God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Saturday, November 10, 2012

Shame On US


                                           Oakland, California Breuner's Store 
                                           Senate Chamber, Sacramento, Califorina Capitol

Last week a friend, Rick who’s an actor sent me a tweet, “Be happy you’ve had wealth for over 50 years of your life; many people never have any money all their lives. So be grateful!”
When I read this I immediately found myself in the Twilight Zone feeling panic! In this case, reliving a traumatic experience.
Well Rick and I had already been discussing, over Twitter, he playing a part in the film about my life destroyed by corrupt financial institutions and evil unethical attorneys. After a bit of back & forth 140 character conversations I finally tweeted out that he should play the part of Catanzarite, the original author of the above quote.
Yes, Kenneth Joseph Catanzarite Esq. of the Catanzarite Law Corporation, not many more unethical, corrupt and evil than he is, and he’s a monster. Rick likes to play evil people like him.
Apparently my suggestion that he consider playing Catanzarite spurred his need to investigate this monster and as he did he came across the dreaded quote Catanzarite arrogantly said while representing me. He said this to me as he stole my two million dollar home in broad daylight unafraid of any conseqences to his actions. Today I understand why? The governing authority, the state bar, lovingly called CalBar, doesn’t care about these outrageous crimes attorneys commit against their clients. The state bars, from my experience with a number of them across the country are merely set up to protect their attorney members from being investigated, charged and prosecuted for committing  federal crimes & other criminal acts. Their other function is to go after attorneys whom they don’t like much, as in a witch hunt. Attorneys they want to scapegoat onto to avoid the whole corrupt lawfirm going down. An attorney who’s winning an honest battle in court for his client, while someone else doesn’t like this as it will take them down. Or maybe an attorney, who has a long lasting contract with a firm, while his/her colleagues want them out. There’s nothing like a ethical violation leading to suspension or loss of license to accomplish this.
So the state bars have their work cut out for them; very busy you know. They don’t have time to do their jobs, such as investigate and charge attorneys who continuously commit federal crimes against their clients.
I can understand as an actor why playing a part as a Catanzarite would be very rewarding…so colorful! In fact Rick found Catanzarite so colorful he plucked one of many of his outrageous quotes from an article I’d written and tweeted it out to me. Hence the quote above. But hey  all of Tweeter had the opportunity to see it along with my followers:>) Rick just loved the remark as an actor but he admitted in another tweet he wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of it.
I suppose there are people who don’t find this statement shocking, while they should. They just don’t have or understand the background to it or how it relates to them starting with our government. And they have no idea where the attitude behind the quote will lead them? Allow me to share:>)
 As a young girl, losing both my parents at 21 years old, I became extremely wealthy by the inheiritance left to me. I was worth four million dollars in 1969 the day my father passed away. Eleven months later upon my mother’s death, I was worth over four and a half million dollars and as the next ten years progressed I would receive more inheiritance as the attorneys sold off my parents holdings.  Most would think I was a very lucky girl to be so well taken care of financially, and in many ways I was, but I was not prepared for the abuse, being of wealth, would lead to for my entire life so far.
And this relates to anyone that may have more than someone else, no matter how they retained their good fortune. Then if they happen to be talented, creative, not too bad looking and loved, well they might as well go straight to hell! And, it takes many years for the victim to this attitude to understand what’s going on?
This is exactly how our USA Government treats the public, can you see it? Who learned what from whom? Well I believe we the people learn from the example our leaders give us and then pass this abuse down to each generation.
At one time Americans, most likely immigrants from foreign countries with highly skilled talent, were starting businesses in USA, employing workers and making lots of money. Most of these contributors to society were honest, making an honest living. And, back then they were highly respected for their skills as they should be. Everyone still today has the ability to learn skills that put them ahead only in what they can offer as far as creating a business and employing others who might prefer to work for another rather than develop a business. We are paid for our value as far as it relates to society. If we own a business that employs many people we deserve to aquire the fruits of this labor and be rewarded for our contribution; not taxed to death, a punishment for being creative, innovative, smart and a hard worker.
The criminals working in this capacity should be held accountable, but aren’t because many are in bed with our US corrupt government. The others are created by the US government’s crimes against them.
If I were a young person today seeing this, I’d dumb myself down, reject my abilities and talent; work for someone else, like the government, when I can while putting my hand out for charity towards the government. It doesn’t pay to be a innovator anymore and if they heard my story they’d realize most of society feels the same way. What a heritage to leave our children!
I recall when I was young, before other’s cruelty soaked into my soul, being proud of what my great grandfather Breuner, an immigrant from Germany, created. One thing he did back in 1856 in Northern California was build all 120 desks, by hand, still used, both in the Senate & Assembly Chambers in the Sacramento Capitol today. As he did this he created the John Breuner Furniture Co at 604 K Street in Sacramento, eventually growing into thirteen stores by the early 1960’s and by the end of 1979 there were thirty-three stores in Northern California, Reno Nevada and Scottsdale, Arizona.
My mother’s side of the family, Kaseberg was as impressive if not more so. My maternal great grandfather, also a German immigrant in the early 1800s worked hard supplying equipment to the workers of the Gold Rush. Took the money he earned and bought 80 thousand acres of land in Roseville, California raising European sheep for wool.  Both these family businesses sustained life for four generations and gave generously to their communities.
I was a very proud fourth generation Californian who carried, and still do, the same drive to create that my ancestors carried. It’s not about the money!
But it is to those in society who are jealous of this sort of heritage born of dreams, hard work and tenacity.  It doesn’t seem to matter whether these “wealth haters” are liberal or conservative; many are just plain jealous which makes them greedy; often times criminals.
Our government is jealous of people with dreams, creativity, tenacity and the willingness to work hard. They have made it impossible for people like those of my heritage to ever accomplish anything and if we should anyway, we’ll be punished with extra taxes; federal crime and financial abuse.
So knowing this, why would anyone with a dream want to employ people in order to make money to take care of themselves and family? I believe they’d find another way or move their growing businesses out of this country.
The only employed left at this point in America are government workers who hate their jobs; therefore don’t do them and yet get paid anyway. Politicians, bankers & attorneys are the next employed owning the ultimate in jealousy, greed and crime. Then there’s the homeless and penniless created by the jealous, greedy elite criminals.
So the jealousy and greed I grew up with, which has followed me all my life and continues, is the metaphor to what our government is doing to the public while the public in general hate me because I came from a proud heritage? In spite of the fact I now live in the streets, hungry and cold with no possible way to get employment I’m  still considered a “Rich Bitch” who deserves what I’ve got, which are purposely ignored, unaddressed federal crimes that destroyed my life. And these attacks are ultimately our United States of America government’s fault. You know the government workers and authorities who don’t do their jobs.
By the way I’m still proud of my heritage and believe in hard work, while enjoying creativity. This is what life is all about no matter where we come from. We all have something to contribute in a free society. Unfortunately we’re no longer free. And, the quote Catanzarite blurted out to me as my legal counsel is the belief today about anyone who’s ever accomplished anything, instead of respect and the creator's pride, for a job well done.
Today creators should feel shame; this comes from what our US Government is pushing and media spins!

Additionally I'm left with total respect for Rick, the actor, who finds my story worth making a film about. I assure you he has respect for heritage, creativity and hard work or he wouldn't have noticed.

By: Deborah Breuner
Heiress Lives In A Tent

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