God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Wednesday, October 8, 2014



Have you ever felt like the soul of the government was coming down on you? You know like you’re an ant on the sidewalk as a size sixteen sole of a shoe comes down upon your little body and all you’ve ever wanted to do was have a life; build the next ant hill; bring crumbs, of nourishment, to your family and children for supper; experience your little ant talents, and mingle with all your ant friends…hopefully you’ve met a big red ant of a husband, or sweet little red ant of a wife, get ant married and have baby ants. You’d planned to happily work hard to send those little ants to Anthill college… perhaps to big red ant’s alma mater?

The American dream!

Unfortunately there is no American dream, we've been lied to all along, unless you know how to get around the potholes so to speak, escape the giant sole of the shoe for the ants; escape corruption and crime for the human being. This is most difficult to do if you don’t know what to avoid before you’re attacked. Yes, I said attacked!

Attacked by poverty for the human race, immediate squishing for the ants, which in case you aren’t aware yet I’m poised here to try to prove to you that this and many other deaths are, and always have been, our government’s plan for the citizens; humans idea for the ants. It’s called population control for lack of a better term.

This is because humans and ants are the same irritant to the “powers that be” over them.

Our government creates poverty, on purpose, while the media has been sanctioned to manipulate the public into believing the poverty stricken, street dwellers, drug addicts, alcoholics, mentally ill and losers living outside in the elements brought their plight upon themselves by their own inadequacy. Hum…

I honestly don’t know how to say this but straight out. This isn’t true!

The derelicts, the media speak of, have become this way after years of living in the streets with no one listening to their stories or giving them a well deserved hand up after they were screwed over by their own government, and the rest of the homeless and penniless are newcomers after horrific unaddressed federal crimes attacked their lives, lately, or they just returned from serving our country in war. And there are a fair amount of Hollywood, Michigan, Washington DC etc. ex-wives whose husbands are connected, often attorneys themselves, whom have been able to work the system and have their wives of thirty plus years, mother of their children; pampered at health spas for years and community leaders finally dumped into the streets, to live, by the sick system.

I just haven’t figured out yet why this time in history, of the world, has dictated such an onslaught of murders to the public by the government? Probably because this practice has gone on for centuries, while never addressed. Most of these murders today are started slowly with poverty that will soon turn into below poverty living, while there’s nothing to be done to stop it, cure it, help it, or arrest it because our government likes it like this. They are behind it all, I believe, but then I’ve lived it, seen it, experienced it, and been told by our government authorities after reporting horrendous crimes committed against my trust and myself, to just shut up, go away and die in the streets. And, oh how arrogantly they do this, as if they know there’s not a thing anyone can do to stop the victim’s spiral downwards into below poverty level; but death from the elements and starvation; the plan all along.

I recall, before all my funds and assets were stolen from me by huge financial institutions, trustees, money managers and attorneys, as I lived a joyful life with all the possible earthly goods one could hope for along with enjoying and loving my family, experiencing my talents and abilities, I sure didn’t concern myself too much with the homeless and penniless. In fact I often thought to myself, “They probably aren’t really homeless, penniless and hungry, they’re putting on an act and they'll just go buy alcohol if I give them money”! Then I’d do everything I could to avoid eye contact just in case I as wrong about my thoughts. My oldest daughter Alison, once in her early tweens, would always give these poor souls cash. And, I honored her for this, but at the same time felt possibly these people were scamming her, as young as she was? I just wasn’t going to look at them in the eye. I just couldn’t as my soul screamed “help them” and my thoughts, tainted by society rules, screamed, “They are scammers”! Yet, I wouldn’t at the same time, forget about them as I strolled, shopping, through my day at the Somerset Mall in Troy, Michigan, purchasing my next designer suit from Gaultier, I’d wonder if these people had families, children or once had employment; why they were homeless, penniless, hungry and dirty? What if anything I could do to make a difference, better than giving them a twenty dollar bill? My day most definitely had been spoiled leaving me with a sick sense of dread.

Well,I now know why this sight made me sicker than most horrid issues about life and still does! It's not a normal problem of society. It's created on purpose! Oh, and I also know there are plenty of scammers across the country who pretend to be needy, while they panhandle daily making a great living, but this is not the majority. The majority of scammers are in leadership or law in this country, while the majority of these poor victims are living and dying in the streets while you walk by thinking what I thought:>(( This was about the time, early 1980s, my law group along with my financial team were embezzling, extorting and laundering 80M$s out of my trust account, a little at a time, until 1997 when it was almost gone; finally in 2004 completely gone. And, I started reporting this crime in 2000 to the proper authorities while they ignored me with obtuse sociopathic remarks in writing; sent by US Mail service.

But, you know I’m not entirely to blame for my attitude about the homeless. I was very young then, maybe 28 years old; subliminally controlled and mesmerized, unknowingly, by the media, TV, in what I read and society echoed. I now realize, after I’ve been horrifically victimized by a number of national financial institutions, trustees, money managers and attorneys, who by the way all work for our government, that once you are in the system, and noticed to be there, you are very well, poised, to be the next victim to financial crime committed by the powerful which will likely send you right into the streets as it has my small family and myself.

And this is how I know our own government wants us dead, while financial ruin is one of our government’s tactics; so is emotional torture by fear, brought to us by the media concerning disease, terrorists, economy and other criminals to keep the public otherwise detained with this fear so as not to notice what they really should address; this would be what is happening to their bank accounts held in government controlled financial institutions in trusts, savings, checking, stock and 401K accounts. And, just when more of the public is truly getting it, the government hosts another false flag to divert the public's attention again!

In this country today, and I know from my own history this has been true since the late 1800s, anything you own can be stolen from you by the banks, attorneys, and others working for them basically under government control; some say anyone controlling the government. But the answer to this question really isn’t important because our government is supposed to rise above bribes by corporations and they don’t. Many say this is greed, but I certainly don’t understand this either, because our government can and does print money whenever they want it, while the media claims the economy is bad, broken and bankrupt. I don’t believe this! It’s only true when our government decides to use this tactic to control the masses along with the real estate and the stock market.

I know, how can anyone be sure about what is true and what isn’t such in this country? Here’s one idea, talk to the victims not the government paid employees, (leaders) who appear to be saying to you and themselves, “I am just taking orders” or “I’m merely doing what I’m told.” Sound familiar? Isn’t this what Hitler’s prodigies said? Why haven't we as a nation learned something from the past?

True one rarely hears this statement today, but I believe it’s uttered everyday in the hearts of America’s government employees, the leaders, who aren’t doing their jobs for the citizens; jobs we the people pay our taxes for, so they can afford to exercise their authority, especially against financial crimes of the financial institutions, but they don’t. Why is this, while the attorneys and media work for the government too; never is anything addressed without first knowing and honoring what the government wants. And what our government wants is not about protecting society; it's about keeping the public divided, therefore preventing a revolution that will actually change things. Instead we see a desperate group of well meaning Americans trying to change destiny with the words they use in court. It's another opportunity for the system to win as I see it; many of these fighters for justice are ending up in jail for their efforts or the really difficult to control group are ending up in the streets. Why? Because the judges can do anything they want!

And, as long as we Americans remain divided the government wins; not only do they win, they are laughing at us!

My (our) story is proof that our government is actually purposely sending citizens into the streets to die. In Germany it was the ovens!

First of all anyone who works for our government, in leadership roles, can and does commit any kind of crime they want while never being investigated; they especially like to commit financial crimes against citizens.

The government controlled attorney I hired, when I was 21 years old, Anthony M. Kennedy Esq. (also my second removed brother-in-law) now our SCOTUS recommended that I create trusts to protect my children and myself, our funds and other assets. Many of the funds left to us by my deceased parents in 1968, before they died. These funds have all been embezzled from us all; not sure about my youngest daughter as my own grown children under the greed spell have exiled me from their lives. Or maybe I exiled them? I don’t recall. Obviously we no longer move in the same circles:>(All I know is I’ve gone from being an independently wealthy woman, with her own fashion /furniture design business; worth 80M$s to living below poverty while my family and a number of financial institutions, together, embezzled, extorted and laundered all my funds. Once I reported this crime to the proper authorities more financial crimes attacked me, by government sanctioned financial institutions until I was in the streets, homeless & penniless; my new husband's and my business destroyed through all the crimes too. This occurred in May 2007; since then I’ve merely tried to subpoena my account statements and never been able to retain them, not as if the financial institutions wouldn’t adjust numbers and forge signatures anyway. Who’s going to stop them? And, I caught my bank, at one time, forging other documents. So I know they do this and have proof they did it on release forms to remove funds from my trust account.

I recall, at the time, I just couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw these forgeries? I thought this was the beginning of justice. What I didn’t realize until 2007 was that these forgeries were actually the beginning of “F#@K you lady we got ya”! Because, they knew something I didn’t know yet, until then.

These financial institutions, attorneys and judges can do anything they want. They are sanctioned and protected by the government, while I was filing complaints with the government authorities that sanctioned these government employees' crimes. So who’s above the government and their authorities? That would be just the media and the people. But the media is threatened with their lives if they speak any truth while the public, not yet victimized, still believe the government and media are on their side. They are shunning the citizens who are trying to tell them about what is actually going on financially in this country. These people know from the struggles they have met; there is no justice because of corruption and the media refuses to expose these atrocities, so the victims are re-victimized. Their fellow human beings think the victims are nuts, exactly where the government wants all the players…eating their own. It takes the blame off them and keeps the sheeple, who could start a revolution, otherwise detained.

Who’s above the government and their authorities? NO ONE! And this is the problem; why there is no justice in the courts. Our government wants it like this! How do we know? Well because the government could fix all the corruption if they wanted to. They have the power. Again, the only answer is, they want it like this!

Now the victims, exhausted and accepting there’s no justice, finally after ten years, try to get employment to rebuild their lives. But they only have employer history; no employee; their older; haven’t been employed in thirty years; their credit annihilated by unaddressed federal crimes so they can’t get employment at a fast food restaurant. They have no money to re-educate them selves or re-launch their once successful business. They have been surviving on selling their belongings, because they found themselves unemployable during the legal battle as well, and now they are plum out of stuff to sell. By the way no matter how valuable your stuff might be the buyers see you coming, when you're homeless, by paying nothing; you have no choice but to accept their offers; you’ll starve otherwise.

So your next option is to retain a government job yourself, like a bank teller or clerk of the courts, but they have you here too. Bad credit once again. The government doesn’t hire those whose credit has basically been destroyed, even if the government themselves illegally destroyed it? “Ha! Got cha' again”, you can almost hear the government “powers that be” say! You’re on your way into the streets if you don’t get employment or help, so you finally reach out to the churches and charities; look into social security, welfare and food stamps, just to get you by until things hopefully get better; a miracle perhaps?

Guess what, the churches, charities and welfare absolutely will not help. So where are all your hard-earned tax dollars going anyway? And, of course what if the victim is too young for social security? By the way food banks ask the homeless to jump through more hoops than a dog doing tricks on stage to get food, and when you manage it anyway, the food isn't edible. Food Stamps are given for a couple of months, then while you're checking out at the grocery store, in front of a line of ten other people, you find your card canceled; it's rarely renewed and for complete stupid reasons claimed from the government agencies such as, "I don't know lady, it's canceled that's all"!

Finally if you have a lot of tenacity, which I believe we have, you’ll end up in a tent for a number of years trading your art for rent until you run out of art or the owner of the campground becomes tired of the arrangement and he evicts you from the tent. By this time the victims have to sell their car, in order to get money to re-locate, as they continue to seek employment just about any place in the country. However perhaps this is a good thing since the victims haven't been able to afford to renew their drivers licenses, buy auto insurance or register their vehicle anyway, therefore they have been driving the freeways as criminal drivers; afraid they'd be arrested. Because God help one if they break the traffic laws in this country while the powers that arrest are of the same cloth who embezzled the funds which put me, us, in this situation in the first place.

In fact, my husband and I were arrested in San Diego for all these traffic violations, fortunately the officer was actually a human being and gave us a fix it ticket.

Meanwhile I, the original victim, still have never stopped contacting the proper authorities with letters, emails and phone calls; never stopped calling the media, alternative as well sharing the original crime of embezzlement. Never stopped calling my family for help, the same family alleged to be part of the original financial crimes committed against me by the national financial institutions; the same family who has exiled me from their lives, by spewing venom at me should I contact them, otherwise telling their friends and family that I’m nuts to keep them confused about the issue. Since I do hold the documents of proof that I am telling the truth, I’m sure this is most stressful for my family? Why would they want me in their lives? So of course they won’t help!

Additionally, in my situation, to make my case still more difficult to prove, all four of the trusts created to protect my daughters and myself have been removed from the records at the Oakland County, Michigan Probate Court, while I have the hard copies in my possession today. Now why would the legal and government world do this? I'm confident all these criminals expected Larry and I to lose all copies and original legal documents in this holocaust, but we haven't.

Nowadays, since all this rampant financial crime has become exposed by the victims over social media, I believe the financial institutions and government authorities, together plan and allow for an occasional “win” against a bank for committing unlawful foreclosures using fraud and forgeries just to calm society. Once in awhile the government authorities throw a ponzi schemer into prison for 199 years, such as with Madoff, as their scapegoat; another calming jester for the people. Our government is working on stopping a revolution with these small so-called victories. Then the media blasts these winning cases across Yahoo and TV, and the public, not yet victimized by horrific financial crimes believe this!

However there are millions and millions more of these cases involving financial institutions embezzling, extorting, laundering our funds and illegally taking our properties that the world never hears about, while most of the victims in these cases are living in poverty or below poverty…in the streets where they are no longer heard at all…another one of our government’s plans.

For instance, and I can only speak from my experience, why would one victim to this usually unaddressed financial crime be talking about all the documents of proof for fraud the bank and attorneys are reviewing while in cases like mine I still don’t have my account statements,for over ten years, after they were subpoenaed by a judge a couple of times? Obviously, someone is purposely holding these account statements back from the courts and I’m not the rare case, I’m the norm that the media won’t expose.

You know how it is with sociopaths or psychopaths, reveal and leak out your small offenses manipulating to convince the victims that all is well; you have admitted your fault; a very small amount of it anyway, then go for the juggler and kill the next unsuspecting victims!

Yes and with my small family and my struggle for justice we have many times, in the last ten years been one foot in the streets, permanently, but we were saved by caring friends or mere strangers lending sixty dollars here, or a thousand dollars there; by horrendously horrible employment that turned out to be scams. You know in like hiring; working us like dogs for two weeks and then firing us before we were paid. This was for couple’s employment to manage a motel, so at least we had a pretty nice motel room to live in for a while, and then we were thrown back into the streets to survive with no vehicle.

Yes, my friends this is what is really going on in this country. And I have many more outrageous sagas to share about the employment world; they’re in my book along with all the financial crimes the public has never heard about. They would only know if they had been victims and most of these victims are either dead or living in the streets…soon to be dead. Some may still be fighting in courts across the country and haven't yet realized they will never get justice and then land in the streets.

To add insult to injury, my small family and I have now lost most all our friends who were originally helping us here and there with money. Of course, and I can only assume, they are sick and tired of us with all our below poverty problems so they’ve removed themselves from even contacting us anymore. Yes, and I believe this is another one of those things the government knows will happen to people like us…so they’re smiling with joy; their task almost complete! This would be our death in the streets starting with mental illness, alcoholism or drugs.

And, the trip into the streets is almost complete now with the humiliation we feel, not that we should even consider this feeling but one does, it’s a normal result from not being heard and poverty, preventing often times the will to keep going. Again, just what our government counts on.

Frankly, we’re fighters, in our small family, and until our last breath the US Government will not get what they are counting on for us and we don't do drugs; sometimes we indulge in a glass of cheap wine, which might constitute mental illness, lol!

Fortunately, my sweet Larry finally does have employment again and though he doesn’t earn what he’s capable of earning, he once brought in while contracting in his own business a quarter of a million dollars a year, he’s keeping us with a roof over our head, in a motel, and food in our stomachs; allowing us also to pay our storage full of the tools we have left of our mutual once viable business. Since landing his position, as a superintendent in construction, I’ve put my efforts into finding an investor for our business, seed money, which has often times brought us many more financial scams. Just uncovered another one over a week ago now. Truthfully, I’ve found until we have our business up and running I don’t believe any equity investor will take a chance on homeless people with destroyed credit. Yep, once again our government counts on this problem when it comes to citizens who lose their once viable businesses, even when it’s the result, ultimately, of government corruption.

So why doesn’t our government control and stop all this rampant financial crime? Because I believe again, they are behind it all! What's worse it's now, by government rule, against the law in many states to feed the homeless, penniless and hungry? Who thinks our government doesn't want us dead? Please step forward, I want to hit you! Yes, we’re on our own, in this country, but with knowledge one can maneuver around it and we can help and assist each other. I know in our re-launching of our business that the first interviewed, to work for us, will be those whom have been hit by all the unaddressed financial crime; we'll even re-train those whom are willing!

Hence I started an Indiegogo Campaign, with the idea that we can re-launch our business; the momentum of our business, in fashion and furniture, will allow us to continue our exposing through my memoir series and my husband, Larry and my screenplays, which helps inform society while entertaining at the same time.

We’re praying for your contributions, whatever size, knowing our success is yours too, since we hold so much financial truth about the financial institutions that will help you and your families’ financial health. Why should this information be lost to the public? Why should we waste our talents and abilities because of living in poverty conditions the government has purposely created? We should instead become wards of the state after our next fall? The government will merely claim that you’ll need to pay more taxes to care for people like us, when in fact your taxes do not actually take care of anyone. And, should Larry lose this employment, which could easily happen in this world, we’ll have nowhere else to go but into the streets. There are no more saves. We need your assistance.

However, as of hours ago I canceled the Indiegogo Campaign; we have other things working for us now.

Praise God, as of hours ago we’re seeing some rumblings towards assistance; but we aren’t counting our chickens before they hatch. Still things are moving in the right direction. Yeah! I hope we can all gather a little more respect for our ant friends now too. They are our metaphor to what our government does to us! Maybe if we can stop squishing our ants we'll train our brains to gather together as a nation; stopping what our government is doing?

Meanwhile, not much change yet, I see the public is now again talking about who should be voted into office next? What? Who cares? All these politicians are criminals!

We are each of us angels with only one wing; and we can only fly by embracing one another.

Luciano De Crescenzo


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