God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Heiress Lives In A Tent: Watching Federal Crimes Take Your Life Away $ There's Not A Thing You Can Do But Pay More Taxes?

Originally posted on Beforeitsnews.com on April 14, 2012


As fate would have it; I was wrong about my Internet; it’s available to me until about four this afternoon. And, a neighbor suddenly appeared, the other day, asking me to teach her how to write a book proposal? I said I would if she paid for two more weeks of Internet service for us. She agreed. So if she follows through, you’ll get to put up with me for another couple of weeks, that is if I don't starve to death.

I know you most probably think I'm over exagerating? I'm not!

As you prepare to pay your taxes tomorrow, think about where your money will be going? The common sensed person would want to be assured that no matter what else may be going on in this country their tax dollars are at least going towards government agencies that are protecting the American public from foreign and domestic terrorist.

If we aren’t safe financially and physically then what else could matter?

I understand very little about foreign terrorism. Maybe this is what our government wants while they call everything that would be helpful knowledge for the public, “Top Secret.”

The other “Top Secret” is that the financial institutions in this country are arrogantly embezzling funds right out of their customer’s accounts while the elected and appointed government authorities, paid by our taxes to protect the public from financial abuse, are actually ignoring these crimes.

Well I’ve only seen federal crimes committed by the National Bank of Detroit, (now Chase), KeyBank National Association, Shearson Lehman, McDonald Investments and Paine Webber. I have reason to suspect Edward Jones and Raymond James of committing federal crimes against me too?  Combine these with the financial institutions we hear about robo-signing and losing documents, I’d say most all financial institutions are committing these crimes and many more against the public? Why wouldn’t they? They are assured they’ll get away with them.

Certain other financial institutions have been vilified in the lame stream and alternative media concerning the foreclosure crisis but never is it revealed that these banks are embezzling funds and committing federal crimes in order to foreclose? And the financial Institutions that I have personal experience with are rarely mentioned anywhere.

Fortunately I have no NDA so I am free to reveal anything I know about these financial institutions, through my own personal experience.

From what I’ve seen and experienced, my situation is not isolated, but common practice with financial institutions. You cannot convince me after becoming aware of the tactics used by these banks to destroy people that they all aren’t involved with these practices?

But how do we know for sure if the government authorities refuse to investigate while the media ignores this?

If you haven’t got it yet, get it now. These federal financial crimes are being committed on purpose and ignored purposely as well.

I’d call these federal crimes domestic terrorism about which most of us have no clue is going on?

If you check out the many trailer parks, homeless centers and the streets you’ll find the victims here, silenced; struggling to survive; have lost or sold everything they owned. Many have just given up hope and this is why you don’t hear about these crimes.  Most of these victims don’t even have food to eat.

If the authorities and media won’t listen to the victims when they own a computer and cell phone, just who is going to listen once these assets are gone?

Even the public turn they’re heads away from the homeless in disgust; purposely cross the street and walk out of their way to avoid them; they aren’t going to listen to these homeless people’s insightful stories.

They should.

And, the government authorities and media count on your disgusted attitude towards the homeless. The lame stream and alternative media secure your attitude by outwardly and subliminally putting the homeless and penniless down…blaming them for taking out loans over their heads, which caused the foreclosures, ruined the value of your property and is causing the struggling banks. Then on top of this the homeless and penniless are blamed for abandoning their pets?

If you can ingest for just one minute that many of the homeless and penniless were and are created by outrageous federal financial crimes committed by banks against them that purposely never get investigated by the government authorities, the only entities that have jurisdiction over this, just what would you think?

Are you scared? You should be. Are you blaming the financial institutions? You shouldn’t be; it’s the fault of our government authorities not doing their jobs and the media refusing to hold them accountable.

If this isn’t exposed to the public and addressed these unaddressed crimes will be the next big secret killer of Americans, if it isn’t already.

Here’s another question for you? How many economic experts have, through their advice, helped with the state of affairs financially?

If they aren’t telling you about the horrific federal crimes the financial institutions are committing against their own customers then they aren’t helping. They may not know about these crimes?

But, how can anyone flourish financially with the kind of federal crimes I’ve witnessed, committed by the powerful, who will at this point never be investigated?

And, this is what I’ve seen and experienced; have documents of proof to support most of what I’m claiming. There is no way to prove the financial institutions refrain from sending account statement of your accounts. And, of course they know this and so use the tactic when appropriate.


1) So one of the first crimes you might notice would be that your account statements from any account you may have cease to arrive in your mail. And, this is interesting because even though you may have a few accounts in one financial institution; another with a stock brokerage house and still another financial institution is holding your trust account, all account statements from all the financial institutions you do business with will at the same time stop sending your account statements. If this doesn’t appear to be some sort of conspiracy, I don’t know what is? However the financial institutions know the authorities will never investigate them so they arrogantly concoct these ridiculous tricks knowing that you can’t prove they haven’t sent account statements and therefore you’ll have to hire an attorney to subpoena these records. Retaining these records on your own account can take upwards of seven to ten years. Let me remind you these crimes are federal in nature and a victim should never have to file a civil case to fight a national financial institution committing federal crimes against them. The investigation belongs to the attorney general and local DA. But, from behind closed doors of secrecy these powerful government authorities will send you a form letter to your frantic complaint saying, “This isn’t our jurisdiction,” when you know that it is. They purposely don’t address the crimes, so their corruption isn’t in writing.

2) Financial institutions will actually fraudulently and criminally adjust your account statements. Again there’s no way to prove this without in house co-operation, which you’ll never get without a subpoena, which takes seven to ten years and appeals to retain if you ever do. Not to mention the judge and your own attorney will purposely withhold evidence to protect the financial institution. It’s been over eleven years since I first discovered financial crime in my life and I still don’t have my own account statements? I have some and a list of my assets signed by Justice Anthony M. Kennedy. That’s it.

3) Financial institutions will adjust the terms on loan documents at will and claim the borrower signed for these changes when the signatures are actually forged by in bank executives. In fact I’ve seen financial institutions change pertinent information on loan documents in order to lessen their crimes. For instance I have proof that KeyBank gave me a small personal loan in my name only, then adjusted the documents to reflect a different borrower so they could use the loan to foreclose on property which would otherwise be against the law, a federal crime, in spite of the fact that I had a copy of the original loan stating it was given in my name.

4) I’ve seen a financial institution arrogantly adjust loan documents showing a property is owned by a trust to being owned by the borrower personally so they could foreclose non-judicially instead of judicially which is required by federal law concerning trust owned property.  And this bank fraud against the consumer is the difference between a judge seeing the bank crimes being committed and not.  Judicial foreclosure takes up to four years. Non- judicial can be done within months without a judge ever looking at the documents, not that it matters actually.  Corrupt judges can rule documents of proof supporting the victim of financial institution crime won’t be allowed submitted as evidence against the bank and that will be that.

5) Financial institutions like a mafia hit will come after a property that appreciated a lot since the purchase or building. They won’t need a reason or a loan against it to foreclose. All they need is your having an active account with their bank and an agenda of their own.


6) Financial institutions can click one button on a computer and remove all your assets from your account and they’ll never be investigated. Worse yet they know this; you don’t until you realize you’re purposely are being ignored by the government authorities. Why consumers do their banking online today beats me? They are prime for financial institution crime.

7) In fact because of crimes such as I’ve seen committed by a number of financial institutions against my trust and myself, which have continuously and purposely gone unaddressed, I can only surmise that they have become so arrogant over the years to have recorded true facts and in house communication on a CD that can be subpoenaed and will happily be supplied information to the judge, while the judge dismisses these facts.

8) It is my belief that crimes committed by financial institutions against the consumer have become commonplace because “the fort” purposely protects these elite financial criminals from ever being investigated or prosecuted.

9) What’s more these financial institutions have become so arrogant that I believe the next round of lawsuits against these elite powerful criminals should be for emotional abuse, because I don’t believe I’ve seen worse in the sickest of families?

This is the United States of America today.

Lucky me; lucky you my new friend Lisa has come through and paid for our Internet. Yeah!

Thank God for Lisa!

Tomorrow I'll go into detail of what it feels like to be starving and have no food, but what a food bank supplies which is mostly throw away items that could make you sick enough to want to die.

By: Deborah Breuner

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