God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Wednesday, December 19, 2012



You know I wouldn’t be homeless, penniless and literally dying of starvation and exposure if it weren’t the fault of the United States of America and for which she stands, now that she’s led by the mob!

Paul Bertrand the head of the Los Angeles FBI has had all the documents of proof, to my situation, since the middle of 2009 and I would suspect done nothing, surely he hasn’t investigated the horrendous crimes committed against my trust and me or he’d have been in contact by now. He doesn’t return my phone calls or e-mails. He did before I forwarded to him over five lbs of records consisting of proof of these crimes; once he received these documents he promptly forgot all about the crimes and me; crimes committed by a number of national financial institutions. And, of course the whole process of sending my documents to the FBI was all-secretive; said to protect me? But I no longer believe this. The secretiveness is to protect the FBI so they can claim they never received these life-saving avenues to truth and therefore their not launching an investigation would make sense to anyone possibly of power looking into the situation or the public who might hear about it. Yet, I still possess the proof of mailing I received from the post office and I have nothing in writing from the FBI claiming they investigated and found nothing. No that would be too incriminating to just lie in writing so they ignore me with no letters or acknowledgements at all. Well I do have a number of e-mails from Mr. Bertrand asking for the documents. Still everything the FBI does from my perspective involves hiding federal crime not investigating and exposing it. The way the FBI hides crimes could be misconstrued as, “unfortunately we found no criminal activity” to the average American who has yet to experience outrageous federal crime by their financial institution or I’d suspect any other powerful entity.

However I’ve seen too much, even contacted other FBI offices around the country in multiple jurisdictions that apply to my (now our) situation, such as Detroit, Colorado and Idaho. I started this process back in 2002 and continued over the years. They have all ignored me once they receive the documents, often costing up to a hundred dollars just to fed-ex them out. A hundred dollars I had to scrape up from selling my belongings.

Yes, usually the horrendous embezzlement and extortion of funds, by financial institutions, out of consumers’ trust accounts takes every cent you have, destroys credit unlawfully and “Mafia Hits” the victim into the streets so they have no ability to fight back, obtain employment or government assistance. This happened to me starting in 1997 and the residuals are ongoing now almost into 2013. All my belongings are now gone along with five of my precious dogs…my family.

The main theme here is to hide these crimes from the public, throw the victim into the streets where they’ll die of starvation & exposure and by all means never allow the media to report it. This way the public will think the victim is crazy and lying. After all these victims no longer look like well put together people who dress appropriately. No they’re now vagrants who rarely get an opportunity to shower scrounging through the garbage for food.

No the churches & charities don’t help; another shock for the public to hear as they sit in their nice warm homes. But, it doesn’t bother them too long because they have their needs met. Their lives might be very stressful but homelessness and pennilessness with no possible way to retain an income is “wish I were dead” kind of stuff. What’s worse; victims are criticized for feeling like they would like to be dead rather than suffer anymore.

Food pantries are so difficult to qualify for that it isn’t worth the effort to show up at one, as if you are fortunate enough to get food, you’ll receive enough for two days depending on how many people in your family. Then you’ll receive the rules, which pretty much disqualifies you for the next time… a week later, often times a month later. And these are just the food pantries claiming they never turn anyone away. Another trick as you can see. They turn you away after receiving food for a day or two…it’s a prolonged starvation.

No whistleblowers are made to suffer by the powers that be just like my partner Larry, our precious dog BuBu,and I are suffering today and have been for years.

Kind people and good friends who have helped along the way with a little money here and there have given up on us. I can only assume, from what many have had the nerve to say, we are considered losers. The media sets the public up to believe this, even when people claim they don’t listen to the lying news, somehow the message still reaches them. Yet, there are few human beings who could withstand what we have been through as it gets worse everyday fighting the USA Government and their corruption! And no one will ever get back on their feet by having hundred dollar bills thrown at them, every other month or so, or even the occasional thousand dollars wired from a good friend. These funds extend a life of suffering they don’t solve anything.

The public unless they too have been victims to the federal crimes Larry and I have witnessed and experienced are like holocaust victims who have no clue that they’re on their way to the gas chambers. When they are told they don’t believe the warning. The citizens who know aren’t believed while the government makes sure we aren’t with every well thought out plan & tool in place. Their biggest tool is to address everything from behind closed doors of secrecy… their next, keep the media silenced!

My Christmas wish would be to have an honest, ethical, Constitutional attorney step forward to help us and soon. As of today we have no food, water, money or propane in our little barbecue. By January 31, 2013 we will be evicted from our tent and we no longer have a vehicle or phone. However if we don’t get some food soon we won’t live long enough to see this, so who cares?

Yes my followers have probably heard before about Larry, BuBu and my impending death and then we somehow survive. Maybe we will again, but with each hundred dollars we’ve received we have emerged in a mere day or two facing starvation, exposure to the elements and death again. Honestly I don’t know how many more chances we have? Today I don’t have the strength to even <i>Twitteri>, my only connection to the world yet slower than molasses. My computer is actually acting like there’s some interference, perhaps from the government? If you want to hear more click onto the link below for the radio program Voice of Humanity Show with, Masterofmanythings Kevin @k_m_allan I was on, or you can read the articles I’ve written about my situation that affects all Americans who do business with a financial institution or believe the federal government authorities, to whom our taxes flow, do one thing to protect you and your family.

Better yet treat yourself to the only protection you might ever have, exposure of a truth, protecting you and your family from what has destroyed our lives. Buy and read my memoir, God’s On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control! Better do it quickly because if the government can stop the sale of this self-published book, they will, if they haven’t already been trying so far?

And should the need to donate cross your mind this holiday season please don’t give your hard earned money to churches or charities, they aren’t using these funds as they claim, while again the government authorities who are supposed to regulate this don't. Churches and charities are merely another breeding ground for federal crimes just as the financial institutions are. Find a family who’s desperately trying to get back on their feet; give your donations to them.

After reading my memoir I believe you’ll agree we’re all on our own in this country, unbeknownst to many, we will survive only by helping and supporting each other. Our government is purposely working hard to destroy us.

Happy Holidays

By: Deborah Breuner
Heiress Lives In A Tent

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