God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Saturday, July 21, 2012

Heiress Lives In A Tent: Here's A Way To Fix Americas' Problems.

Originally posted in Beforeitsnews.com on April 15, 2012


In spite of what I’ve figured out about the horrendous crimes committed against my trust and me, and the likely involvement of my whole family in collusion with a few financial institutions to commit these crimes, I’m still shocked.

I am aware they all want me dead so they’ll never have to look at me in the face. And, that’s fine I accept this.

I mean it’s not like I had a trust with millions of dollars socked away in it until I was of age? No, I had control of these assets from the time I was eighteen years old, made investments into three properties where my now ex-husband and I built three homes from scratch over our marriage. My trust paid for and owned these properties because I needed tax breaks.

Plus, as my then husband, Rick would say, “If anything were to happen to me the properties should be in your name. This way I know you and the kids will at least have a roof over your heads.”

Right! Then twenty-four years later he’s manipulatively trying to murder me? And, I do get why and all about ugly jealousy and greed. I understand that my whole blood group is probably consistent with people I’ll never see again in my lifetime. I accept this too.

I even understand the corruption in our government and media, which I feel is actually responsible for the huge problem Larry and I live with today, along with many other Americans, all because they refuse to address serious federal financial crime the financial institutions are committing against their own customers.

But what strikes me most at the moment, after all Larry and I have been through, because of greed and continued unaddressed federal financial crimes is the way we are treated?

I mean we are hovering over death’s door; starving; have been for at least a week now. It’s hard to keep track of the days? It’s like the more difficult our challenges become the more cruel people are?


If we were lying on the ground I’m confident people would either step over us or turn around and walk the other way. It depends on whether they’re full of denial or just plain cruel as to which way they’d choose to respond.

On top of all these issues born from corruption Larry and I have lost all our ability to take care of ourselves. Well we did hang in there for over eleven years with only the occasional angel stepping in, and there were some to whom we will be forever grateful. They each relieved pain temporarily; lent cash; or leaped to unbelievable efforts to help us, when otherwise we would have been doomed years ago. But, one can’t expect these friends to help over and over again to their own demise?

Yet, victims of outrageous life altering crimes need help and they need it from where it’s supposed to come, which in our case would be the government authorities. Instead, we’ve been forced to limp along with our credit criminally destroyed by federal financial crimes; unable to retain employment because of the unlawfully destroyed credit; selling our belongings so we can eat; haven’t and don’t qualify for government assistance and we’re homeless and penniless because of these crimes, which the government authorities continue to ignore.

In any other circumstances this is considered emotional abuse and there have been many books written on the subject.

One of the most abusive acts one can commit against a victim of any crime is deny them the right to be heard.

 Additionally neither Larry nor I have family, because my family has been part of the crimes and they want me dead. Larry’s family I believe feels he shouldn’t be with someone with as many problems as I have, so they have exiled him from their lives.

Tell me how are we supposed to survive?

And, this brings up another subject. In my blood group I’m considered the big problem; a mental case; while my whole family has stolen and manipulated my loving, giving personality for forty years as they embezzled funds from me right out of my trust account and the financial institutions involved adjusted account statements to keep me in the dark. When I figured out just what was going on I was then exiled and called mentally ill?

Sociopathic criminals are so interesting aren’t they? Making sure they get away with their plans of crime they need to divert attention to a completely different issue, often not true, so they can get away with their criminal acts. When they’re questioned, about to get caught, their defense is usually, “No I didn’t do that she’s nuts, crazy and needs to be in a mental facility. Don’t believe a word she says, she’s delusional.” If you, the victim to this outrageous betrayal, don’t go to the mental facility and allow yourself to believe there’s something wrong with you, then you’ll be exiled from the family.

We’ve heard about and watched the Sunny von Bülow tragedy unfold publically while her husband was accused of trying to murder her as she lay in a coma. It is true he was exonerated, but nevertheless from what I’ve personally seen as an heiress worth eighty million dollars these tragedies occur for two reasons… jealousy and greed. And, there are few heiresses who haven’t had tragic lives always concerning their assets.

Just because no one was ever convicted for trying to murder Sunny doesn’t mean that she in fact wasn’t a victim to jealousy and greed and what happened to her was a result of this… plain old murder covered up. In the end she was accused of overdosing on drugs and did what she did to herself. This most probably was again the transference of blame. And, if she was in fact on drugs by her own hand, this too I consider to be a murder, because wealthy women are treated like they’re less, than deserving of dirt, by the people who claim to love and care for them. Few humans can survive the emotional abuse forever.

Convenient answers to these tragedies and always the same as if it were a proven formula, heiress + husband not as wealthy = heiress dies of drug overdose, suicide or drowns while scuba diving with her beloved husband of twenty-four years. Heiress was crazy of course. Three daughters, a husband and six grandchildren survive her.

Unfortunately for my family, I mean blood group, I’m very ornery and in spite of their continued efforts to murder me I keep on moving like the ever-ready bunny.

First my now ex-husband, while we were in our twenty-fourth year of a happy marriage tried to drown me? I survived. Then my whole family gathered around to have me committed to a mental hospital? I escaped and survived. Interestingly I had never been considered mentally ill in my life until I escaped my husband’s attempt on my life. The mentally ill card came up when I accused him of trying to murder me. When none of these tactics worked at killing me off all the mafia style financial hits started and ended with my finding out that my trust had been embezzled to the tune of eighty million dollars. And to my family’s disappointment this should have caused me to commit suicide, but it didn’t. To give this possibility a fighting chance they exiled me to die in the streets. This hasn’t worked so far. In fact I have instead, along with my partner, Larry decided to do the one thing we both, at this point, have left.

That is to write. One doesn’t need good credit to write.

We think of it as God’s plan to help society by exposing the government authorities, for which we pay our taxes to protect us from financial abuse, but they’re not doing their jobs while the media stands mute.

Does this bother you as you consider perhaps your family or yourself being treated this way after being destroyed by financial crimes committed by your financial institution? Do we need someone to speak up; make it their mission to expose this?

Would all of society consider not paying their income taxes with a note, “We’ll pay this when we start getting protected from federal financial crimes committed by the financial institutions and all the other government agencies start doing their work.”

They can’t arrest us if every single US citizen decided to do this. I’d even reckon the lame stream media would pick the story up. What do you think?

If you think these crimes haven’t attacked all of society yet then just look at all the websites devoted to the unlawful foreclosures in this country. If our government authorities were doing their jobs there wouldn’t be unlawful criminal foreclosures as there are today and getting worse. Financial Institutions would be scared to death to commit these outrageous crimes.

Well after eleven years of constant battle to get the federal financial crimes committed against both Larry and me in the end investigated by the proper authorities the most involved correspondence I’ve ever received from a government authority states and I paraphrase, “an eighty million dollar embezzlement isn’t important enough to investigate.”

Today Larry and my battles are about surviving; get my four-part memoir sold and our screenplays in the right hands. And, writing articles that inform the public about what is very likely going on in their financial institution?

Our challenge now is how to feed our selves every moment we’re alive until the publisher calls?

Previous campground friends kindly brought us some food from a food bank their church works with; it’s up to us to call the church now and hopefully get on their list of recipients for delivered food once a week? We don’t know yet?

What’s more I’ve looked up all the other organizations that feed the homeless and penniless and few deliver; most want you to prove you have a California driver’s license, which neither Larry nor I do. Ours are from Colorado. Others want you to drive to them and be fed once a week after standing in line for two to three hours. We can’t drive our truck at the moment with expired tags and can’t afford to register the truck for new ones.

Our options are few.

We have already lived over a week on food bank donations and as grateful as we are to have it, we’re left starving all the time, because we’re eating things we have never eaten in our lives and do not crave them. We have no butter, meat, chips, crackers, cheese or sweets of any kind….only crushed cans of vegetables, and things one would never eat without mixing it with something, such as evaporated milk and tuna? We do have bread, bags of sprouted baby mushrooms, snow peas, grapefruit and broccoli. Believe me all these things would be great if you could create something with them but you can’t if you want to eat anything edible. Basically we’re loading up on fuel that lacks one ounce of pleasure going down.

To top this off both Larry and I have become instant teetotalers that don’t smoke.

Up until two weeks ago we at least had our tobacco, boxed wine and great food, while we’d spend hours going through the sales over the Internet before we’d shop. We could eat for two weeks on seventy dollars. Being locked out of our storage unit isn’t the worst thing in the world, they’re usually very nice and allow us to get in there and sell something so we can pay them. But, we can no longer get there to go through this routine, unless I still had clothes to sell? I don’t.

This is all gone now, but we’re not giving up; we needed to quit smoking anyway; the hunger pains go away with drinking lots of water and writing keeps me focused on the goal.

The government and media need to be exposed again; this time dealt with.

Is there a movie star out there who’d like to take the US government authorities’ corruption on instead of flying off to Bulla Bulla to help them?

By: Deborah Breuner

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