God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Thursday, November 29, 2012



It is said and understood that when one comes to the end of their life, or believes they have, there’s a calm that comes over them of acceptance. Obviously, survivors of near death experiences often report this calm. In our minds we see near death experiences as sudden threats to our life such as an auto accident, near miss plane crash, medical procedure gone wrong and terminal illness.

But there is another death experience occurring today all over the USA; it’s not near death, it’s plain old death that we know is coming very slowly and painfully! It’s called dying of starvation and exposure while living in the streets. What’s sad about this death is it can and should be prevented by simple caring about another human, which our government surely has demonstrated, they do not, and society mostly embraces the same attitude! Who teaches society to treat each other in this manner? I believe it’s our leaders. They are supposed to be above the rest of us setting an example, while they do not. Instead they are the biggest criminals in society.

Acceptance of death because of this doesn’t come as easily because with acceptance one must accept the cruelty of our US Government and the people; a government and people who could if they chose actually put themselves out for another human but they just can’t be bothered. We can’t even help the vets, as they return home, from fighting for our freedom. Worse yet, we actually have no freedom in America anymore so these warriors are fighting for what? Many even know about the inside jobs, also known as domestic terrorism, our own government has concocted against the USA and the people.

When we see another human being suffering from starvation and exposure in the USA we do a number of useless things that apparently allows us to feel good about ourselves, but not much of this entails actual help. The government doesn’t care, while the public in general thinks little about their fellow human being other than, “don’t bother me.”

Our charities and churches refuse to help victims, they’re busy hording all donations, while the government ignores this crime too. Food banks for the starving make victims jump through so many hoops to get food that it just isn’t worth the effort. Hungry victims are just better off rummaging through the garbage.

The US Government to whom our taxes are paid to protect us from financial abuse by financial institutions and abuse from other entities instead does nothing; they ignore crimes destroying lives from behind closed doors of secrecy.

One remark often coming from the general public about poor starving victims standing on street corners begging for $5.00 is cruel. From out of car door windows fly’s cash and yells “Why don’t you just get a job” then the driver hits the gas pedal and storms away in a shiny new vehicle with a huge loan against it? Unbeknownst to them, because of just this one loan they could be next, begging for money!

Well if these victims became such because they were victimized by a financial institution, they most likely can’t get employment or government assistance. This is the government punishment, a Mafia Hit, given for whistle blowing to the, US Attorney General, about outrageous federal crimes committed in this country against them by financial institutions. Therefore a customer with a trust account worth 80M$ can in an instant be rendered homeless and penniless as the financial institution steals every cent or illegally forecloses on any property their customer may own, even outright, with no loans against it. Yes, if a financial institution decides to attack their customer with embezzlement, extortion or laundering their funds they just arrogantly do it confident our US government will either sanction their deed or ignore it.

In other words ladies and gentlemen, we’re on our own. There’s no one to turn to if this kind of crime hits you or your family. The truth is the entities committing the crimes are our government leaders, authorities, financial elite, attorneys, judges and media while we continue to pay taxes, basically sanctioning these crimes, paying for their continuance; padding the pockets of those who committed the federal and other crimes.

We have no one on our side but each other and therefore it’s time to start reaching out to help and support each other. We must start considering that these outrageous crimes will continue since few of us seem to care about stopping them. I assume this is because we haven’t had our lives destroyed by federal crime yet. I guarantee we will in one form or another! It might attack through our pensions, insurance coverage and taxes or out and out theft of funds out of our, checking, savings, trust and stock accounts, but it will happen and when it does we’ll likely die in the streets feeling every last pain of starvation and exposure.

Ultimately these crimes are all to be blamed on the US Government because they allow the entities who commit them to do so with no consequences. For crying out loud, our children have more integrity before they're taught what it is!

The general public, still in denial, walks past homeless victims disgusted by a plight, soon to attack them. The government employees, those of the posse that is, trust they’ll never suffer anything like this. And, they’re hopping to be correct, though they are controlled like robots unable to use their God given talents.

We’re looking at another Hitler regime here! Does anyone get it?

And while many people wallow in jealousy over their neighbor who has more than they do, the financial institutions and our US Government are making sure no one flourishes. Those of us with money will have it stolen; those of us battling to make ends meet will never move past the battle. Those who work for the government have promises that they will always be taken care of but with the rest of society dying off from starvation and failed survival nothing new will ever be born; creativity bringing new ideas that made this country once great will be gone; government will no longer be able to pay employees even if they continue to steal funds from the rest of society to do so.

Wait a minute we’re already here! Hitler rules America! And a large number of us have drunk so much Kool-Aide we actually voted him back into office, or are the electoral votes still another American criminal enterprise?

Next, we’ll be marched into FEMA camps and murdered! Better yet the new and improved government murders take place like Larry, BuBu and mine are in process of. Embezzle and extort all we owned; refuse to investigate the federal crimes involved: mafia hit us to streets unable to get employment or government assistance where we’ll die! Have media announce our street deaths, and all others, as natural causes and hide, from the public, the federal crimes that put us there in the first place. Why? So the crimes may continue and come after you in the future. Why? Because the US Government wants all the money and you dead! And please don’t say to me, “Well this doesn’t concern us, we don’t have the money you had.” Oh my God, this isn’t the point! All assets from everyone, no matter how few or many, the government wants! And when you’ve been rendered penniless by the powers that be it doesn’t matter about how much was stolen; it matters that nothing will ever be done, and the conspiracy to silence & kill the victim is more outrageous than Hollywood could ever create.


Where are Larry, BuBu and I in this process? We’re somewhere between death and the media lying to you about cause!

Yes, and we’ve fought long and hard to survive for a good twelve years; even written books; scripts and articles as a way to inform others and save our lives, but it looks like our US government has won. As of December 1, 2012 Larry, BuBu and I will be on foot with nothing but what we can carry on our backs. Anything we have accomplished through the years, though there have been a number of angels along the way, has been through our efforts and now these will be lost while government officials follow me on Twitter? Not one, paid by our taxes, authority has helped.

The people who have helped certainly couldn’t afford to but did anyway, but no one has been able or willing to help save our lives, with a job for instance or purchase the books and scripts. In fact Larry and I just had our first offer to read one of our scripts a couple of weeks ago by someone in the movie industry who has many IMDB credits. It received a high five! But, still we’re on our way to live under a bridge or inside a cardboard box? What a waste of life and our work. What’s worse our work exposes these crimes, involving both liberals and conservatives, while helping society. So we can’t deter facts with the correct politics.I haven’t met a politician yet who isn’t a criminal!

We have managed through the assistance of a few more angels to get one of my books, self-published on Amazon and Smashwords. They loaned me money and gave of their time so this could be accomplished. Others have featured my book on their blogs and websites. A large number more are purchasing but we won’t see any money until the end of January 2013. I’ve waited over a year for Simon & Schuster and Random House along with two other large publishers who have my book proposal to accept or reject me. Needless to say they have done neither. So apparently along with the entire moral decay of America it’s acceptable, as four of the top publishing houses, to just ignore requested (by them) book proposals from authors?

No, my family and I may be going down but we’re not going calmly! Besides this, I know God’s on our side:>)

By: Deborah Breuner
Heiress Lives In A Tent

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