrong words, mistakenly use statute terms rather than common law terms, in this Common Law Court; God help you!

It is said, “If the recipient of your Commercial Lien doesn’t rebut your claims within thirty days, from the day they’ve received your “Affidavit Of Truth” they have acquiesced to the crimes.

But you see, and this is the bottom line, I’ve seen national financial institutions adjust documentation and account statements trying to prove their innocence. I’ve witnessed attorneys forging my signature; sending out, post dated, bogus letters to cover their A$$ or the A$$E$ of those they are SUING on their client’s behalf; lying under oath; not showing up in court and NEVER being held responsible for the case being dismissed. I’ve experienced an attorney, (my attorney) EVICT me from my own residence and steal half of all my belongings. I’ve even seen attorneys lie on their website about their credentials and the state bars IGNORE this crime as well as all the rest, and so do the judicial reviews go unanswered with complaints about judges who arrogantly ignore the laws and rule anyway they choose; you know like they are drugged or something, while destroying the plaintiffs life because of these corrupt rulings.

So do you think Common Law will fix all this? Upheld by whom? Please come forward with your stories of Common Law and Commercial Lien success, if you have one, and email me; debbiebreuner@yahoo.com. I'd like to be proven wrong!

Personally I think the “Internet Shills” are out again with their recommendations to the public, instructing them into filing Common Law Cases and Commercial Liens; it keeps us victims busy, for at least six months, as we become library lawyers. Well in my case I have already earned my “statute” library law degree; I’ve just spent another six months learning Common Law. And who knows these shills could be our government preparing for our removal to jail or a fema camp?

Hey I even got involved with a group, a common law group, who claims they have created thirteen “secret” Peoples’ Grand Juries and they have a secret email address where you speak with unnamed people who are on this jury? Plus they give you an unnamed sponsor who is supposedly your helper guiding you into this secret society and court. You know just like corrupt statute law. They want your case spelled out for them, on their special form, while giving you a handful of instructions. The handful of instructions are given as a way for these people to turn down the submission of your case to the Grand Jury, I finally figured this out! I mean if these people are for real, wouldn’t it be easier to give out ALL the instructions of how to fill out their Common Law case forms from the get go?

Nah, not when they can use what the victim leaves out of their submission as an excuse to criticize their complaint, while holding over their heads, “I’m sorry we can’t get you a ‘True Bill’ without ‘this’ included or you must leave out ‘that’ or else we can’t submit your case”? What? Honestly I felt abused by this process alone:>(What’s worse my little sponsor actually verbally abused me, over the secret email, and when she/he realized what I’m capable of (tattling on the Internet) she immediately “clicked” one button and everything she’d said to me, for months, vanished! Oh and by the way, your “Affidavit Of Proof” is your “True Bill” one doesn’t need a “Peoples’ Grand Jury” to call it such. Well, needless to say, my horrific case never got to the Peoples’ Grand Jury because I’m apparently too stupid to fill out the proper forms in which to submit the case? Therefore, I’ve been left to believe this group to be put together by shills stopping cases like mine:>(

When I found myself in tears, of frustration and anger, soon after I got involved with this outrageous scam I should have bolted, but just as we all are desperately looking for help and justice I stayed until I soaked up down to my soul ABUSE of the worst kind; re-abuse of the suffering victim by the false lure of help from scum-buckets. Sure, I’m positive there were other hopeful victims, involved with this group, but my personal sponsor was as evil as they come and she/he was enjoying every moment of my frustration. In fact, I believe she’s a sociopath and a plant!

From my personal experience, of over sixteen years, trying to get justice while fighting corruption in every professional, authoritative and legal arena in this country I have come to the realization that there is only one way to handle all this corruption! We the people must come together and stand together; we the already scorned are, at the moment, sitting back watching and waiting for many of you to find out what we already know. You will never get justice in this country; receive your home or funds back and there is no Common Law or Commercial Lien or other legal maneuver that will work in my opinion! What’s worse the media will not inform you of this; the victims will and yet most of you, (not yet exhausted or attacked) refuse to listen to we the cardinal victims. You are in denial and choose to see us as stupid, instead, blaming our misfortune on our bad decisions. It makes you feel better as you trout off to your next court date where you will, once again, get dismissed along with all the crimes that have been committed against you and your family. “There’s always hope” you say to yourself, “Next I’ll file this or that, it’ll work”! No it won’t! It won’t; it won’t; it won’t!

Then, of course, there are those of you who have yet to be stricken by these horrific, unaddressed, federal crimes that destroy lives. Many of your attitudes, about us the victims, create permanent separation between long time friends and family because you believe we’re nuts, thanks to the lying media refusing to tell the truth. And, of course, you not believing, we the victims, is sad because what you see around our lives is a metaphor to what will happen to yours; but you arrogantly refuse to get involved…become a wall along side your fellow American against our corrupt USA Government who is ultimately responsible for all the unaddressed crimes in this country.

In fact some of you actually have the audacity to throw “The Secret” in our faces claiming we’ve attracted into our lives what we thought about? Wrong again my friends! Positive thinking is great, I believe in it too, but the “lack of or abundance of our thoughts” does not encourage the professionals, financial institutions, authorities, attorneys, judges and media to corruptly inflict horrific crimes against the public while they know there will never be accountability. Now tell me what positive thinking has to do with this? I believe the teaching of "The Secret" is a great way to put the blame on the victim for the horrendous unaddressed federal crimes the powers that be or other criminals commit.

How much less time would be spent on trying to receive justice if we the people became a wall together (relying heavily on and exposing) against the corruption instead of the little pods or groups across the nation, while the media REFUSES to be our EYES, EARS and TRUTH? Are you aware that even alternative, and alternative to the alternative, media refuses to expose the most horrific unaddressed federal crimes? I still haven’t heard from the Christian radio program Hagmann & Hagmann Report who I wrote a week ago. This my friends is the problem! And, I’ve seen this reaction to, unbelievable stories about unaddressed federal crimes, many times over. Interestingly enough most of the media organizations, claiming to be exposing the “real truth,” are the least likely to pay attention to the horrific truth that lands in their laps, especially when there’s one of our USA leaders involved. This includes Jessie Ventura, Alex Jones, Glenn Beck, Martin Andelman and Bill Windsor of Lawless America just to name a few.

“United We Stand; Divided We Perish” How much more clearly must this be stated?

By: Deborah Breuner
Heiress Lives In A Tent

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  1. I am so so so sorry my Friend.Justice would be that NONE of it ever happened...ever.