God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Monday, July 9, 2012

Heiress Lives In A Tent: Timeline To Financial Destruction

Originally posted on Beforeitsnews.com April 13, 2012


How do you survive this? And what do you do to survive? Once you have figured this out what is it that will save your life and allow you to flourish once more? If you do somehow manage to flourish again what will you be doing with your life? Will it have changed?

Remember the zeros involved here have nothing to do with this; it’s the crime destroying whatever funds you have and leaving you penniless that matters, which concerns all Americans.

First you discover your money manager is forging your signature and removing funds from your trust account anytime he chooses?

Never mind the authorities will arrest him!

You report the federal crime to the government authorities.

The national bank with whom you have a small personal loan unlawfully starts foreclosure procedures against a fully paid for trust owned property worth three million dollars, using the personal loan on which you are paid up ahead by one year; the property still has close to two million dollars in equity available?

Your money manager calls arrogantly laughing, “All the funds in your small account are all gone now!” Of course you know he just stole them and confident the authorities will investigate, putting his ass in prison!

"Well I’ll show you" you’re thinking, “I’m calling the authorities again right now!”

Outrageous! More federal crimes too, so you report them to the government authorities, not understanding why they haven’t answered your first complaint? The FBI claims their getting right on it.

One day you receive an e-mail that states, “What happened to your eighty million dollars protected by your trust? It’s gone!”


Now you write more letters to the government authorities whom have ignored your request for an investigation for at least two years so far, concerning the earlier crimes. You haven’t heard from the FBI? You just don’t understand?

Basically these protectors of the public have been sitting back, observing federal crimes continue against you, as if watching a movie? Very distressing and shocking!

You’ve been trying to handle it all civilly with an attorney whom could write a novel of all the unethical behavior and federal crimes he commits against your trust and you, basically he spends two years protecting the elite financial criminals that embezzled your trust and illegally foreclosed on your property. He never shows up in court then withdraws from the case. He evicts you from your own home. All acts so far amount to federal crimes and State Bar grievances that would disbar this man forever; order restitution for his victim and send him to prison.

You and your partner have now landed in the streets with six dogs; no money and no help in the foreseeable future.

Meanwhile you and your partner’s flourishing start up business has been destroyed because of all the federal crimes; both your credit criminally destroyed; because of this retaining employment is impossible, you’ve tried for a few years, all the while selling your belongings just to survive. And, you’re now homeless and penniless, living out of your truck. Neither of you qualify for any kind of government assistance not that you want it? You want to work at the career the financial institution destroyed like a mafia hit. But, anything will do at this point.

 Still you haven’t gotten word from the authorities; only form letters directing you elsewhere. The California State Bar ignores the attorney’s criminal behavior and there’s never any restitution…shock, shock, shock!

So you summoned the California Supreme Court. They deny even reading about the case…still more shocking!

You lose all but one of your dogs. The sadness almost kills you.

But you must continue to look for employment with your credit criminally annihilated; can’t even get a job in a fast food restaurant. Instead you keep selling your belongings just to eat for pennies on the dollar, but there isn’t enough money to pay for the truck registration too? There’s little hope you’ll get your precious dogs back, unless one of these government authorities does their job, for which we pay our taxes.

You now have become an auto registration bandit; libel to be thrown in jail at any moment with the truck impounded if caught by the police. But, you have to keep driving about in order to sell your stuff? Soon you’re looking over your back all day long in watch for the cops.

So you summon the media. Nope they want nothing to do with this truth. Don’t care to warn the public about serious financial institution federal crimes committed against the consumer or that the government authorities are ignoring the crimes? You’re shocked some more and now scared to death you’ll be dying in the streets…and you should be.

Now you summon the alternative media…they want nothing to do with your story either?

Meanwhile you have somehow realized deep inside that there isn’t any help from whence it should come. So you start writing along with your partner, the love of your life. Together you learn to write screenplays and complete three. You write a four-part memoir and your Sweetie ends up becoming an agent overnight in order to find a publisher, which he does, overnight.

Unfortunately there wasn't an agent alive that thought this story was important enough to try to sell to a publisher, yet ten publishers asked for the book proposal when approached directly?

Now after five months of waiting to hear from the publisher and still waiting you have run out of things to sell; you’re writing articles for people powered news websites to help your platform in selling your book. There is no food; the truck doesn’t run and even if it did you’d be arrested for driving it. You and your Sweetie have no way to earn money at all at the moment and you’ve been locked out of your storage unit.

You’ve lived in a tent now for two years.

The government authorities that you continue to write monthly no longer even send obtuse form letters, but they all know you’re close to dying in the street and you’ve dealt with this for over twelve years; so do all the candidates vying for an opportunity to run for president of the United States of America in November; so do Obama and Past President Bush. It doesn’t matter what political party any of these politicians belong to they all know and don’t care.

The churches and homeless organizations you reach out to ignore you! Shock of all shock, but oh so true! The authorities don’t regulate these criminals either.

This is called attempted murder and should WE die because of our authorities’ corruption you’ll never hear about.

This is media crime, because I can prove they know almost every word of this story and so can I prove the authorities do too.

However by the grace of God if we somehow survive this, both my Sweetie and I are committed to continue doing all we can to make this world a better place…exposure would be one way; and we’re doing this. We just need your help in getting the word out because the authorities and media won’t be doing their jobs. Our goal? This needs to be picked up by Google & Yahoo news and we're on our way. This will help all Americans just because of the knowledge they'll have.

By: Deborah Breuner

P.S.  By the way, if anyone reading this has a guesthouse and needs live in help, preferably on a ranch we’d like to interview for the job. We bring with us one very small well- behaved weenie dog. My partner Larry is an experienced horse trainer; breeder and builder; I’m experienced in caring and managing three multi-million dollar homes at one time. I’m very good with understanding what works on cleaning everything from floors to laundry. I’m a gourmet cook, fashion designer and photographer. We’re willing to work and relocate to wherever.

E-mail: debbiebreuner@yahoo.com

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