God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Saturday, December 15, 2012



I was going to write an article today about government corruption and how it affects us all while most Americans are still screaming and complaining over social media about the unfairness going on in the world and which US candidate would have been better than Obama when in truth the complaining won’t change anything and political parties whether Democrat, Republican or Independent are all corrupt!

And the government, politicians, lobbyists and banking cartel are corruptly running our United States of America with a corrupt hand. Our US Government acts like the terrible banksters are controlling them? We the people believe this? Truth is our government could control the financial institutions; it’s their job and one of the reasons we pay federal income taxes. The government authorities are supposed to protect the public from financial abuse of the financial institutions. Or didn’t you know this?

Yes, if you complain to the US Attorney General, (at the moment Eric Holder) you’ll be ignored or sent on a wild goose chase to another so called government financial watchdog for help and ignored some more from behind closed doors of secrecy. Even if 80M$s has been embezzled from your trust account, by a financial institution, you will never be interviewed but instead “handled” by automatic obtuse form letters sent out by machine, never mentioning the crime you’ve complained of and from behind more closed doors of secrecy. With this you can spend, such as in my case, over twelve years dealing with it in one way or another; contacting every senator, congressman, assemblyman or governor and be ignored some more, while slowly dying in the streets. At the same time, being attacked by more crimes because of being a whistleblower!

What does one do with the anger? In my case I write! So far I’ve written a four-part memoir and my Sweetie, Larry and I together have educated ourselves and therefore written four scripts, adaptations of my memoir.

So you ask as I have been many times, “Why not just give up; get over it; go on with your life!” Yes, this is what many “we the sheeple” do and this is why these crimes continue and now completely out of hand! The other reason these crimes need to be addressed is because when victims report crimes we’re instead of listened to, “Mafia Hit” into a situation where we can’t get employment or government assistance. Whistleblowers in America, like any third world country, are murdered for exposing financial & government corruption. Or didn’t you know this?

Victims have two choices, die from neglect or die fighting for justice. There are no other avenues today.

Yes, the USA Government is committing horrific crimes against all Americans and sanctioning financial institutions to embezzle, extort and launder funds from our checking, savings, trust and stock accounts. They are also allowing financial institutions to unlawfully foreclose on our homes as they use any method they choose. Then when you report these federal crimes to the proper government authorities you’re ignored.

Now, how do you think victims deal with being ignored after having their lives destroyed, ultimately by their government, because of horrific unaddressed crimes? Crimes the government agencies refuse to investigate, when they are the only entities that can investigate federal crime.

Civil law suits cannot fix these messes. Consumers using this method, out of complete desperation of not knowing where to turn, are finding themselves further victimized and receiving no justice whatsoever.

Well some Americans blame the financial institutions for controlling government. Right! This is like blaming employees for what’s wrong with our businesses. We’re responsible for our own businesses and whom we hire. How is it that the government can blame their employees (financial institutions) for stealing when they could investigate and charge them for a federal crime? But, somehow our government and the media have convinced the public that the bad ol’ banksters are being mean to the poor little government by taking all the monies? Come on sheeple get a grip on your selves!

Our government is the boss of what the financial institutions do but you see our government and the politicians get prizes from these financial institutions so they don’t want to do their jobs by punishing bad behavior? They might miss out on extra monies for themselves!

This is where my article takes a turn towards what has happened once again in this country today, while it’s entirely our government’s fault ultimately, because their corruption, refusing to do their jobs, has caused needless and horrendous suffering!

Can you imagine what these horrific crimes the government authorities purposely ignore are doing to the victims? Well we’ve seen this over and over with the random shootings going on in public places by angry Americans who just can’t handle something so they go out and terrorize people who should never be blamed! But the government authorities that should hear them don’t while held completely unaccountable? This does not in any way excuse the violent behavior some victims choose to exercise.

Hello sheeple, the government works for us not the other way around!

Of course I have no clue as to what this latest young man has dealt with in his life that would cause him to commit such a horrific crime as he did today in Newtown, Conn. We may never know, because we’ll never get the truth, first of all. The media will spin everything towards what they choose, obviously guided by the powers that be.

Then like, the Colorado shooting earlier this year, we might learn about all the drugs prescribed to this young man, while no one had a clue to what the side effects would turn out to be for these drugs, especially the psychiatrist who prescribed them. Ultimately this is the government’s fault again for not regulating the drugs that our doctors prescribe, while adding this to ignoring situations that destroy citizens’ lives to the point where they need to see a psychiatrist just so they can deal with these horrific injustices.

What is our Surgeon General doing these days? I had to look her up to even find out she’s a she and get her name?

Have you noticed in society today, ultimately created by the government, secured by the media, that human emotions are considered mental illness with titles and descriptions that boggle the mind? The truth? People are reacting to unaddressed injustices and don’t know where to put their f---ing anger! How does a twenty or thirty year old know how to do this when their mind has been insulted with chemicals and their rights as human beings demolished by their own government? Their parents often times drugged to the hilt because of many injustices that should have been handled by authorities and instead ignored also?

Some victims, not all, crack!

Now the media is all over the, seemingly unexplainable, horrific crimes as they manipulate truth and spin facts when they could have reported the original crime a long time ago. That would be a crime such as an embezzlement of a trust account by a bank that put a victim into the streets when it was reported and the government authorities refuse to investigate…worse yet they purposely ignore!

What do the unhealthy, drug induced victims of horrendous crimes do with their anger while the media actually blames the victims for being victimized, when ultimately the fault lies with government apathy and corruption. These victims end up acting out by committing outrageous acts against innocent!

Believe me our government uses all the experts they can on many fronts but psychological warfare would be one they can use from their desk chairs, from behind closed doors of secrecy, and through the media, in manipulating the public!

With the corruption in the government that I’ve witnessed I’m confident they are able to make many perfectly healthy people mentally ill with their abuse and mentally ill people violent! Then add the prescription medication given that the government authorities refuse to regulate.

Have Americans figured out yet that our government, through the media, can tell us and withhold just about anything they want? We have no way to know what’s true? Our government must get a real kick out of watching and listening to, we the sheeple, repeat information that they created to defer us from real concerns!

No the media would rather report a school shooting that took many young innocent lives than handle a report to save lives by warning citizens of dangerous situations, drugs, people, criminal financial institutions and government corruption. They could be helping to stop crimes but instead they perpetuate them!

The grief I feel today has paralyzed me, as I’m confident it has done the same and worse to the families of these poor innocent children and teachers. I can only pray that they will go to a better place and those left behind will find meaning in their great loss which they have no clue of today. Perhaps their love ones died as a catalyst for change in this country. I pray this is true and that one day their families will be able to honor the sacrifice their love ones made by their death in exchange for truth and exposure of government corruption!

As far as this young man is concerned who committed these crimes, there isn’t any justification no matter what had happened to him, only explanation and hopefully our understanding how to prevent these kinds of crimes in the future. I personally feel, because of my experience with government authorities and media not doing their jobs, this is where change must first be realized. These kinds of crimes have now become rampant in society as is evident in just this past year. Then we have Obama saying, “ Our hearts are broken today.” Of course they are! If crime, in this country, weren’t hidden by government, which Obama knows all about, but instead addressed, people would possibly think twice about committing horrific crime; others would be warned on how to protect themselves and there would be far fewer broken hearts.

Believe me, it wouldn’t matter who was in office today as president of the USA, they too know how corrupt our government truly is as they stand in front of the public shedding tears over a tragedy that could have been prevented if it weren’t for their greed & corruption! In fact this wasn’t a tragedy as we all loosely call it; tragedies are horrible accidents where no one has control and could do nothing to prevent it; this was a massacre created originally by government apathy and corruption!

This young boy today was only twenty years old. What could possibly have caused him to commit these crimes such as he did? Was he on a drug prescribed for one of the new attention disorders, our government doesn’t make sure is safe because they’re more interested in the kick back they may receive by allowing these drugs to sell to the masses?

When I raised my daughters in the 70s and 80s the schools were just beginning to suggest a whole classroom full of kids had a number of emotional and mental illnesses that required a new drug the government approved? I wouldn’t allow any of my daughters to take these drugs and refused to even discuss the idea. As it turned out most children weren’t ill as the school suggested, while they were taking their clues from the USA Government!

By the way Obama, this massacre isn’t about controlling guns, its about all the things government does against the people to hurt them because of government and politician greed. Do right by the people and they won’t crack under pressure needlessly killing. Taking our last and only protection away from us is merely your Hitler way of controlling us more so we’ll lose all our rights. Most all our rights are gone now!

If a few teachers in Sandy Hook Elementary School had guns on them, perhaps there would be fewer victims?

You want to make an example out of this twenty-year old boy? Be honest Obama, was this young man taking some new drug our government allowed on the market when they knew (you knew) it was unsafe?

“Guns don’t kill people; people do” and one of the best ways to see a normally good person kill would be if they were taking a drug our government should have pronounced unsafe. But hell I doubt our government conducts testing on these drugs nor would they care if the drugs were found unsafe. They may even suggest certain drugs purposely to people on the edge so they will commit horrific crimes? A very sick way to get otherwise unpopular legislation passed?

Our government is either approving drugs purposely so that people will crack up and kill or they are approving unsafe drugs for the financial kick back they get. Perhaps they just want to lighten up on the population?

Do you want to know what’s really sickening? We have the technology and wisdom to stop crimes such as what we’ve seen today and many others that destroy lives, but this information must be in the hands of great, God-fearing leaders, while it’s not. Instead all the wonderful knowledge we’ve acquired over thousands of years is in the hands of monsters that use this knowledge, from behind closed doors of secrecy, to manipulate and destroy their fellow human beings because of their need for power and money.

Obama is quoted as saying, “We’ll take meaningful action” Is this concerning the horrific abundance of shootings in the USA? Whatever could he mean when he knows how corrupt the government is and because of this corruption the reason for many crimes can be explained though he chooses to continue to hide these reasons? He’ll use this as the tipping point to ban guns from every American, which puts us all in the position where we’ll die of gunshot by either police or government.

I can’t even repeat what I’m thinking right now!

Gee I wonder why Obama conjured up the few tears we saw today? Was this because he fears the people will finally hold government accountable or was it a psychopathic act? I am confident that no matter who is president Americans would see the same, phony concern from a leader who knows much more than he/she is revealing.

Now one day after this outrageous massacre the MSM is announcing the evidence found in the home of the twenty year old assailant, but silently using bogus legal reasons as to why they can’t reveal what this evidence is? Truth is investigators may be hiding medication prescribed to this young man that sent him over the top and they're protecting the physician who prescribed the concoction? Or perhaps it’s some other issue where the government could have intervened and didn’t because they absolutely never do their jobs! Who the hell knows and this is exactly where the investigation will be in the end…nowhere: no honest information, more legal stalling techniques, lies and corruption!

I’m hoping and praying Americans are finally at a tipping point where they have had enough!

My heart and prayers are with the friends and families of these precious souls who have left this earth way too soon.

By; Deborah Breuner
Heiress Lives In A Tent

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