God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Saturday, January 2, 2016


Happy New Year! I want to thank all of you; thousands of readers I’ve had since 2012 from all over the world; most from Russia and the United States.

I hope and pray you are heeding what you’re learning, on my blog, about the financial institutions, financial elite, courts, judges, attorneys and media by what I’m sharing?

The bottom line is, there is no place to invest your hard earned funds if it concerns a financial institution, money managers, stock brokers or financial elite, because they are corrupt and can adjust your monthly financial statements to reflect anything they choose; there are no authorities holding any of these financially powerful entities accountable. A trust written properly, to protect you, won’t! This is because the laws of a trust (or any other legal financial protection) are not upheld; the authorities and courts refuse to uphold these laws.

Read my blog again if you’re having trouble believing me. Your greatest take home value after reading my blog (and others with experiences like mine) is to listen to the victims of financial crimes, not the media!

The media is lying to the public.

It’s when our government gets concerned about how angry the public has become over illegal foreclosures and other outrageous financial crimes committed by the powerful against them, an article will show up, on Yahoo, about all the financial entities that are committing financial crimes against their customers being investigated and prosecuted.

One of the telltale signs that these articles aren’t true is this; there are so many so-called financially powerful entities committing crimes and now finally being investigated? Do you think there would be this many if they were in fear of being investigated and prosecuted for committing financial crimes? They aren’t because they aren’t investigated and they all know it!

My story alone should convince you, the only truth there is comes from the victims of unaddressed by the proper authorities financial crime.
Period! How can we help you financially? Well besides your equity investing in our God given talent, we can protect your money because we know the truth of what the financial institutions are doing; we have seen and experienced it!

My husband/business partner, Larry and I are coming off almost eighteen years of dealing with horrendous financial crimes committed by the powerful against us, purposely unaddressed by the proper authorities. In fact the more I reported the crimes the more crimes were committed against me/us, by those I reported, to the FBI, DOJ and other financial watchdogs.

Never mind the corrupt court system, judges and attorneys; they just make sure records are never subpoenaed, while paying each other off; therefore the best one can hope for in justice is an out of court settlement, which amounts to nothing in the end!

Or one can rebuild their lives, as Larry and I are working on.

There is one way to earn a good income in this world, and this is by creating one’s own business and investing in what you can see, feel and touch; you’ll need what we have learned in order to retain the funds you’ll earn through your business or investment; if you don’t know what we have learned you’ll lose your money to unaddressed by the proper authorities financial crime, committed by your financial institution.

Do you want to go into business, become an equity investor, and really make some money? Do you want to have a better chance than most others to retain what you have earned based on the knowledge we have about finances, which is the truth to how to earn and keep your funds?

Let me know by emailing me first with your genuine interest in becoming an equity investor in; http://bespokebydeborah.blogspot.com/

Larry and I have a number of completed business plans; some with the financials. We have already landed two very small investors, concerning Larry’s sculptures, which allowed us to advance in tiny ways, but not enough yet to really move forward. We still live in motels, our car and often threatened with landing in the streets. We have spent many past years struggling to survive, find justice, re-instate the once flourishing business, (blog address above) all the unaddressed financial crimes destroyed illegally, and even have come up with a number of great new ideas; one non-profit idea which will help humanity. We just need an equity investor for the fashions and furniture; the rest we can manage on our own once we again start bringing in money, as we once did with the fashion and furniture. We are seeking sponsors for the non-profit as well.

Most of all there is no justice because of the corruption in the government authorities and courts; there is exposure coming from a strong platform, which we seek once our businesses and non-profit are up and running.

The fact is, Larry and I can do this, but because of all the unaddressed by the proper authorities financial crimes committed against me first, then Larry, we cannot get loans with our illegally destroyed credit. What a shame that because of this fact, and without an investor, we’ll just wastefully perish into the streets to our death from starvation and exposure. Frankly I believe, after what we have seen, this is exactly what our USA Government is in cahoots with the financial institutions to accomplish. It’s like the unaddressed financial crimes are bad enough, but then the victims to them get hit again with their credit unlawfully destroyed.

Many positions in employment will not hire anyone with bad credit; if you’re in your sixties and have always been self-employed then forget it!
Think about it. Most of the time the only difference between you, who have employment, an income and a home, and us is you haven’t been struck by financial crimes yet committed by your financial institution. Contrary to what the media tells us, there are millions of talented, creative, hard working people living in the streets today because none of the authorities or courts do their jobs. All these homeless, penniless people would need is some support, possibly an equity investor in one of their ideas or inventions and they'd have their lives back, while the investor would be earning a lofty sum as well.

This is a fact!

Thank you,
Deborah Breuner

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