God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Friday, April 20, 2012

What Happened To Ethics, Morals $ Integrity?

March 31, 2012

Here’s an interesting question to ponder if it doesn’t scare you too much to analyze?

 “ Is our United States of America in such financial ruin that the government is sanctioning embezzlement from consumers’ accounts, safely stowed away in financial institutions and insured to a degree, in order to beef up their own bottom line?”

Does it bother you that Obama bails out the financial institutions after hearing a story like mine? I assure you I’m not the only victim. What has happened to me is a metaphor to what is happening to the rest of society.

Never mind the insured part because if theft of your assets should occur in your financial institution, the government authorities will never investigate so these are just words of faith that mean nothing.

It’s another lie the lame stream and alternative media will shout across the airways, while you’re eating your breakfast. But, by the time you hit the freeway, on your way to work, feeling all comfy and cozy with confidence that your funds are safe, because you just heard the news about another scoundrel caught in a ponzi scheme and the financial institution involved will be investigated too, corruption is actually taking over.

Oh, the news claimed they were being investigated but eventually the sacrificial lamb will be sentenced to prison and the financial institution involved will be doing business as usual with their customers’ funds. There won’t be another word spoken.

This is what is called in Magician language as the sleight of hand.

I’ve learned an interesting fact about myself over the last sixty-three years of my life. What happens to me has always been an indicator and metaphor to what happens to others. And, for whatever reason things always happen to me first.

Thank God!

I actually hate this fact, because when experiences touch my life that no one else in my circle of friends and acquaintances have experienced yet, I’m looked upon with an attitude, “For heaven’s sake what did you do to create that?”

Well at this point I do understand because the, government controlled, media has convinced most of the public, with their outright lies including subliminal messages, that anything bad that happens to us is our own damn fault.

This is the Magician language again, the sleight of hand.

We’ve also been convinced that we have choices of belonging to the liberal, conservative, libertarian or independent parties, as we rally together over our perspective candidate who promises to change the state of what is happening to this country.

This once more is Magician language and more sleight of hand ideals.

From what I’ve seen and experienced we the American public are being sold a bill of goods while there really aren’t any differences in political parties. All the politicians, the government and financial institutions are working together to take over this country in order to benefit themselves. The law is turning a blind eye and most probably earning multiple muslin bags of cash to do this?

Ask yourselves, “Why do most politicians start out with nothing and within just a short time they’re rolling in assets?”

The American public is already standing in bread lines, or living on food stamps. They have lost their homes through unlawful foreclosures. Horrendous embezzlements are taking place, by our financial institutions, and going unaddressed by the government authorities.

Yes, there are some of us who are benefiting from what “The Fort” is doing to the American public. These are the businesses, very often-new ones that are sitting in the wings waiting for the opportunity to reap the rewards from the consequences of the outrageous federal crimes committed against the rest of us. They’re purchasing our precious heirlooms and belongings, for pennies on the dollar, items they would otherwise not be able to afford. They’re either reselling or hoarding them for themselves, thinking they just made a killing.

The fact is they’re living off a band-aid.

They think they’re saving themselves from the economy; gathering treasures they’ve always wanted and can now afford by taking advantage of those whom are suffering.

However, soon there will be no buyers for these ill-gotten treasures and today’s vultures will be giving their stash away tomorrow, because they can’t afford to pay the storage costs.

All the while the financial institutions continue to commit financial federal crimes against the consumer; the authorities purposely ignore them; government demands more taxes and bails out the banks and the corrupt politicians are becoming wealthier every year.

The lame stream and alternative media will be, as they are now, using Magician language to deter the public from the truth.

I believe we’ve already realized that there is no candidate for the upcoming election that will turn this country around.

Until our leaders are elected and appointed using ethics, morals and integrity as the rule of thumb to run the United States of America, we are doomed.

By: Deborah Breuner


  1. Everything in this post is EXACTLY true. I know, because it's happening to me too.

  2. Hi! Louie,

    Thank you for your comments and support. Be sure to tune into radio Dec 13, 2012 in evening called, "Voice Of Humanity" See video with details on front page of my blog:>) Talk to you soon.

    God Bless,