God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Heiress Lives In A Tent: Attorney General Harris vs. The Banks?

Originally posted in Beforeitsnews.com on April 17, 2012

The headline reads: Attorney General Wants Mortgage Homeowner protections In Law.
By: Don Thompson Associated Press/ April 15, 2012
Below is an excerpt of this article:

Harris, a Democrat, has made combating mortgage fraud and protecting homeowners a centerpiece
of her 16 months in office. She was instrumental in negotiating a settlement with the nation's top 
five banks in February that will bring $18 billion in relief to California, one of the states hardest 
hit by the mortgage crisis.

More than 500,000 Californians have lost their homes to foreclosure since 2008, more than in 
any other state.

Her 11-bill package would ban some of the worst practices that contributed to the housing crisis. 
It would write the terms of the national agreement into state law and apply them to every lender.

"A lot of the reform that we're talking about was agreed to by the banks in the national 
foreclosure settlement, but it only has a life of three years," Harris said in a telephone 
interview. "Let's not go back to the days of robo-signing. Let's not go back to the days of 
having dual-track systems that confuse and kind of handicap people. Let's learn from our

What I find interesting is that there are laws already in place, federal laws that were created 
many years ago to protect the consumer from financial abuse by financial institutions.  Mortgage 
companies must follow these same federal laws.  These laws are really simple like, it’s a federal
crime to, embezzle assets, steal assets, launder assets, forge signatures, hide consumer’s monthly 
payments on loans in phantom accounts and then call them in default on the loan, adjust bank 
statements or loan documents without the customers being aware, foreclose non-judicially on 
trust owned properties so that a judge doesn’t see the criminal act. These elite financial criminals 
are even lifting thousands of dollars in furniture from these homes, which is grand larceny. I mean 
even robo-signing is a federal crime when someone basically signs away property with no personal
 knowledge about what they’re signing? In other words the banks hired professional document signers? 
And, there are far more federal laws being broken.

So the attorney general is cracking down by creating homeowner protections in the law? What the 
hell does that mean? What about enforcing the laws already in place? Instead the attorney general 
must create more laws that demand the laws already on the books be followed?

What a damn diversion!

The media announces this as if, “Look the attorney general is cracking down on all this finally and 
hopefully these foreclosures will be more fairly done?”

I’m sorry there shouldn’t be any hope involved here. The US Attorney General and state attorney 
generals get paid by our tax dollars to enforce these laws. Why aren’t they? I mean the financial 
institutions wouldn’t dare consider committing these crimes if they knew they were being regulated, 
but they know they aren’t. We’re the ones that find out this fact the hard way, after paying taxes for 
this protection, then find ourselves being attacked by federal crimes committed by financial institutions 
and mortgage companies and we're shocked to realize no one will investigate?

Why does the media write these stories like, “Poor attorney generals they’re doing all they can to stop 
this madness by calling for new laws.”

If Attorney General Harris were to speak I predict this is what she’d say, “Oh my I’m doing all I can to
stop the bad banks and mortgage companies from being bad, but I don’t know what to do? 
I'm going to try okay?”

( above is the letter I received from Attorney General Harris after the California State Bar refused 
to charge Kenneth Joseph Catanzarite Esq. for destroying two multi-million dollar lawsuits he filed 
on my behalf, concerning financial institutions committing criminal acts, (embezzlement and 
criminal foreclosure) but failed to show up in court so the judge dismissed the case in one 
instance;  committed multiple other federal crimes concerning the second suit; withdrew for no
 reason then evicted me from my second multi-million dollar home, (mortgage fraud) while 
sporting thirteen counts of advertizing fraud in his credentials. Besides this he arrogantly stole 
half my belongings. The CalBar failed in their jobs so it's Attorney General Harris' job to 
handle all this continued federal crime. Instead I received the above letter directing me back 
to the CalBar, written as if I'd not already reported this monster to them. Yep, this is how 
our government authorities do things.  Pass the buck until the victim dies in the streets.)

This is insane! We don’t need new laws we need the ones already in place enforced! 
And, who’s controlling the poor attorney generals from performing their jobs? There’s no 
one above them. There should be obviously! Besides this the financial institutions and 
mortgage companies should be scared to death to even think of 
committing the crimes they commit everyday against the consumer.

I wonder why they aren't?

I’ve written Attorney General Harris at least four times since she’s been in office about 
all the mortgage crime, financial institution crime and the California State Bar ignoring a 
California attorney who stole my two million dollar home committing federal crimes to 
do it and she won’t even write an obtuse form letter back anymore. She wrote one telling 
me this isn’t her jurisdiction. Whose jurisdiction is it then? Is there another California 
attorney general in office that I’m not aware of?

See how the media plays with the public’s mind?

And what is happening to all the families who lost their homes by pure unadulterated federal 
crimes since 2007? Will they be getting their homes back? I heard Obama was considering 
that each homeowner receive something like fifteen hundred dollars in restitution after losing 
their homes from most probable federal crimes committed by the banks and mortgage companies.

I mean this couldn’t be more outrageous.

So Attorney General Harris is banning some of the “worst practices that contributed to the 
housing crisis.” Really? Would she care to list these practices such as the federal crimes these 
financial institutions are committing against the consumer? I wouldn’t call them practices; 
they’re federal crimes. She doesn’t mention this fact, nor does she mention that all the 
attorney generals over the country and US Attorney General Holder are ignoring these 
federal crimes and calling them "practices?"

Again, this is how the media plays with the public’s mind, while the public thinks’ the 
attorney general is doing her job when they read these articles. Well, that is if they haven’t
 been hit like I have with federal crimes committed by the powerful. If they have they 
know like I do, that Attorney General Harris, along with many other AGs are playing 
their magicians sleight of hand to stop a revolution in this country.

By: Deborah Breuner

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