God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Monday, November 12, 2012

Part 2; Shame On US

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I woke up this morning freezing cold in spite of a small heater since our tent door will no longer zip; desperately needing a shower after three days with none; hungry as hell since all the two of us have had to eat in a week is soup twice a day. Thank God there’s plenty of dog food for BuBu:>)
What’s more our prospect for great success looks really good but we don’t have a cent to our name at the moment. Larry has three possibilities for employment; most likely hired, but the employers are in no hurry to cinch the deal. We really don’t know for sure what’s going on since both Larry and I have always had our own businesses, which should work, in our favor, but it doesn’t? Employers want to be able to ask another employer, who could be a psychopath mind you, if a job seeker is a good risk?
I’m wondering why employers can’t interview you and decide for themselves? And, anyone who’s had experience running their own business, (which they could verify by going to Google) knows more about the work ethic than many who haven’t, but…..
Also by November 20, 2012 my book should be ready to send to Amazon as an E-Book; twelve hours later the book will be available for sale. Sounds easy enough. Learning to write; punctuate and do exactly what agents and publishers demand is the hard part because they all want something different, while we were and still are dependant on the book to save our lives. We learned five years ago, the sale of our writing, whether it’s my books or the scripts Larry and I have written together, is our only hope to ever get our lives back. So on top of struggling to survive as in eating, having quarters to do laundry, living in a tent and earning money to sustain ourselves with no employment, we have been also struggling with the learning curb. It’s been very stressful to say the least. And now we no longer even have a car or cell phone and on December 1, 2012 we’ll be evicted from our tent.
Yes we’re in a time crunch, while our present situation was all brought on by unaddressed by government authorities federal crimes committed by a number of national financial institutions and trustees against my trust and me; eventually against Larry too. But the ultimate crime is that the government authorities, from behind closed doors of secrecy, ignore these crimes; the same crimes the public understands and believes they’re protected from by at present, Attorney General Holder, who’s job it is to launch investigations into financial institutions who unlawfully foreclose; embezzle, extort and launder funds out of your account; accounts like checking, savings, trust and stock accounts.
What we didn’t understand at the time of discovering these crimes, and still shocked about today is if a victim to federal crime, committed by financial institutions, reports the crimes to the proper authorities including and especially the attorney general they’ll get a “Mafia Hit” into the streets to die. There will be no investigation into the crime(s) in spite of the fact that the public might hear about one or two ongoing investigations into large stock brokerage houses from the media. These reports are bogus, meant to calm the public. And, here’s some proof to what I claim; you’ve never heard a word about KeyBank, NBD (Chase), Paine Webber (UBS), Shearson Lehman, McDonald Investments, Raymond James, or Edward Jones committing the crimes against us but from me. Many would say, “Well see it’s just you claiming this; there’s no proof.” I say, “Wrong! I have proof; this is why the ‘Powers That Be’ refuse to acknowledge my documents; conduct an interview; report the crime or answer my letters with anything more than ‘sociopathic obtusity’. The government and government authorities’ way of refraining from putting anything in writing that could incriminate them. And they can only be held accountable by the public, as there’s on one above them but the public. They also know the public, in general, won’t do anything but complain over social media so who cares?
Sounds like a Sunday night four-part mini-series doesn’t it?
What does the Mafia Hit look like? Well your credit will be unlawfully destroyed so just because of this, eliminating all other horrid acts, you and your spouse will be unable to retain employment; if before the federal crimes attacked, and destroyed your life you were self-employed, you’ll never get work unless you have a good friend who will hire you.  But more often than not this won’t work either because our government in cahoots with the financial institutions(s) who committed the horrid federal crimes also does a number on your reputation; it’s called defamation of character in the public sector; banks can do anything they want while never being held accountable.  And this defamation of your character will follow you the rest of your life, while no one will ever file a lawsuit over it or for any other broken law including federal crime a financial institution commits against you. Why? Well there are many devious reasons but the bottom line is twofold; federal crimes can only be addressed by government authorities who escape their responsibilities with lying form letters in response to a victims’ many complaints; the other reason is because, though an attorney might take your case on it’s normally for devious reasons; taking every dime you have left. Otherwise they’d prefer to represent the financial institutions where they know they’ll be paid. Destroyed by financial institution victims, although entitled to justice, aren’t good risks for any devious or honest law firm. And, to anybody without the experience and knowledge, about that which I speak, they’re going to judge you, mostly because they see the legal world not helping, so you’ve just lost another friend. Inexperience on their part, allows them to believe if the law isn’t helping you; or you’ve lost a lawsuit it must be because you’re in the wrong; the crimes of the financial institution are all in your head.
Well they just couldn’t be more incorrect, while the powers that be count on the public not believing you. And they have taken every step possible to make sure the public doesn’t.
Unfortunately the public has very little knowledge about what I’m talking about, unless they’ve been victims, and if they have they’re usually murdered before they get anyone to listen to them. Murdered by starvation, exposure and suicide. Charities and churches do not help; contrary to what the public has been assured of… contrary to what the public is lead to believe their federal taxes are used for.
From what I’ve witnessed, financial institutions can murder a customer and there will never be a word said. How do I know? Well because between the financial institutions and our US Government Larry and I are purposely and slowly being murdered and there’s proof they know all about it.
And here’s a telling question. Who’s ever going to hold the government and financial institutions accountable for the crimes they commit? No one, that’s why they commit so many and such huge ones. In my case they stole 80M$ out of my trust account and unlawfully foreclosed on two multi-million dollar homes. The more reports I filed with the government authorities against the financial institutions the more the crimes continued until Larry and I landed in the streets with no possible way to take care of ourselves other than what we could figure out that didn’t involve a credit check. This would be acting or writing. Larry and I have done both.
And, here’s something else I’ve learned. The public without insurmountable problems can’t survive in society today without great credit and you can’t have any credit score unless you’re paying bills and have a loan payment. So we’re forced into borrowing money in one way or another, which makes us vulnerable to financial institutions committing federal crimes against us. Plus if your credit is bad, accomplished by the crimes of your bank then you might as well stop living because if you don’t choose this route yourself, your circumstances will. Plus, with the inflated prices, few will ever regain their lives back, after a federal crime attack, by paying cash for anything, so the cycle starts again…the banks have a return victim.
The bottom line, serious financial crimes committed in this country by financial institutions or financial elite have a pass….they can commit any crimes they choose and get away with them. It’s part of “TheFort.” The fort consists of all those in this country whom are our leaders and the attorneys and media that help protect them.
This leaves the victims, of these horrendous financial crimes that render one homeless and penniless, to relying on their family, friends, neighbors and acquaintances for help, while the only help a victim will find is from acquaintances who often don’t have much more then they do. The victims to these federal crimes lose their family, friends and neighbors by the first rumor, all be it not true. And, the media purposely doesn’t help by instruction from the powers that be to spin reports towards the financial institutions against the consumer. Then the politicians, even in an election year, refuse to debate about these unlawful foreclosures and other outrageous federal crimes the financial institutions commit, and in doing so render whole families homeless, jobless and penniless to live in the streets. My question is, “Is the public so drunk on Kool-Aide that they don’t notice these crimes are being swept under the rug poised to attack them next?” We shouldn’t even consider voting for a candidate who won’t address these federal crimes and what he/she will do about them as president of the United States of America. This means none of the candidates, running this year, should have been considered presidential material. Yet, Obampadonk, worst president ever and proven not to be a citizen of the USA, gets voted in again? I’d rather believe the election was rigged than believe we Americans are this stupid.
If you’re having a difficult time understanding me, please read the I through V articles I’ve written and posted on my blog, Power Corrupts; Secret Power Corrupts Secretly
 So can you imagine what it’s like to live for twelve years under continuous federal crimes committed not only against my trust and me, but as extra punishment for Larry and my reporting the crimes, Larry’s life received a Mafia Hit too? We’ve had no way of surviving but by our own efforts without employment. It’s taken close to all these years to do it but we’ve had to sell everything we own, even finally my lovingly kept baby clothes I’d treasured belonging to my daughters after all Larry’s tools, our jewelry, sterling silver, antiques, furniture and family heirlooms had been sold. The lucky recipients of our treasures saw us coming so offered basically nothing, while most of the time the sales of our belongings coincided with our deep hunger pains; threats to losing Internet service where social media has become the only way to expose these crimes; more threats of being stranded from running out of gas in our truck; and/or loss of our cell phone service.
At this point we’ve had to sell our truck and the cell phone has broken. We have Internet until 7:00PM this evening, and then it too will be gone until we can pay for the computer time. We need computer time more than food at this point, and we actually have no food but peanut butter and crackers. The computer can finally pull us out of this mess, by the uploading of my book on Amazon E-Books. Yet, this is being threatened by not having the money to keep the service going! Wouldn’t you just know it?
But God has stepped in along the way every time we needed Him, so I expect He’ll do the same this time. I believe God wants we the people to know and face what we’re allowing our government to get away with in the United States of America. We need to be helping each other in doing our part to stop the corruption.
However we’re not helping each other but by the very few. Most of us are still busy judging the victims as the media, who actually knows the truth and has made the choice to lie, blasts out over the airways that the economy is improving. I’m sorry but after what we’ve experience, what the media is doing reminds me of a trick Hitler would play on unsuspecting Jews.
What’s worse, as if our struggle isn’t difficult enough, people instead of helping actually play mean tricks on us; lie; promise to help then purposely don’t and demand impossible feats a person with money couldn’t accomplish? This, in and of itself, makes our life miserable. Thank God for the few who have a soul. These people come into our lives at a time of greatest need and share something that will bring us food; warmth, a forum group on Twitter; computer time and lately a willing reader of our screenplay. Then just when we’re thinking we’ve run out of options on what to do next to stay alive; we’re receiving some extra cash for keeping the computer going and buy food from an angel across the country.
The public should know that the hoops one must jump through as a homeless, jobless, penniless citizen in order to eat would be impossible for the wealthiest to accomplish in order to eat if they somehow found themselves with no vehicle, food and an out of state drivers license. Pretty scary!
Right now our country is set up to kill victims of financial institution abuse! I’d guess ninety percent of America’s homeless; jobless and penniless are victims to this and unless they write a book or screenplay and still own a computer; they will die in the streets from starvation; neglect & exposure, feeling shame! It’s outrageous! And, there’s not proof yet that the writing will be the saving grace; we must pray that it is.

By: Deborah Breuner
Heiress Lives In A Tent

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