God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Friday, April 20, 2012

US Justice Anthony M. Kennedy...I called him Tony.

March 28, 2012

When I was very young I use to dance at the knees of Justice Anthony “Tony” Kennedy. This would usually take place on New Years Eve at Lake Tahoe in my parent’s cabin near Brockway right next to the California/ Nevada state line called Cal Neva.

I recall just once skiing with him, my sister, Kitty, her then boyfriend, Gerard, and a few others at Alpine Meadows. But once I whipped passed their group on the mountain I didn’t see them again until four PM and time to leave. I was out skiing my sister Kitty by the time I was six years old. For no other reason than I loved the sport and I don’t believe she did? She prefered, along with her many friends to dress in Bogner ski wear and sit in the bars.

In all honesty, I didn’t think much about Tony Kennedy good or bad? Actually I’d probably have never noticed him had he not been so tall; wearing glasses; uppity; mingling with other teenagers much shorter, wearing no glasses.

I recall thinking glasses odd when he was so young; what was odder still he loved himself, when if I were he in my mind then I’d be embarrassed to be caught dead in glasses? I’m not sure I realized that I was much younger than Tony? But, I am by twelve years and today I appreciate this.

Tony Kennedy back between the middle fifties to late sixties was one of my older sister Kitty’s many friends that she’d bring up to our cabin on Lake Tahoe.

My mother called these events “house parties,” while she cooked two huge meals a day for all of us. Sometimes she’d be cooking for up to thirty quests per meal for a week after the holidays.  For many years most of the guests in number were Kitty’s friends; she was the teenager; my two older sisters were married and often not around at Tahoe; I was growing up from a child in the midst of juicy things to watch.

I could see Mother was truly in her glory over these grand but casual events.

Being the youngest of four sisters I had learned early in my life to watch and observe in order to get information. If I wanted the truth about anything I could ask Mother and she’d tell me, leaving out anything unpleasant; Dad would lie; my sisters hated me from the day I was born, which I could feel, so I wouldn’t even consider asking them for an opinion on much of anything.

Oddly my sister Kitty’s friends loved me. When they’d all show up at Tahoe for these house parties I had so much positive attention and fun it was difficult to return to Sacramento and my friends; closer to my age.

 Of course back in those years all I wanted in life was to be exactly like my sister Kitty. I thought she was the most beautiful human being on this planet, but first I had to earn her love.

How this played into these huge house parties my mother put on would probably be a psychiatrist’s next major study for which he or she would win the Pulitzer Prize?

One of Kitty’s friends, standing out predominantly today in my memory, was Tim Kennedy, Tony Kennedy’s brother. He made me laugh until I was doubled over in pain. He was nothing like Tony, but instead, brighter, heavier; very nice and I believe older? He was also an attorney. I recall attending his wedding with my parents. The next I heard he had died in Hawaii in a tragic accident during the honeymoon?

I find it interesting today that on Wikipedia, Timothy Francis Kennedy and CalBar number 39204 isn’t even mentioned in Tony Kennedy’s personal history? I know he had a brother; I met and laughed with him. What I don’t know is if the above deceased attorney is Justice Anthony M. Kennedy’s brother. I think he is? I can find nothing else written about him?

What I find curious and a metaphor that gives answers about Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, “Why in the world would you pretend you’re an only child? Have you hoped that eventually no one would ever know your brother Tim ever lived?”

I believe the American public should know the answer to this. Tony Kennedy runs our lives, ruling on laws, while he can’t for some reason deal with his brother’s death openly?  If this is the case, say so. But, to obviously hide that his brother even existed say’s way too much?

I must say, now with my age and experience, that like the government authorities ignore victims of serious financial crime, with form letters directing them elsewhere for years refraining from even mentioning the crimes, that their purpose is to eventually bury the fact that the crimes occurred at all?

Their goal is to eventually see the victims questioning themselves?

Is Tony Kennedy burying his brother from ever existing so he’ll shine above him?

If you’ve learned anything about me through the latest articles I’ve written for Before It’s News you understand the importance of metaphor in my life. Often times metaphors are the only way I can find the truth amidst so many untruths told for various reasons within my family and elsewhere because of greed I would eventually find out.

And, when one is talking about millions and millions of dollars protected in a trust under a twenty-five year old woman’s name, whose parents are deceased, and her sisters extremely jealous of her, the metaphor is disaster, so I would eventually find out too.

If I hadn’t met, laughed and danced with Tim Kennedy I might be questioning if he ever lived? I am questioning what I remember otherwise?

Again I’m not a political person nor do I believe in any political party today. They are all full of greed and corruption. I believe that anyone who holds a place in this country as a leader better have ethics, morals and integrity as their personal creed or they shouldn’t even run for or be appointed to any position of leadership.

Because I didn’t understand metaphors well enough back in 1969 when my parent’s died I allowed Anthony “Tony” Kennedy Esq. to be my attorney. If my memory serves me correctly his brother Tim had already died or I know I would have chosen him over Tony, because by this time I was twenty years old and Tony Kennedy scared me. I was thinking this was true because he was a big old muckity-muck who Reagan admired, and I was just the little mother at home with two infant daughters. What the hell did I know? Besides this Tony Kennedy was a distant brother-in-law-of mine.

One day I was visiting my sister Kitty, and her now husband, Gerard in their home on Forty-sixth & J Street in Sacramento. As I recall it was some holiday celebration such as Easter? There were lots of relatives present. Tony Kennedy was there because he was now married to Gerard’s twin sister, Mary Davis, whom by the way was one of the most beautiful women in her day that I’d ever seen. She looked like Snow White would look if she were real.

Everyone had children and they were all present running around like out-of-control bandits.

My two daughters looked on at what they were seeing as if I just threw them into the jungle and asked them to fend for themselves.

What we saw was Mary and Tony Kennedy’s sons running around with red and black permanent markers; creating three-year-old's art on the back of my sister’s white velvet Baker over stuffed chairs. Should I mention my sister Kitty’s home was the type that could have been photographed for House Beautiful or my made up magazine, The Best In OCD Created Beauty.

What’s odder still no one seemed to care but me? I was shocked! My three and a half year old daughter, Alison was shocked! My youngest daughter Alexis, at eighteen months old, stamped her little feet and started to scream in pain…as if she were panic stricken?

Well I was brought up in a multi-generational highly respected furniture business and taught to respect and create beauty; then take care of what I created. Kitty and my sisters were taught this too.

So my first shock was that Kitty would even allow this behavior in which her own daughters were involved?

My second shock was seeing Anthony “Tony” M. Kennedy Esq. and his wife Mary encouraging their boys in this outrageous behavior?

My third shock was realizing that my sister had to have the chairs totally recovered and the next family event at her house?The Kennedy boys were at it again with their red and black permanent marker art, four-year-old-style now on Kitty’s white velvet Baker chairs. This went on for years.

I was about twenty-two years old when I had this first experience. I remember thinking only, “What kind of an example is this for your children; you’re obviously not teaching them respect?” I even wondered how Tony could be considered such a muckity-muck while having so little respect for others?

I was smart enough to understand why my sister Kitty tolerated Tony’s unruly boys. She and Gerard wanted to be his best buddies no matter what his moral and ethical code, through his actions, revealed.

Stupid me, as disgusted with Mary and Tony’s parenting skills as I was, did not think this affected Tony’s skills as an attorney. “I mean if you’re an attorney you have to follow the laws.”

With my experiences in life to date and from what I’ve learned, I should have run up hill away from Tony Kennedy back in 1970.

Yet, the scuttlebutt around Sacramento was already about Tony Kennedy and his conservative views? What he’d be doing next and blah, blah, blah.

At twenty-two years old this left me very confused? How in the world could he be considered anything but a slob with no manners, plus arrogant, and by this time Tony's nasty attitude had grown?

I was just too young to realize Tony Kennedy had given me all the clues and metaphors I needed to make the decision, “Do not trust this man.”

Instead, I allowed him to advise me on how to protect my assets.  My investigation into my trust has revealed that it was written perfectly to protect me. In 1997 I learned these assets had all been embezzled?

I have tried for over twelve years to retain my legal file from Anthony “Tony” M. Kennedy Esq. He has ignored me. His old law firm was dissolved many years ago.

The government authorities refuse to investigate the federal crimes committed against my trust and me; therefore they won’t retain my file.

What I find interesting? Justice Anthony “Tony” M. Kennedy is not of the quality of person to be a janitor. The metaphor to this is what has happened to me under his care, as my attorney from 1969-1974.

Besides his obvious low ethics, he has one of the worst cases of “lack of respect” I’ve actually ever seen since the Baker chairs, while he’s the “Swing Vote” for everything including Obamacare?

What I love the most is Tony’s latest reference to how, by law, we’re not obligated to help anyone unless they’re related to us.

Hum, how does this statement from Justice Kennedy relate to my needing, my file so I can find out what happened to my assets, which he advised that I put into a trust for protection? By law he and his firm still represents me, which means he still has a responsibility towards me? Or does this all go away because he’s a Supreme Court Justice?

My first clue and metaphor to whom Anthony “Tony” M. Kennedy truly is started with his uppity attitude towards me when I was a child; the second the many Baker chair fiascos; the third was the way he treated me last I saw him in 1994? The forth is what has happened to my assets while I live in the streets homeless and penniless for now four years.

My question to him is, “What do you know about all this and where can I go to get this federal crime investigated?”

All the while, Justice Anthony “Tony” M. Kennedy is deciding for the American public if we should adopt Obamacare, socialized medicine, proven for decades NOT to work.

I’ve had friends over the years from England, who came to the United States of America for the soul purpose of having their teeth properly cared for. Their teeth were rotting out of their mouths because of socialized medicine.

Besides this, shouldn’t we as Americans know every single aspect of our leader’s lives before we elect or appoint them to office?

At least we could make educated decisions this way on whether we even had respect for them or if they deserved respect. No one should hold an office, over the public, unless they are of the higest in ethics, morals, and integrity.

Our corrupt government needs to get out of our personal lives and do one of their jobs, protect the public from financial crimes committed by the financial institutions, and other powerful entities, by investigating these  criminals, charging and prosecuting.

We the consumer would then not need socialized medicine or anything else.

What other crimes are going on in our country, hidden from the public, that if not occurring would free us all up to live our lives the way we wanted to?

Hum, I wonder why our government want's what they want and these outrageous ongoing crimes by the financial institutions, and financial elite continue?

By: Deborah Breuner

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