God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Heiress Lives In A Tent; How It All Begins

Originally posted on Beforeitsnews.com on April 13, 2012

Chauvinism has not died in this country; it’s just gone underground like the outrageous federal crimes the financial institutions are committing against the consumer, while the government authorities ignore them and the media stands mute, or they lie about what’s really going on.

Being a women and a wealthy one without a devoted family put me in a very precarious position, especially when I made the choice to be a stay-at-home-mother until my daughters were in college.

This is how I understood God’s laws to be at the time, “Charity starts at home.” Who better to influence my beautiful daughter’s minds and hearts than to be there and complete my God given task? How can we expect hired help to do the same task that came to us through the grace of God and love?

Yet the media and society still look down on a woman who does this job, by choice, and does it well without being torn in five different directions, which unfortunately has been forced upon so many mothers today, through no fault of their own.

Again you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t. In fact mothers who must work and complete their task at home, as well, are heroes in my mind. Honestly I don’t know how they do it?

Often times their offspring turn out better perhaps because they must very early in life pitch in and help? I don’t know?

What I do know from experience is my staying at home to raise my girls did no good at all. But, I’ve also learned this is through no fault of my own unless you want to blame me for being born an heiress. That’s okay? I’m use to it. It has been my life-long cross to bear and now poverty is for the same reason.

In fact society in a round about way taught my daughters how to resent their own mother. Why? Well they heard all their lives people whispering about what I had, how spoiled I was and the grown up jealous people in my life call me weak and sick all in the effort to derail who I really was in my soul. All they could see were money signs and what they were going to do to get it for them selves.

My now ex-husband Rick worked for twenty-four years with a couple of national financial institutions to embezzle every cent I had and make sure I lost two multi-million dollar homes unlawfully. These homes were built from scratch and paid for outright by my trust for a couple of hundred thousand dollars and appreciated to be worth millions because of my knowledge of how to purchase real estate that would grow…not Rick’s.

In fact I not only had money but I also have a brain. Rick didn’t like that and so through his jealousy and greed he spent our marriage sociopathically manipulating my demise, while acting as though I was the sunshine of his life.

Somehow he got my once beautiful daughters to go along with it all? It’s the easiest route in their minds. My life is pure hell as they can see. Rick never earned an honest penny in his life; he stole everything he has from me while the banks and other elite financial experts helped him and certainly didn’t do this for free?

Yes, women are still attacked in our society and the easiest target for financial theft since we’re often at home lovingly taking care of our husband, children, dogs and extended family members because we can afford the luxury of this task, unencumbered by the need to work outside the home.

So we don’t have an army of attorneys at our beck and call like a business would. We’re relying on the family attorneys that naturally have a closer relationship with the husband than wife.

It’s chauvinism again and usually this is how one sees it…nothing more sinister.

However the truth is, this chauvinism is far more serious than it appears; it’s an opening for serious financial crime, while the elite criminals i.e. the financial institutions, unethical attorneys, government authorities and local authorities can just brush you off as crazy and hysterical as an excuse to first steal from, and then not investigate. Not that they do anyway, this has been proven over and over again. But, if there were an embezzlement to be done, a woman with no loving protective family would be the first in line to be financially victimized. Being attacked financially, in the minds of the criminal, is just a whole lot easier to get away with. They have an out, which is the mentally ill card, rarely used towards men when they complain.

As a woman reporting these outrageous financial crimes, I suspect one of the reasons we’re totally ignored is because we are mostly reporting to men. So when there’s an attorney general who’s a woman and she ignores you too, what do you call this?

Well it’s chauvinism as well…against their own kind. I’ve seen this in my own family for years. My father embezzled money from my mother using a little different tactic and undiscovered for years. He taught his daughters that their mother was mentally ill, got court orders from his crony judge friends, and had our mother incarcerated, on drugs, in mental hospitals most of their marriage.

I believe today there were many muslin bags of cash left on doorsteps for his accomplishes.

His goal was to get his hands on her assets. What was the method and outcome? Well he managed to turn all her daughters against her using the mentally ill card. I outgrew believing this; my sisters didn’t.

I see the same chauvinism in my once beautiful daughters; it’s as if I’m not a woman as they are or they’re part man and I’m a freak.

The bottom line is greed.

I even think I understand what’s going on very simply. With all the criticism of the mother, based on the underlining greed and so unwarranted, why would a daughter what to relate and be considered mentally ill like their mother? They don’t understand why their father is constantly putting their mother down and mostly behind her back? So they align themselves with their father against their own mother, not realizing his true goal…their father is embezzling money from their mother and to hide this continuing act he must convince the world that his wife is nuts in the effort to not only divert her possible discovery but to circumvent anyone believing her should she uncover the nasty deed.

Unbelievably the same fate of embezzlement struck my great aunt’s life as well and many heiresses known to the world before me.

And, our government sets the example. They did nothing back in the early 1900s for my aunt. In my mother’s case, 1950s, years had to pass after her death before I understood what really happened to her? Actually I discovered her plight along with mine.

The government authorities to which we pay our taxes for protection from federal financial crime will not investigate these horrific crimes the financial institutions are committing against anyone.

But I assure you the victims who are women become victims first and the last to be heard when there’s a problem. Then they’re called crazy when they insist something is wrong and ignored some more.

The layperson goes to jail or prison for all of these financial crimes including driving an unregistered car.

The elite criminals running our country or others who belong to the posse can murder someone; embezzle millions of dollars; bribe a judge; and they’ll get away with it.

In fact the authorities will protect them while getting large muslin bags of cash dropped off on their doorsteps.

The truth is the government authorities as well as local authorities should be arrested for Larry and my attempted murder; anyone else would be in the private sector. Soon it may be murder from the elements and starvation, but I'm confident you'll never hear about it, when it occurs.

 For eleven years we have been trying to get our constitutional and human rights met; an investigation into serious federal crime, committed by a number of national financial institutions, against my trust and myself plus the continued federal crimes that destroyed Larry and my business.

You are doing business with these financial institutions everyday and don't know the crimes they have committed.

If our authorities did their jobs in this country, prosecuting the criminals, we’d be living in a totally different world.

But, they don’t and therefore our world of crime is getting far worse. In fact based on what I’ve seen and experienced the banks have free reign to embezzle funds and foreclose on homes anytime they want to, using any method they choose.

And, you could be next unless we all work together to raise awareness.

By: Deborah Breuner

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