God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Thursday, February 4, 2016


Interestingly, and this surprises me, I still love my family, my blood group, and I always will; no matter what you have done to me. Because love doesn’t go away when people whom you have loved do something horrific to hurt you; it just hurts more. That’s all.

And one tends to not want to hurt so chooses to stay away from those hurting them.

I have a huge capacity to love; always have as you all know. My problem has been the time I’ve spent in emotionally responding to deep betrayal by those I’ve loved.

Anyone would respond hurt and angry; put yourselves in my place!

Interestingly as well, is how people, family, whom have said they love me are so willing to hurt me deeply, as if I don't even belong, then refuse to admit it or face what they’ve done; instead they want me dead so I’ll stop spreading the word!

First they spread untrue stories about me; then exile me from their lives for telling the truth!

Remember, I’m the truth teller in the family; perhaps you should have thought further than to commit these horrific financial crimes against me before you did it?

I spread the word only in the interest of saving my life, our lives. The story has escalated to this point because the authorities and courts, in this country, do nothing to stop the kind of crimes my own family and trusted financial elite have committed against me. But of course you knew all about this fact, didn’t you Richard Lynn Davis II and it’s the only reason you married me: for my money! My much older sisters, who came before you in financial crimes against me, knew the same. I didn’t; I was 21 years old when they started stealing from me. I believed in the law because I was too young to know better.

Spreading the word is the only recourse I have, making sure everyone knows exactly who you are, and rebuilding my life, our lives.

And here is where your continued betrayal comes in. Now you are choosing to murder me, us, in the interest of shutting me up! I believe you have always wanted me dead, this is why Rick tried to murder me, once he finished embezzling my trust, while publicly, for years during our marriage, subtly and flat out, telling anyone within earshot what a huge spender I was. A coverup, obviously to his embezzling!

But I didn’t die as he planned; perhaps my whole family was in on it, Rick was merely implementing the deed?

Instead I lived! Well now this must of really screwed things up for the embezzlers; I’d find out what they did. Sonny Van B├╝low didn't unfortunately have this miracle:>((

And, I have, while you have collectively been trying to kill me off since; for 18 years. Actually I can even recall many other instances during my fake marriage, Rick attempting to murder me, and I wasn’t even aware at the time. I thought they were accidents:>(( You see when you love someone you never assume those you love are evil!

If what I’m claiming weren’t true, you’d collectively do something to assist me, such as invest in my talent, our talent, so we can re-build our business and take care of ourselves. There’s nobody on earth that knows my talent as much as my family; this is true in Larry’s family too as far as understanding his talent.

You can’t claim we won’t succeed, thereby lose your funds, we have already succeeded with our business together in Sun Valley, Idaho and Colorado. I personally was successful in Michigan while Larry too was successful in California before we met.

The only instance where family, with great means such as you have independently or collectively would refuse to assist, a caring family member to the tune of $25,000.00 to $50,000.00 seed money, would only be if they wanted their family member dead; family wouldn’t otherwise treat a mother or sister as you treat me.

At the same time, your assistance now could bring on a lot of forgiveness of you after your financial betrayal of me. I don’t want my funds back; I can earn them if I can be designing and building our business.

http://bespokebydeborah.blogspot.com/ (sorry but most of these designs are almost 20 years old now)

I’d actually consider this opportunity if I were you; it will lighten your load when you meet your maker.

We will die in the streets without something working out for us, such as great employment, or an investor; our situation prevents both opportunities for different reasons unless family or friends step in. Or an angel...

Family who know us can help, but they refuse?

Now why would this be? Please don’t insult me with “Because you’re writing about the family all over the Internet!” This is purely my last resort to your deplorable, despicable behavior.

We no longer have friends and this too is for obvious reasons so we can’t turn to anyone anymore! The homeless and penniless don’t have a social circle and in order to keep Rick's lie going that he actually earned the funds he and his family now have, he's continuing to fill the air with defamation of my character and false information about me; think Ted Bundy of finance here; you'll get the picture.

Obviously exactly what you have worked towards for the last 18 years at least. You must be so proud of yourselves? Why is it when there's a loving soul in your midst by which to learn, find guidance, receive encouragement and love; you instead become jealous and destroy that which only seeks your wholeness?

It's called love.

Here’s a tip; had you helped me back in 2000 when I was begging you for help, I wouldn’t have found out about the embezzlement, most likely; written a six book memoir, self-published one or adapted these books to screenplays. I’d be too busy working, designing and selling. Additionally if you'd have invested, as an equity partner, you'd be realizing an income off our business.

So your ugliness has backfired!

What I like best? God is watching you! And, Winnie is already experiencing Hell!

God works in mysterious ways, doesn’t he? He rather wanted me to find out just who my family actually was, is; knew the authorities would do nothing and so therefore wanted me to expose this outrageousness that not only affects me, but anyone doing business with any financial institution in the country.

You can’t say it’s because we have bad work ethic that you don't assist? Anyone who could survive as we have going through what we have had to contend with couldn’t do it for 18 years unless they were diehards to survival; just what a business has to have to succeed!

Your next comment will be, “People lent funds to them and just look how they squandered them away.” Right, when victims to financial crime end up homeless and penniless, their bills are higher than yours would ever be: purposely throwing at us $1,000.00 bills here and there over the last three years merely allowed us some small breathing room; then we returned to homelessness and penniless through no fault of our own. And most of these bills came from non blood group family or angels whom have shown up in the nick of time.

Do you have any idea how much it costs to live in a sleazy motel? Well it’s at least $1,000.00 more a month than a high-end apartment; $1,500.00 for a less expensive one. But we never have enough funds to even move; we’re too busy trying to keep our bills current and survive; not to mention if we had an apartment we wouldn't have to store our belongs which cost another $400.00 a month.

I know you aren’t so stupid as to not understand this, or are you? Sometimes I think it’s been worth it to send these small amounts in funds to us from a couple of you; spread out over weeks and weeks in the last three years; not at all before then! “It’s the price of doing business” as they say; it’s what it costs to kill your mother and sister! And, it only put you back a few $1,000.00. No return on these funds, mind you, but well spent. Right?

You can’t equally say I don’t know how to handle money; try living like we have for 18 years; one learns a lot about how to squeeze a dollar and manage horrific situations when you haven’t a dime to your name.

We know how to accomplish this too; an investor will benefit in relationship with us, financially, because we know about the crimes of financial institutions, which I assure you most in the public don’t. So we can protect an investor better than any financial institution or money manager.

Well possibly not better than an embezzler; they obviously know more than we do, we just know about the kind of crimes going on in every financial institution in this world, while there’s no legal recourse.

In fact anyone making an investment, with their hard earned funds, hard earned stolen funds by some of you, would best want to invest in a great idea after the business owner’s had been through what Larry and I have experienced. The risk to your funds is almost nill.

But, my family’s jealousy, and hatred of me, for telling the truth out weighs their greed.


We could have accomplished a lot together!

That’s okay; Larry and I will do it on our own.

Wait did I tell you what just happened today?

Nah, maybe I’ll write about it when I get time; I’ll allow you the suspense now; might not though because we’re going to be very busy.

Love you all; always will:>)) I just don’t want you in my life until you're willing to make amends; I believe you know what this would look like.

By: Deborah Breuner
Heiress Lives In A Tent

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