God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Sunday, December 2, 2012

Last Minute Reprieve From The Warden!


Ta-da! A reprieve from living under a bridge with our Mac computer being caddied behind us, while we’re dressed in as many clothes as we can wear all at the same time:>) Our campground owner/warden is giving us until January 30, 2013 to leave our tent, if we can scrounge up another piece of art to give him, from our storage unit, as payment. We can, most probably, find something amidst 20 by 30 feet of boxes, possibly something we’ve forgotten we own? Meanwhile we don’t have the money to pay the storage so on December 10, 2012 we’ll be locked out of our unit. Fortunately we’ve recently obtained a couple of small & helpful donations so we can eat but there’s a choice to be made; storage with all legal documents; family photos and clothes or food? We’ve chosen food. And, our dilemma never ends! We’re going on thirteen years now!

My life and situation is a metaphor to the rest of the world; I’m an example to what is coming for all mankind no matter what they are worth. People must stop thinking that because I was wealthy I had one, the good fortune to have had money once and two since I did have money I deserved what happened to me? That is to have my complete trust account worth 80M$ embezzled, extorted and laundered by a few financial elite, trustees, attorneys and financial institutions that helped. Then to add insult to injury, and the largest crime of all, the government authorities paid by “all” our taxes to protect us from financial abuse continue to ignore this crime, along with the many more born from it, and an obvious purposeful act to destroy my small family and me? We must be shut up so the rest of society doesn’t know about these unaddressed crimes.

But you see what’s happened to me and my family concerns everyone who keeps money in any kind of financial institution! The issue is not about what I once had, or how much I was worth, but what having it all stolen by the powers that be has done to my life…left me penniless & homeless. Suddenly you and me are on the same page aren’t we now?

No, the government isn’t just going after those of us who aren’t part of the wealthy posse, one percent, they are going after whomever they choose, poor and wealthy alike; their goal is to render us all penniless and homeless, unable to retain employment or government assistance. And they are committing many crimes to do this including of course federal crimes.

My family and I are your metaphor; listen up; pay attention.

It’s all chronicled in my first book, God’s On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control! It’s available on ebook or trade paperback at: deborahbreuner.blogspot.com. A memoir addressing thirteen years uncovering, by default, a truth about our US Government that ninety percent of the public has no clue about. In order to get this knowledge one would have to go through what my partner Larry and I have experienced with every government agency ever created with our tax dollars. Once you have read this book you’ll understand exactly what is going on in our US Government behind the public’s back…until a victim is peeled away.

As this victim or the victims emerge from the shock of hidden truth, to share with the public, they often aren’t believed as I’d imagine a holocaust survivor might have been received if they somehow escaped, the gas chambers, long enough to warn the next group of Jews to be exterminated. Unfortunately many would not be convinced so therefore would die.

I believe, after what I’ve seen and experienced, that our US Government has learned from Hitler what not to do while completing the same tasks he implemented. “By no means make it possible that anyone in the public know what is really going on…keep everything hidden. If a victim should emerge somehow to share call them ‘nuts’ and ignore their complaints to authorities; punish their efforts to report by actually preventing them from retaining employment or receiving employment benefits of any kind. They’ll die in the streets while they’ll be less heard than a dying seagull in the middle of the ocean”.

There you go America, if we the people don’t start listening to each other, instead of the so called ”experts” who might be plants, by our government, to keep us diverted from the truth we are all going down…my life shows we’re on our way and without revolt to this you’ll be next.

By: Deborah Breuner
Heiress Lives In A Tent


  1. Deborah,

    I hope SOMEONE comes to your aid. This is a HORRIBLE thing that has happened to you.

    I KNOW the banks are crooks. They don't use guns to steal - instead they use lobbyists and lawyers. The result is still the same. It's wrong. They know it's wrong - but they don't care. It's ALL about money, greed & power. I know, because it's happening to me right now.

    My prayers are with you,


  2. Thank you Louie,

    We'll get them with God on our side and exposure, exposure, exposure of our stories. Can't wait to hear the rest of yours so I can write about it:>) Hang in there!

    God Bless;Prayers for you too,