God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Wednesday, February 3, 2016


When a well-loved adult daughter knows her loving mother will soon be living in the streets with only the clothes on her back; no money, work, car, identification or home, and does absolutely nothing about it, do you think she might want her mother dead?

My goodness what could her mother have done to deserve such treatment? Not that anyone, no matter what their problem is, deserves to live in the streets. However it makes some sense that grown children would blame, shame and neglect their mother if she were her own worst enemy; an abuser, horrific mother, horrible wife, a whore, a drunk, drug addict and more?

Nope, wrong; she was none of these; she was an heiress, and a loving mother and wife, whose husband, father and stepfather, to her three daughters embezzled and laundered all her money, her complete trust, as the financial elite helped by adjusting bank statements to reflect a lie…the lie was the money was there, when in fact it was slowly, over twenty-four years of marriage, being siphoned out into her husband’s failing business so he could pump the value up and sell it for almost 80M$s, the value of his wife’s trust left to her by her parents, both deceased, created by her great grandparents grueling work, while creating their own businesses in the middle 1800s.

A quality this wife and mother has never seen in her ex-husband or children.

But you see this heiress figured it all out while seeking for the answer to “Why” after twenty-four years of marriage, and still more years in mothering, her husband would suddenly try to kill her as her grown children exiled her…exactly upon the murder attempt?

Hum, I see it clearly now, but back then, 18 years ago, it all came as such a shock after years of what I believed to be a challenging marriage sometimes, but most of the time it was joyful, full; showered with good fortune and love from my soul. My daughters however, all three of them, were God’s gifts to me and I treated them as such; I had three very beautiful relationships with my daughters who always called me the best mother in the world: I loved them deeply. However I don’t believe they know what love is; they mimic instead two very jealous and greedy men I married, obviously my most dreaded mistakes.

Nevertheless my daughters continued to state I was the best mother over the years, even since the crisis in my life, instigated by my now ex-husband and financial elite…but I would continue to be exiled through 6 grandchildren and 18 years.

I even understand what happened here; it’s called jealousy and greed. I was independently wealthy which allowed me the time, energy and space to be as free as the wind: to do whatever I liked. Oh, and I did, which most of the time consisted of loving, caring and entertaining family and friends; enjoying activities with my husband and daughters; going back to school; obtaining an education in photography at the Center of Creative Studies in Detroit, and studying fashion design through Parson’s of New York mentoring.

What came first? Well that would be my family. What came first, first? It was my husband and daughters.

What am I punished for? I'm punished for being an heiress, as if it's my fault! I've been punished since as long as I can remember for this fact, while my sisters, daughters and other relies either had inheritances, as well, or would have in the future. I was generous with what I had; shared with everyone. My daughters would totally agree with this statement. Still, I shall be punished for being whom God brought me into the world to be.

Today, however, and since the attempt on my life my daughters all embrace the man, two men, who were and are out to destroy me, as well as my sisters who originally were stealing from me years earlier…just after my parents died.

I was 21 years old then.

My once precious daughters spend their holidays with their stepmother, a financial advisor, who allegedly helped my now ex-husband embezzle my funds. My grandchildren don’t have a clue to who I am? There truly isn’t anything crueler than this exile.

I know, as a cover-up to what my ex-husband did to me financially he’d often, during the divorce, call me Bipolar, Mentally Ill, Sick, Crazy, Nuts and announce to anyone who’d listen that I was having an affair…when the truth was he’d been having an affair both physically and financially with the financial advisor who is now his wife as of a month after his and my divorce was final.

Sure, I reported the financial crimes to all the proper authorities, in this country, many times over for many years; the more reports one makes to these authorities the more financial crimes will come after you until you’re homeless and penniless; they’ll even destroy your flourishing business so you can’t take care of yourself.

Because as a 50 year old woman, with very little employment experience, but lots of employer, you’ll obtain no employment and with no money you’ll obtain no re-education. Plus your credit will be unlawfully destroyed along with all the financial crimes committed against you. And, if you’re in business with someone else, as I was, who is also in his 50s; he won’t ever see employment again either. And, his credit will be destroyed, unlawfully, right along with yours.

This fact here is as shocking as the original crime committed against my trust and myself.

This is a picture of my business/life partner, Larry and my existence. The first part of the 18 years since my ex-husband tried to murder me were spent fighting financial crimes committed by the financial elite with Larry and I running our business; as of May 2007 we have been homeless and penniless albeit for a short time after the business had been destroyed we had a very small bank settlement and about ready to start over when these funds were embezzled too in 2010.

Do you think we might be targeted or don’t you believe in such?

I’m now 66 years old; Larry is close to the same. We have spent years, since 2007, either trying to rebuild our business, or get employment against all odds, I might add.

There will never be recourse for all the financial crimes committed against both Larry and I now, and it isn’t because there are no laws to protect the public; it’s because the laws aren’t upheld.

I personally believe, after what Larry and I have experienced and continue to see, these financial crimes are never investigated and they are committed as a slow murder to the victims. With the victims dead, the story of the financial crimes committed against them dies too.

It’s these unaddressed by the proper authorities financial and real estate crimes that are creating the homeless and penniless in this country. Once your credit is destroyed and you’re near 50 years old you’ll spend the rest of your life in pure survival mode. It will take months and months to find employment with all the challenges there are against you; churches, charities and agencies one pay’s taxes for or donates to absolutely do not help anyone. The shelters are full, yet most residents are lucky to be able to spend one night a month in one. If you have bills to pay they’ll be higher than most anyone elses would be, because if you’re homeless all your stuff is in storage, well that which you haven’t sold to survive. If through some employment or small gift from someone you’re able to retain a car, you’ll make three times higher monthly payments because of your destroyed credit. You’ll live in cheap motels that still cost more than an apartment to rent.

Our bills are as much as $3,500.00 a month with motels; last really good employment, but abusive, for Larry paid $2,800.00 a month. We can’t get into an apartment because of our bad credit; can’t afford to pay an agency that helps people like us get an apartment…so we are forced to remain in motels, the car or the streets.

If you trade your hard work ethic in from your career and business to now finding employment you’ll send out twenty résumés a day or more for months with no response, and if you’re lucky enough to get employment, it won’t pay what you need to sustain your bills, plus it will take you months before the employment starts and another two weeks before you’re paid; apparently it takes years to find decent employment…in fact it hasn’t happened for us yet and we’ve been seeking such since 2007; and we’re talented but the major issue is bad credit and our ages.

Yes, we have taken day work; often times you work all day and never get paid, or the job has already been given to someone else. Plus these jobs pay little!

Did you know almost all employment for people like us is full of abuse, crime and corruption? Sometimes you’ll work for two weeks and instead of the employer paying you, they’ll fire you for no cause, because there was none, but they got all their back laundry done until the next unsuspecting employee is hired for the same.

Motels do this!

No the labor union does nothing.

Larry and I happen to be lucky, we have talent and creativity; we were very successful in our business before the financial crimes destroyed it. It will take an investor, which we’ve sought for years, about $25,000.00 to $50,000.00 to set us on our feet long enough to start one of our quick money making ventures, which will create the funds to launch the fashion/furniture business we once had.

This has always been our goal, rebuild our business, but with destroyed credit finding lenders or investors are almost impossible. We have tried for years; creating business plans, financials and proposals for a multitude of businesses besides the one we had. We’re looking for the business venture that’s so good an investor will not care about our credit issues, brought on by crimes committed against us.

The only employment either Larry or I can retain is commission based, we’ve learned, and we can’t get enough money together, long enough, to get the time to start earning. We run out of the funds people have kindly loaned us before we can make any money.

One of the problems here is people won’t loan us enough money to pull us through, so we take what they’re willing to loan and inevitably run out of money before we can earn any ourselves or find another investor for more funds. But we rarely find them so run out of funds again.

Then these same people, who have kindly loaned us money, get furious with us because we just can’t f#@king get it together. We don’t really care who’s mad at us; we’re fighting for our lives here and often it feels like we’re losing the battle, while we’re treated as if we’re doing all this borrowing because something’s wrong with us?

Just this last fall we thought we had an investor in an old friend; she was considering an investment of $25,000.00, then she changed it to $12,000.00, then $6,250.00. This investor would have tripled her money by now on Larry’s work, his sculpture, especially during the holidays as country music fans saw it and ordered smaller bronzes from it. In the end, with only $6,250.00 we couldn’t even get into an apartment, much less have Larry build his original piece, so instead we borrowed the funds to survive and pay our bills for two months while we sought employment; there were plenty of bites to hire Larry, even a headhunter came after him paying him $150,000.00 a year with bonuses; but in the end Larry was passed over for a young kid. Since then he’s been hired three times in commission sales, but now we don’t have the funds to survive until he gets into the rhythm of learning the product and selling.

So my one daughter, my middle daughter, has been told now, after years of her exiling and coming back to me, about every five years, to check my pulse and see if I’m still alive, that I don’t want her contacting me anymore. “Why?” Well because she brings nothing to the table but religious music from You Tube and her prayers, so she says. She’s abusive, withholding, and secretive too. She did help us out with bills one month; she and her sister helped me obtain my Social Security, which could help us, but without one of us working, as well, gives us little; not even enough money a month to pay the car payments. My oldest daughter sent us a week’s worth of snack food. This is it though in over ten years of our homelessness and unemployment.

And, now since December 2015, my Social Security has been reduced by $200.00 plus.

It’s not that we aren’t grateful, we are, but these gestures are too small for the hugeness of our problem, which could be easily fixed with the right kind of assistance. Right now we get pulled out of despair for a short time, just to go back to it in less than a month.

What kind of daughters would sit back and watch me die, in the streets, with my partner and our wiener dog? For this matter what kind of family would allow this to go on? I have family members who could write a check, invest in Larry and my business, and make money off of us as equity investors. Larry has the same in his family; yet, their jealousy and hate for us overrides both their human decency and their quest to be rich.

If it weren’t for the kindness and patience of the people who run the latest motel we’re in, we’d be in the streets already as of two weeks ago. We’ve run into many angels on this ten-year journey of homelessness and pennilessness; most have been strangers.

I’ve begged my daughter, my middle daughter, to please seek through family and friends for an investor; one for just $25,000.00; I’ve asked her to please create a fundraiser for us otherwise. We can’t do it; we’ve tried. If you don’t have friends and family to start the donations, they’ll never come. And, the first thing victims, such as ourselves, lose are all their friends and family. And, homeless, penniless people don’t make new friends in their social circle who could donate to their cause.

In Larry and my case family have actually been the thieves, so this eliminates an avenue many people would have to seek for assistance.

Supposedly my middle daughter thinks I’m a creative genius; smart and very capable; she claims she highly respects me; has further constantly wished me well in rebuilding my partner and my business; all words because she refuses to put in the effort to help. She’s helped only enough for us to fail, then moved into her new house I've heard? I sure don't want to take away from my daughter moving into a new home, but the timing is odd in telling me considering I'm on my way to the streets again.

Larry, the Bu and I are praying for a miracle.

We actually obtained one investor a couple of years ago, as we sought $25,000.00. He was only able to invest $12,000.00 in the end, so we gratefully took these funds, got Larry’s prototype sculpture completed, while seeking a second investor so Larry could build the original; place it with the Country Music Hall of Fame where he’d receive orders for bronzes from country music fans. We couldn’t obtain our second investor, so haven’t been able to take this opportunity with CMHF; if we could have we’d be on our feet as of a year ago.

A couple of weeks ago, my middle adult daughter, after not speaking to me at all during the Holidays, because she was out west skiing I’d assume with her criminal stepfather and stepmother, text’s me with, “Hi! Mom how are you managing? Have you found work yet?”

It feels like she really meant, "Hi! Mom, are you dead yet?"

Of course she obviously knew we hadn’t found work yet, because she knows our challenges. I had already shared these challenges with her months ago.

I wrote her back with, “We don’t have the funds to get to work. Any work we have landed we’ve had to pass on; no funds for gas” or bus ticket for that matter.

For the next week I received total silence from my daughter. How does one, who LOVES, ignore anyone, she LOVES, with a message such as I left her?

She brings nothing to the table; I’ve finally released her with,

“I’m done! Don’t ever contact me again.”

I figure I’ve already lost everything I’ve ever owned; all those I’ve loved, and I am still being abused; or at least by my two oldest daughters; my youngest hasn’t spoken to me since 1999; well exile is abuse too.

I feel less grief and pain when I don’t have to revisit these emotions all the time and deal with poverty and homelessness.

I do wonder what God will say to my daughters, family and financial elite one day? I’d like to watch!

Meanwhile should this talent and ability go undone, while we live in the streets? http://bespokebydeborah.blogspot.com/

And, I'm counting on the Bible verse below:>))

Joel 2:25King James Version (KJV)

25 And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten, the cankerworm, and the caterpiller, and the palmerworm, my great army which I sent among you.

By: Deborah Breuner
Heiress Lives In A Tent

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