God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Heiress Lives In A Tent: Then $ Now

From the day I was born I was an heiress. Many would surmise a “spoiled little brat,” and so I deserve having all my assets stolen, because of this attitude I saw growing up coming from the friends and acquaintances I possessed.

There wasn’t a particular personality trait that I exhibited to earn my title of “spoiled little brat.” No, it was stamped on my backside because of the mere fact that I was born a Breuner and my father owned a very established lucrative furniture business in Northern California, Reno and Arizona.  My mother owned an eighty thousand acre sheep ranch in Roseville, California.

My family didn’t just reach their hands out and take; they worked hard through three generations to create these businesses, yet there was no respect just jealousy. This jealousy landed on my little soul staring as early as I can recall. I was three years old when I started to feel the pain.

Yes, I felt pain because I was often treated as if I had leprosy; my friends would treat me well if they wanted something. The rest of the time I was criticized for breathing. When this kind of treatment starts early in one’s life it is truly very confusing and causes an interesting response from the victim.

You subconsciously work harder than humanly possible to be perfect in the effort to offset the painful criticism. Your goal? Well that would be to finally be appreciated and loved. At the same time you do not understand jealousy or it’s wrath. It seems such a benign harmless word.

Well its not, my many years of life have taught me, and jealousy is actually at the bottom of what is going on in our United States of America, the land of opportunity.

The general attitude is, you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t. But, if you do, give it to me.

Our government actually displays jealousy of any American who can prosper by working very hard; they want it all and they’ll take whatever they can from the public however way they can achieve this.

What a metaphor everyday life is to what started at the top by…our government and the media twisting our minds with blame…it’s all your fault Mr. and Mrs. Public.

In fact my whole life has been a metaphor to what our government is doing to the public.

Just like Americans today are working harder and harder to make it and getting nowhere, I worked my ass off to create and take care of what belonged to me.

I’ve always believed, “Charity starts at home.”  If we all take care of our own backyard what a beautiful world we would be living in.

Because I was fortunate enough to have my own personal financial security, I opted to be a stay at home mom and actually put my hard work into doing whatever I could to tend to my marriage; raise the next generation of ethical, moral human beings who would display integrity; be assets to society, and take care of myself so I’d have the energy to accomplish my goals. My career would come second.

Yet, I was criticized for my philosophy, which caused me to work harder.

My family never took off for the day without being nutritiously fed; my now ex-husband didn’t live a day without a love note in his pocket; my children received the same in their lunches. Then I’d tidy up our beautiful home; our family foundation of love, which I decorated with talent creating a nest of security.

By eleven AM I was often in the grocery store purchasing the best and healthiest food money could buy; at noon I might be having lunch with either my husband or a treasured friend; at two-thirty PM I’d be picking up my daughters from school and off we’d go to a girl scout meeting where I was the den leader. Or, I was dropping these beautiful daughters of mine at dance lessons; art classes; ski practice; needed tutoring and doctor appointments. And, I’d never just leave them alone; I’d sit and observe; cheer them on or comfort their pain. I did the same for our many precious dogs.

If we spent the weekends at home, my daughters and I spent hours together after a gourmet breakfast I’d lovingly create from my participation in many cooking classes I took over the years, just chatting about anything that came to mind.

My then husband would rarely partake, but instead go to work, I thought?

Sometimes I assumed my husband was just jealous of the relationship I had with my daughters? I’d counter this with creating surprise romantic rendezvous in the middle of the day for him. No matter what, we’d go out to dinner on Thursday night just the two of us and took two vacations a year without the girls just to renew our love. I was reading everything I could get my hands on to learn how to have a loving and supportive marriage and family life.

My husband Rick, as I look back today, and unbeknownst to be at the time, was a liberal minded ass that wanted something for nothing and called himself a conservative? What’s worse the conservatives in political office and those vying to take office are today “liberal conservatives” if this could even be considered a term of description?

But lets carry on with my “spoiled little brat” life.

When my husband, daughter’s or family’s birthdays rolled around, I’d throw a huge event to celebrate the milestone. I did this for my in-laws as well for their wedding anniversaries. I’d prepare all the food, decorate; hire entertainment and create the invitations from scratch…even write poems having them printed on the invites.

I was hostess for most holiday and graduation dinners, which included hours of preparation for twenty-four family members and close friends… at least five times a year.

Only rarely did I have these events catered, though I could afford it, because I liked working and creating for the people I loved. If I did hire help, I still did ninety percent of the cooking.

As the dutiful wife of an executive, while my husband was president of the Young President’s Organization (YPO) I was the “hostess with the mostess” as I took on a full-time job as an event planner… not skipping a beat as a wife and mother. I did this for Rick’s business as well.

Our family vacations, which I planned through hours on the phone making reservations, entailed snow skiing, water skiing and sailing. Sometimes trips to Washington DC so my daughters could learn about American history.

In between all this I took classes on just about any subject one could imagine except accounting… my mistake obviously.

I exercised everyday; took my vitamins and learned to meditate. One of my personal loves in life was conservatively adding to my beautiful wardrobe, twice a year, spending my own money to do so. My other love concerning family was taking photographs, after being highly educated in photography at the Center of Creative Studies in Detroit.

I got criticized for this. In fact as I grew, accomplished and grew some more, I got criticized still further. Not for what I gave to family and friends, but for the two weaknesses that showed…my love of fashion and photography. I have many other weaknesses, but these weren’t brought to my attention.

Why? Well then the people I loved would have to go without my undying love, attention and codependence. They would have to continue to fake they’re appreciation until I died. They needed my assets sooner than this.

I did not raise my children in a religion, but by the Bible. But, the sociopathic behavior of their father won over God? This is pretty scary. And, exactly what has happened between our government and the people. The government being the devil.

God did not bless me with a wonderful husband and beautiful children so I could ignore them for my own selfish needs. Interestingly my needs were not separate from the joy my family gave me.

When my daughters, all but one, got married I spent a whole year on each of them creating the most beautiful weddings anyone could imagine. I followed their dreams for such, not mine.

After my first grandson, Clayton was born I threw myself into grand-mothering with the same zest I took as a wife and mother, while at the same time creating a fashion design company born out of eighteen years of mentoring with a Parsons of New York professor of fashion design…in the extra hours I had left when my family was busy at work or school.

What did I accomplish with all my hard work? Well I’ve earned the right to be murdered and embezzled from, by my own family and financial institutions, while the US government authorities sanction this with their own agenda. An eighty million dollar embezzlement can benefit many, wouldn’t you say?

Is this not what our government is doing to the whole of society?

Could this all stem from greed and jealousy?

Today when I wake up in the morning I’m in a tent with mud all over the plastic floors. I’ve been here for two years; been homeless and penniless since 2007. Not so much because my family and a few financial institutions together embezzled my assets and criminally destroyed my credit, but mostly because our government authorities will not purposely investigate these crimes or the financial institutions involved.

The suspect financial institutions, are National Bank of Detroit (now Chase), Paine Webber and Shearson Lehman.

Therefore, crime has become America’s past time. Why not, it pays to be a criminal.

I have no idea what my family is doing as they enmesh themselves into obscurity, refusing to communicate with me. I believe my third daughter has gotten married? I have five more grandchildren? How have I found out? Thank God for gossip and the Internet.

Meanwhile, I spend every last minute of my life now, along with my precious Sweetie, Larry and our adorable weenie dog Bu Bu struggling to figure out how to survive…begging anyone we can find to buy our belongings for pennies on the dollar so we can eat. We now have no vehicle; often go without food or clean water to drink; can’t retain employment between the two of us because the continuing federal crimes destroyed Larry’s fine credit too. We once shared a flourishing design business together.

We have no medical insurance; don’t qualify for social security or Medicaid; no money to pay for the storage unit, holding the last of the treasures worth selling and most of the legal documents, unless we sell something…usually at the last minute before we’ll be foreclosed upon. So normally we have to pay fines for being late.

Bu Bu, who’s a very unusual and rare weenie dog because of his color, could be studded out for puppies, but there’s no Dachshund kennels near by, within walking distance, where we could take him.

To add insult to injury, we can’t afford the rent in the campground where we reside. The only reason we’re not living in our unregistered, double seated, truck is because the campground owner believes in the grueling efforts both Larry and I have put into our writing…my memoir and Larry and my three screenplays, which we’re spending our extra time doing all we can to sell. Our work won’t only help us but all Americans who have a bank account.

Not to mention there hasn’t been a day pass since 2001 that I haven’t written a government authority about all this financial crime, while I’m ignored with at the most a form letter; at the least no response at all?

On top of this we’ve been arrested for past due registration on our vehicle; dealt with a fire in our tent from electrical overload; drenched suitcases and clothing from downpours of rain; computer breakdowns; no money for our cell phone and when we do the cell phone doesn’t work unless we’re out on the main road.

What’s worse people often treat us as if we’re less than or criminals, while our government pardons murderers?

Yes, call me a “spoiled little brat” or what people often addressed me as I grew older, “rich bitch” while I never fell back on my inheritance, but instead, like my ancestors before me, shared, worked, created, loved and worked some more.

I’m sorry but this is f—king barbaric and I’m still working my ass off, while the laziest in society mostly government workers, sit around with their hands out watching porn like those who work for the SEC. Oh, just like our government.

The saddest part of all is there has not been, in over eleven years, one liberal or conservative politician holding a seat of leadership that will do anything to help. I understand the liberal; liberals in general don’t honor ethics, morals or integrity and often don’t believe in God.

In my experience their belief is, “If you get caught then shame on you.” So in other words commit crimes as long as you become an expert at getting away with them. Do they teach their children this?

Unfortunately, many conservatives today, holding positions of power in our government or otherwise, have become very liberal in their thinking. Obviously this is a problem and the reason I’ll no longer call myself a Republican. I’m a conservative, in all it’s true meaning, which states I have ethics, morals and integrity. I believe in God and honor the United States of America Constitution…no longer important today.

The scenario I’ve dealt with all my life within the circle of love ones, friends and acquaintances is exactly how our government treats the public if anyone should prosper at all in any way.

This quote below states in plain English exactly what Americans do and don’t have today?

Excellence is a better teacher than mediocrity. The lessons of the ordinary are everywhere. Truly profound and original insights are to be found only in studying the exemplary.

                                                                                                             Warren G. Bennis

How is exemplary described today? Someone who’s never led a parade; refuses to address where they were born; walks, runs and demonstrates bodily ticks that indicate he’s a sociopath; shows up on celebrity talk shows; refuses to order investigations into financial crimes and unlawful foreclosures committed against the consumer; bails out financial institutions, many of which have committed federal financial crimes against their customers; doesn’t know how to manage financial books or tell the truth about anything.

We the people of the United States of America get to arise to this?

By: Deborah Breuner

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