God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Thursday, December 18, 2014

OPEN LETTER TO A CRUEL FAMILY: We're Going To The Streets Again While Family Has Our Back...With A Knife In It!

My husband's work; the only photos we have left

Hello …

First off allow me to say “Thank you” from the bottom of my heart for what you have done to help your brother and I with your loan so he could buy a car; this has allowed him to retain better employment, however it just hasn’t been enough to pull us out of this mess and the move to a new state, for employment, has now left us desperate again. Mostly because the gallery your brother works for sent his check to the wrong address on top of all our other challenges. Of course if you have read about what we have been through since 2007, in some cases since 1997, I believe you’d understand our situation is grave and has been for a very long time, mostly because there is no justice in this country and all we have in this world are each other and our families. For your brother/son and I? We have each other and this is about it.

What secures this fact is now realizing you and your other brother, sister and mother purposely never told your brother, my husband, when your aunt died and left him twenty five thousand dollars? Wasn't this in 2011? Instead you pretended you didn't know where he was and had the funds signed over to you? All the while your brother, my husband and myself, were living in a tent, or our truck, often starving, and selling our belongings so we could eat. Our drama unfolding RIGHT down the street from where you lived and still do! All the while you and your family were reading my Facebook,Twitter pages and Blog where I was writing a diary of our experiences with injustice and poverty. Unconscionable!

I’m not going to get into why your brother feels he has no family; it’s not my place to speak for him. I can speak for my family who are so greedy and jealous that they needed to embezzle all my funds using a few national financial institutions and financial elite to do it and this process destroyed your brother’s and my great business as well. We have been working for years to rebuild something so we can get on our feet and with no resources but a few angels along the way who kept us eating and a roof over our heads; most of these angels have been complete strangers. I can only assume you and the family know exactly what we are going through by my writing?

One of you has read my book, so I’m told.

Yet, as nice as you have been since my husband allowed his family back into his life, because he loves and misses you, he’s now reliving the reason he let you all go years ago, “YOUR JUDGEMENT” All I can say is, unless you have dealt with what we have and are dealing with now you have no place to judge! And there are few finer men on this earth next to my husband! Most people would not have lasted a month with what we have been living with. Yet my husband just keeps on trucking through it all; loving me all the while.

What sickens me is that with all the corruption in this world, which will probably never be addressed in our lifetimes, it’s exasperated by uncaring judgmental family who appears to actually enjoy watching their brother/son fail and die in the streets when he has so much potential, ability, creativity and an honest hard working, work ethic.

And this is my question; “Why would you supply your brother with a couple of thousand dollars and a week in a motel room and then cop an attitude? Why wouldn’t you help him instead get about $7,500.00, which he’s seeking, as an investment to get his business re-launched, while he continues to work at the gallery? That’s too forms of employment! What’s more the sooner we can get on our feet the sooner you’ll get paid back. Instead you decide now that you have given enough and basically “f#@k you”? Didn’t you know recovering from tragedy doesn’t have a design or time limit? It’s over when it’s over and most of the time because of the kindness of others, hopefully family because one cannot expect pure strangers to help and yet we have seen much more of this than family help. My family put us where we are on purpose; your brother’s family seems to get off on our troubles:>(

Do you know what your actions look like? They look like you want your brother to fail so you can then claim, “See I loaned him money and he won’t pay me back”! Let me share something with you. We don’t have the luxury of planning anything anymore but to save our lives; we must live by the seat of our pants daily, never knowing when our next meal is sometimes; twenty-five hundred dollars has turned out to basically set your brother up to soon lose the car you kindly helped him buy and the point is you’ll never get paid back now. We’re going to the streets again!

Boy now you really have ammunition to use against your very creative and talented brother who could use a “hand-up” not a “hand- out”; you can gossip all you want as you sit on your ass telling all your friends what a loser your brother is when in fact you’re actually obviously jealous of him and want him to fail; this makes your life look more productive. On top of this you can now add that he owes you money and what a scum-bucket he is for not paying you back. Yes, well I guess you’d have to share the whole story with your friends so they would have the whole truth, by which to evaluate; I’m confident you won’t do this. So here’s the Blog where they can learn; http://deborahbreuner.blogspot.com/

A caring loving family would at the very least create a benefit in their hometown raising funds for their brother to re-start his once very successful business, like I mentioned earlier he has figured out this can be done for $7,500.00. How about the whole family donating what they can towards helping their family member? Perhaps there’s one member of the family who can afford to invest $7,500.00 at 33 % interest? Why not invest, in their relative, who has proven to be very trusting, talented, hard working and drug free, making some money themselves? Where did I hear that my husband’s mother forwarded thirty thousand dollars to a voice over the phone telling her she’d make a killing with this investment?

She sent the funds and it of course turned out to be a fraud.

Fortunately most of this money will be or has been returned to her.

To her creative, talented, hard working, drug free son who could use a hand-up, she sends a hundred dollars out of her trust account. And, by the way thank God she did do this, we would otherwise not have eaten that day:>(

You people begged for your brother/son to come back into your lives; leaving messages on my Facebook pages, Blog and in emails for him to please contact you. Why? Again the only reason he ever let you go, out of his life, was because of your judgment and judgment, poverty and failure just don’t mesh well together; there’s just not enough energy in a day to handle it all. My husband finally allowed you all back, hoping to rekindle the relationships, and it seems now you just lured him back because you missed attacking and judging him; now us!

So basically you have helped us have another monthly bill of close to $500.00 for the new car, new used car; while insulting your brother/son and beaming with pride for your efforts. At this point we would be better off had we never bought the car which provided your brother the ability to get to interviews enabling him to retain better employment, while trusting finally his family understands and has his back. Now that you have abandoned him, after engaging in what appeared to be a relationship that would also be helpful and supportive, we are now back to fear of losing our storage units full of all the tools for my part of the business and my legal documents. And, lets not forget about your brother/son's credit continuing to remain a problem…now getting still worse!

Wow, are we dealing with another branch of the corrupt government here?

You know, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”
Chinese Proverb

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And again here's our website; www.bespokebydeborah.com/

I mean it's not like you, the family, are dealing with losers!

I have no more to say, you, in the name of family, have left me speechless! Except this; there is clearly nothing crueler than to offer a hand-out or hand-up to a suffering victim and then re-victimize them! And to add insult to injury, claim you're praying for your brother and his wife! Ha! Who are you praying to?

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays & Happy Hanukkah!

BY: Deborah Breuner
Heiress Lives In A Tent


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