God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Monday, June 9, 2014


So I had one of my famous “shower thoughts” today. Love these! Oh, wait, sorry, do you know what a shower thought is? It’s an “ah ha” moment when an idea comes to you as you’re spaced out in the shower going through your routine of washing your hair, shaving armpits and legs! Then when you least expect it the “shower thought” pops in your head; then finding yourself running around your dwelling, dripping wet looking for a pen, so you can write it all down before you forget. Whew!

Lucky you, I found paper and pen in time and here’s my shower revelation!

I want to know why people in this country, especially, are considered washed up and unemployable by the age of forty? It’s the most outrageous belief I’ve ever had to ingest? And, this idea is all decided by the newly graduating college students or employers who are so stupid that they think a, young, college graduate is smarter than a person with life experiences? I mean these graduates have gone through basically a government controlled education even from private schools, if the truth be known, and people are admitting today, all over social media, how their school of hard knocks has been far more enlightening than any college degree. Why?

Well because no one learns the truth about anything, while going to school, they are instead controlled by what is offered to them to learn, exactly like the media accomplishes with the public concerning the truth about the financial world for instance. And everyone appears to understand this, and yet if the same person is an employer, they actually won’t even interview a potential employee, with grand experience in their field that has age on them, lacks a college degree, attended college so many years ago that the employer actually believes they are passé? It’s outrageous! Do people not get that all of our experiences shape who we are and that no matter how long ago we may have learned, how to do something, we’ll recall today. It’s exactly like knowing how to ride a bike! I haven’t ridden a bike in years, but know I can resume this ability anytime I choose. We tell our children “Don’t worry you can do it, it’s just like ridding a bike; you don’t forget how to do this, you haven’t forgotten how to do that”. We actually tell our children this then turn around and refuse to hire an employee with experience, in our industry, because they are too old; haven’t been doing what you need done for awhile? We tell ourselves that the college graduates are the up and coming and much better, but they aren’t! And this is only because they are very inexperienced!

Therefore twenty-five year old's who lack life experience, and therefore the truth about life, which translates to lack of knowledge in business, sales, management, scriptwriting, production, film, writing, medicine, and a million other professions, run our world, because of this stupid belief? It’s outrageous! There I’ve said it again.

And this is where the inexperienced, college grad, will end up before they learn the truth, in America, which they refuse to respect their parent's experience with. I think our college students believe we brought all this crime on ourselves and they are smarter so it won't happen to them? Humm, really? Well unless they are hooking into the truth about the financial institutions, government, legal corruption and media they will find out the truth exactly as we, their parents have...by shock! This occurs when you land in a tent, penniless because of unaddressed by the proper authorities federal crime, and you have a college degree. Shouldn't we be smarter than this? Nope, not really because the schools, colleges and media claim something completely different about finances and the law than the truth. The really astute college students, and the experienced in the college of hard knocks, know this truth about corruption in America and take precautions.

If you are over forty years old in America, sometimes even younger, you are considered worthless to society and the truth is just the opposite! If nothing else, the American Indian has taught us how important our elders are for the progression of life and for wisdom passed down to their young people, so they don’t make the same mistakes. Americans, in general, toss out the old and bring in the new, all indoctrinated by government control. Right now citizens aren’t learning the truth about what has been going on in our government until they are near fifty years old, after losing their homes and funds by unaddressed federal crimes, and they are today questioning everything they were ever taught, while our own children have no respect for us; are in denial about what we have learned the hard way, while knowing the truth about it all the way down to our shocked souls. Our children, on the other hand, have just graduated from the USA Government controlled schools and colleges, lacking respect for experience, and none the wiser because of this. They won’t understand a thing until it’s too late for them too, while they’ll land on their faces, which could have been spared by listening and respecting their parents’ experiences. But our offspring are taught, through advertising & media indoctrination, that if their parent lands in the streets homeless and penniless it’s their own fault! The truth is, “and listen up offspring, the financial institutions are stealing and because you refuse to listen it will happen to you too!”

However, society promotes, as taught by advertising &media, this attitude our children have about their parents, while our government taught the attitude in the first place and continues. The truth is there isn’t a person alive who actually doesn’t come into their greatness until they’ve learn the truth about what our government is doing to destroy them, their families and their lives! This usually occurs around fifty years old or so, for some sooner, others later. It doesn’t matter, what matters is by the time we can actually contribute something of value to the human race, a business, book, screenplay, film or cure we’re considered too old; passé; washed up; nuts, ill, and certainly not worth hiring as an employee; good only to be medicated by the USA Government controlled pharmaceuticals, prescribed by the USA Government controlled medical world!

Oh and this is what I love the most, money managers and financiers are considered experts, in this country, helping Americans grow wealth, when all along they are amongst the many experts stealing our funds, while our USA Government sanctions it all. So does the graduating class of 2014 know about this? Hey but please hire them to care for your business finances; you might as well go down with your expert. You deserve it if you’re so stupid to not understand experience trumps college degrees almost every time, until the degree holder gets some experience, which often times entails a debilitating crisis in their lives, as the experienced plots along, frustrated in watching the college graduate, having started their experience long before the college graduate ever received their degree.

For me, that is Larry and myself, once we have our investor we won’t be hiring any college graduates over and above citizens whom have had life experiences and know about the USA Government; insurance, legal, medical and financial institution scams; sanctioned by our government; have lived through them; lost everything they ever worked for and decided to go on with life instead of committing suicide. These are the citizens we want to employ while most of the employers in this country won’t look twice at them…your loss stupid-s! If whom we choose to employ happens to also have a degree, then so be it! They’ll be great at seeing the contrast between the truth and what they have been taught in school; government controlled school and colleges!

All our lives, mine included, we’ve heard about the extremely successful entrepreneurs without a college degree; in fact many others who barely have grade school under their belts and yet they have exceeded what most college degreed can only hope to accomplish…ever! We talk about this over dinner with friends, family and during important business meetings while at the same time, you, we, refuse to hire anyone with age and experience over, government indoctrinated, formal education? It doesn’t make sense? I personally would rather have someone on board, in our business, who knows first hand about the financial crimes going on in this country, unaddressed by the proper government authorities, so I can protect my business rather than some young college graduate, wearing a silk pinstripe suit with an MBA under his belt and a cell phone attached to his/her ear. If they haven’t been struck by financial crime then they aren’t doing one damn thing for your business but setting you up for embezzlement, extortion and laundering of your funds and the loss of your business; period! They don’t teach these facts in school and the reason is, the USA Government doesn’t want you to know! And the advertisers, media and uninformed sheeple Americans, actually Americans in denial, keep this facade going!

Have you noticed? Many Americans will mortgage their home, to the hilt, just to have the money to put their child through the best ivy-league college while they’re offspring won’t really learn anything until they are out in this corrupt world, and the financial institution that has the first position on the family home, now illegally forecloses on the property, and then the whole family finds out there is no legal remedy to bring justice! Surprise!

Ask yourselves why these formally uneducated people became so successful? Often times far more successful than the grammar school, high school or college educated? In fact, the less formal education the more successful!

Here below; this link will take you to the history of my great grandfather; we all have one, who never had any formal education at all. Why did he exceed? Because he was never taught he couldn’t by government infiltrated education!


It’s time we learn something, our ancestors had the right to learn while we don’t, as our government takes more and more control and we allow. And here's a picture of what to expect if we Americans don't "wall up" against it all...now!

By: Deborah Breuner
Heiress Lives In A Tent

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