God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Thursday, August 2, 2012

Heiress Lives In A Tent: Why It’s Not Going To Get Better

Originally posted in Beforeitsnews.com on April 18, 2012


Why are Americans fighting foreclosures with civil lawsuits? This is the question that leaves me stunned. Well it does today knowing what I know. In the past I merely had questions that were never answered by the proper authorities.

One can’t hear them from behind closed doors of secrecy…not that they’re talking to anyone except amognst themselves.

Yes, the authorities want to keep the public confused as to what they should do when a financial institution unlawfully forecloses on their home or embezzles their assets right out of their trust account?

This is federal crime any way you look at it and needs to be addressed by the government authorities. But, the only way you’ll hear this is by finding an ethical attorney who will inform you of this fact. The unethical attorneys will take these cases on; protect the elite criminals and steal what you; their own client has left, committing still more federal crimes.

Because they know the government authorities will not investigate these federal crimes, or the continued federal crimes they are committing against you as your attorney.

Of course we, being the victims to all this continued crime, have no clue about all this corruption until we’re experiencing it all and eventually living in the streets.

The attorney general websites all over the country claim that one of their first priorities is addressing federal crimes and these “practices” used by financial institutions and mortgage companies to foreclose.

In other words civil cases are handled by attorneys; federal crime cases are handled by the state attorney generals, US Attorney General; FBI and multiple government financial watchdogs.

However, these attorney generals aren’t addressing these issues at all leaving victims to have to hire civil law firms to help them instead.

Civil law suits do not handle federal crime. A victim to federal crime should not be dolling out more of their own funds to fight these crimes? They’ll never win and the financial institutions know this from the onset; so do your unethical attorneys; the government authorities and the judge.

Then the lame stream media reports another lie about how the attorney general is cracking down on foreclosures; they don’t bother to mention eighty million dollar embezzlements from a consumer’s trust account.

And, by the way, the public never hears about what the attorney general actually did in their so-called crack down? It’s never mentioned in the news again and the news never reports the attorney generals success in cracking down? Why, because they aren’t cracking down on anything?

They’re lying. How do I know? Well, because eight years ago I found eighty million dollars had been embezzled from my trust account and the attorney general won’t even talk to me about this? And, it’s gone further by allowing a California attorney to commit more federal crime by stealing my two million dollar home on thirty-five acres. I mean blatant mortgage fraud and federal crime, which little Ms. Attorney General Harris claims she’s been working on stopping for the whole sixteen months she’s been in office?

Oh, but the crimes committed against me aren’t important enough to investigate; crimes like embezzlement of my trust account by a number of national financial institutions; outrageous federal crimes committed to foreclose on my three million dollar Sun Valley, Idaho home and more federal crimes committed to take my second two million dollar home in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

I mean these crimes amount to RICO and yet our government authorities won’t investigate, while I’m looking at dying in the streets because of their corruption.

Then take the rest of the public who are struggling through legal hoops to save their homes while unethical attorneys $ judges manipulate the laws to suit the financial institutions? It’s outrageous, when all that needs to be done is for the government authorities to step in and regulate these financial institutions and mortgage companies, which the public actually believes already are? Well their not!

But think about it; a child with the fear of punishment won’t commit the harmless crime once they understand the consequences. It’s a simple truth, but our US Attorney General, state attorney generals; FBI and government financial watchdogs can’t control the financial institutions and mortgage companies?

I’m sorry but the true criminals are the government and lame stream media while we, the American public, are being sold a lying bill of goods.

I’ll just bet you the public at large, who haven’t yet experienced horrendous financial crime committed against them, would like to know the attorney generals and financial watchdogs are purposely not investigating these federal crimes and I can prove my cases with documentation. I also believe the American public would like to know that their tax money is being wasted.

The truth is these government agencies probably use our tax dollars to pay for lunches, vacations and porn sites on the Internet.

As the public we are just as bad if we’re claiming, “Oh well that’s just the way the government is. There’s nothing we can do about it.”

Therefore we can’t be shocked to see this continue.

By: Deborah Breuner

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