God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Friday, April 20, 2012

15 Reasons We Should Impeach Them All

March 27, 2012

From my experience, all 63 years of it, this country of ours is being run by a group of corrupt, morally bankrupt, evil, apathetic and greedy professional politicians…sociopaths. These “Public Service” spouting scam artists are systematically destroying this once great land of opportunity. It has become a nation of Schadenfreuden.

Until they are all IMPEACHED and run out of town on a rail, this country has no chance of survival.

In my particular case, after a good twelve years of battle, to merely get a government authority to investigate outrageous crimes committed against my trust, my partner, Larry, our business and myself I can share only what has happened to us.

But, from what we’ve seen and experienced the public should be scared out of their minds.

Honestly, we need to stop listening to the experts who have all the global advice as to how to invest safely or what’s going on about anything other than addressing the federal crimes being committed by “The Fort.”

I do not fault these experts in most cases; they may not have seen the crimes Larry and I have seen and experienced. They write and report based on their highly regarded education from the best schools and college’s in the nation or Europe. But, their advice won't work in a climate of crime.

First of all almost all the politicians who run our country, are first and foremost attorneys, and there couldn’t be a more dishonest group of professionals on this earth nor could there be anyone more crafty at getting around laws, already in place to protect the public. Do you know how they do it? No trick really, they just arrogantly ignore the laws because they know no one will hold them accountable.

How do they do this? Well I can only report by my personal experience and this is what I’ve seen.

1) An attorney will take on a client for the express reason of stalling statutes in a case or to protect the criminal who committed actual crimes against you. If they happen to be aware that you’re unsophisticated about legal issues, then they’ll really go to town, if they’re unethical with an agenda. In my experience, out of at least twenty attorneys and law firms I’ve hired, two were marginally honest. If I had found them in the beginning, perhaps they may have helped but by the time I did retain them, they also had to protect the last unethical attorney who represented my trust and me. This is a fact.

2) An attorney, when they want to hide something will start with claiming, “attorney client privilege” crap to almost any question their own client may ask. They can get around just about any issue this way.

3) An attorney will protect the criminals they are supposed to be suing for you, their own client, by minimizing what they write in their complaints filed with the court on your behalf. If you happen to be smart enough to notice they’ll lie about why they have done this, saying, “we’ll get to that in the second and third amended complaint, don’t worry.” They’ll withhold documents that support your claim from the judge. This is how your own attorney can keep your case out of court. You aren't invited to these court hearings with the judge. All the while, the defendant’s counsel is probably dropping muslin bags of cash off on the plaintiff attorney’s doorstep? But, you can’t prove this of course. You haven’t got the slightest idea about what’s going on? You just feel “icky in your tummy.” You know something is up? But, what?

4) An attorney can concoct fake letters, trying to prove they were written years earlier in their laboratory of a law office, as a way to temporarily relieve themselves from being discovered to have committed a crime against their own client. They’ll then send a copy of these fake letters to your current attorney. You’re current attorney will respond to your outrage, “Well you can’t prove this…never mind.”

5) When you, the client, are trying to retain an attorney he/she will, if they want your case, concur with all the injustices that have attacked you. They’ll even put their thoughts in writing and send e-mail after e-mail documenting these facts, as this potential counsel calls them. As soon as you’ve hired he/she they’ll turn on you, their own client, like a viper, claiming you haven’t got a case at all, when you know that you do. But, you can’t fire them because you’ll end up having to give them everything else you own just to get rid of them.

6) An attorney will lie to you, his/her potential new client, about statutes on your case, scaring you to death, so you’ll sign his/her contingency fee contract within eight hours of receiving it, thereby releasing your right as a client to seek another law firm to review the contract with your new attorney who’s a criminal unbeknownst to you, yet. Your new attorney usually does this when his contract is legally unconscionable; knows you’re scared to death; have no money but lots of assets like real estate; have no family because your own family has committed many of the crimes that give you reason to hire the damn attorney in the first place.

7) An attorney will make this contract at least thirty pages long knowing all along you as, his/her potential client, won’t have a chance to review it well enough to absorb the reality of it, and he/she will do this on a Sunday. Then write an e-mail stating, “If you don’t sign and return this contract today, I’ll put your file away.” He/She will say on the phone, “ and you’ll lose your home to foreclosure within days if you don’t.” Within this vast number of pages of your contract there’s a clause that basically says, “If I commit any malpractice against you; you can’t sue me; it will be settled at arbitration.” This clause might as well say, "This conflict will be settled in arbitration in front of one of my criminal buddies, so I'll be assured to get away with anything I want."

8)  Hence for the next almost two years that this monster represents you he’ll not subpoena any documents or account statements from the financial institution suspected of embezzling eighty million dollars from your trust account. He/She will do no depositions or interrogatories on two separate cases involving financial fraud and federal crime. He/She will drop defendants from the complaint and lie as to why and say, ”We’re next in line kiddo.”  He/She will arrogantly torture you in e-mails with threats; laugh in your face when you bring, as a client, to his/her attention that you now recognize the crimes he/she is committing against your cases.

9) Then within just a month of the discovery time being up on one of your cases, he/she will arrogantly and unlawfully withdraw from representing you; sue you in four different states five hundred thousand dollars in bogus costs; lie to you about what happened to your eighty million dollar trust case, when in fact he/she didn’t show up in court for a hearing, and the judge dismissed the case, by lying or manipulating the words he/she used in the order of dismissal, copied to you. Besides this your attorney filed the case in the wrong court. Apparently on purpose since he’s an expert on trusts for over thirty years. The court records show the truth, your attorney never showed in court.

10)   Finally your own attorney will evict you from your two plus million dollar home; steal a million dollars of your belongings and take almost every cent of your settlement with the bank, leaving you now homeless and penniless. The new attorneys hired on at the last minute will say, “Don’t worry the state bar will take care of that criminal attorney who has done this to you.”

11)    Every attorney you may hire after this to fix the mess will most likely be paid cash under the table, bundled up in muslin bags, to protect the attorney who scammed you. Did you know that in most Professional Rules of Conduct annihilation issues the incoming attorney must turn the offending attorney into the state bar?  They don’t. But, mostly the legal actions that are left won’t appeal to other attorneys because of the bogus liens against the cases in spite of the fact these liens are also against the law.

12)  When your own offending attorney wants to stop an investigation concerning his/her actions on a case, for the client, the client is sent on a wild goose chase that keeps them occupied and not questioning their attorneys’ actions.

13)   In my case, it was to have me gather a mountain of documents and compile reports on Larry and my business. He knew that this would keep me busy for days and out of his hair. Then, when I sent them to him, overnight via UPS; 10 minutes after he signed for this 25-pound box of paper, he sends an e-mail stating, “Just like I thought there’s nothing here”. Even Doctor Reid on Criminal Minds could not read that much paperwork in 10 minutes.

14)   The government authorities and state bars also directed and managed by attorneys will ignore all these ethical violations and federal crimes from behind closed doors of secrecy. What’s worse, independently wealthy, women without families aren’t the only victims. This happens to highly- educated-in-financial-matters businessmen too.

15)  Ladies and gentlemen this is exactly how the United States of America is governed. Like an attorney they will tell you anything you want to hear to get elected; once in office they pretend like they never claimed a thing. When caught in a lie, as an attorney often is, they will compound the lie with more lies. If this doesn’t work out they’ll just direct everyone’s attention elsewhere.

The above is just a sample of the millions of reasons why our leaders today should all be impeached and in most cases jailed for treason. Before we can do this Americans must open their eyes and pay attention.

We must all stop rationalizing with, “Well that’s just the way attorneys and government do things.  There’s nothing we can do.”

By: Deborah Breuner

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  1. I'm very familiar with the wink and a nod to get something unethical done. I saw it in Dane County Wisconsin during the County Sales tax debate back in 1990-1992. I KNOW their liars. I heard it with my own ears.
    And I've been scammed by attorney's - but not this bad. I guess I was lucky in that respect. My hunch is that no one in government wants to risk their job by attempting to open this "can of worms" and possibly embarrassing someone of importance. Meanwhile the innocent are screwed...
    MAYBE someone in government with some GUTS will take this bull by the horns and get this taken care of. Good luck.