God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Wednesday, January 16, 2013



This is what I believe is going on with the alternative news sources I’ve had experience with so far. First of all remember this if nothing else; these alternative sources and websites must keep a good relationship with the financial institutions in their area or they might have the same thing happen to them as has happened to me. Being a true activist is very dangerous and can only make a difference if you’re willing to die for your cause. I have no other choice than to choose to die for my cause; it’s either take this chance or die anyway.

Some of these worker bees, otherwise known as alternative reporters, helping homeowners save their property are mortgage bankers, attorneys and even once ran for some office or held it. Normally one would think, “Then I have the best of the best helping me.” Not always true! Remember these individuals must play two ends against the middle or lose all their connections to the almighty dollar.

How they help the homeowner to the unsuspecting-scared-out-of-their-mind-victims is by stopping a foreclosure using whatever means while money is changing hands, much of this money coming from the victim when because of the federal crimes committed shouldn’t cost the them a dime; they should be getting money from the financial institution or mortgage company committing federal crimes to take their property? The serious federal crimes are not being exposed or they’re being downplayed! Yes, we’ve heard about some like robo-signing but this my friends is nothing compared to what is actually going on. The media, including alternative is appeasing consumers with exposing the small crimes to divert the public from the gigantic ones, while all media helps keep these serious crimes underground, including Martin Andelman and Bill Windsor to name two! They aren’t the only ones…trust me!

This isn’t about a battle for justice anymore? No, I’ve fought a battle against federal crimes against me by financial institutions for many years; longer than most and I’m here to tell you there are no legal remedies. Oh, you’ll go through years of amended complaints, court hearings; disappointments with judges’ orders; re-filing; hearing lies about the laws from your own attorney; your attorney unethically withdrawing from representing you; hiring new attorneys; appeals; seeking foreclosure guru websites, and finally settlements where you’ll get from the defendant (financial institution) nothing compared to your devastation. It’s usually like a sixteenth of a penny for every million dollars of loss to you with the unlawful, criminal, federal crime foreclosure. In other words there is no justice for these outrageous crimes committed against you and your family. Many of you have just embarked onto your journey to find this out:>( Our USA legal system is corrupt and in bed with the USA Government protecting the financial institutions. Period!

You will then hear this from many others who sucked it up and believe anyone who fights for their rights is a loser, “Just get on with your life and forget about it; remain positive”! Believe me I’ve become confident that the term “The Secret” was started by our government as one way to shut the sheeple up along with “Abraham”.

Have we noticed? Crime today is perfectly acceptable and we the victims are considered “sick” or better yet “nuts” for demanding our civil and constitutional rights to justice! The devastation these crimes have left in our paths is nothing less than a slow death to many. I know it has been for us and since I don’t get out and about much anymore, because I have no vehicle or a bus stop near by, I don’t get the opportunity to chat much with others in person. I do have nice chats on Twitter and Facebook:>) Actually I’m horrified as I listen and watch others seek justice for mostly unlawful foreclosures, because I know from experience these poor homeowners-become-victims will never win their battles; never get their homes, back, albeit temporarily, and by the time they’re done with attorneys and courts they’ll have no money left either.

Besides, these unlawful foreclosures are rampant in society today! Does this fact concern anyone? Do we wonder why someone in a financial institution somewhere can’t seem to get it right? You know like handle loan documents correctly; receive monthly payments and credit them to the proper accounts? Our society is far too advanced for there to be these ridiculous issues with home mortgages? So, the issues have had to be created purposely, while the proper government authorities purposely ignore the crimes. So we need to ask ourselves why?

Why to our government, hopefully someone in charge, would be far more effective than constant advice from well-meaning and sinister foreclosure experts? Well-meaning or not these so-called foreclosure experts are making money off our being victims to federal crimes. Instead we should be demanding answers from our government! Of course I’m sure you’ve noticed, the government never discusses the unlawful foreclosures and when they touch on the subject, their response indicates that they have no control over what the financial institutions are doing? Yes, well this is how Obama responds. To be fair, this is also how Bush responded.

Come on “we the people” you can’t possibly believe our government doesn’t have the ability to stop these financial institutions from committing crimes against you and your family? Our taxes pay for Eric Holder and many other financial watchdogs to protect the public from financial abuse by the financial institutions.

However the truth is, our government doesn’t want to stop these crimes! They like federal crimes because they are benefiting from them. So around and around we go and you say to me, “Talk all you want about our government, I know they’re corrupt but this is just the way it is; nothing can be or will be done about it. We just have to move on.”

Ok, lets move on to hiring attorneys to save our homes that were taken from us by federal crimes. In my case I’ve actually had assets embezzled by a number of financial institutions also, and live in the streets today because of the horrendous crimes committed against my trust and me. And you thought a trust protected your assets? But, the attorneys aren’t doing anything other than playing two ends against the middle. Yes, we’ve always wondered how one minute our attorney is in battle with opposing counsel in court then they dine together the same evening. This is because an attorney’s first responsibility, unbeknownst to their client until they’ve had experience, is to keep all people involved with a lawsuit happy except their client! A client is to always be screwed over while the judge, attorney and defendant make money!

So here we have financial institutions stealing our assets; a government who sanctions the behavior but says they don’t; attorneys who say they’ll help but won’t. Judges who are also corrupt or could care less! Americans are furious! In come foreclosure experts as they call themselves. People we shouldn’t need if our government authorities were doing their jobs, but they aren’t. The foreclosure experts take more of our money for their advice, often on what law firm to hire, as the attorneys still play two ends against the middle, screwing their clients over! Summand the state bars, who don’t hold any attorney accountable whether you found them on your own or the foreclosure expert gave you their name. Ok then call the media! No they won’t report these continued crimes. Call the alternative media! No they won’t report anything the MSM doesn’t cover?

Then give up, temporarily after twelve years of battle for regrouping, while now starving to death, and call your local church or charity for food and shelter. No you’ll very likely not qualify or these agencies are so use to getting away with basically the same federal crimes as the financial institutions they’ll just arrogantly laugh in your face and kick you to the curb!

“Get employment,” you say? No, that possibility ended the day one reported the federal crimes to the proper US government authorities. Reporting federal crimes in the USA to, Eric Holder earns you a “Mafia Hit” that will prevent your retaining employment or government assistance, while you peddle your belongings in the streets for money to eat and live in your car. “Where do you keep personal items and legal documents?” you ask. Well they are all in a storage unit whose existence gave way to the new reality TV program Storage Wars! Yes, Storage Wars and programs like this now define America! “Get something for nothing at a victim’s expense!”

That’s fine, “lets try this Twitter and Facebook thing; I’ll be my own informer.” And, it is a very pleasant experience but the powers that be here work very hard to abolish the first amendment concerning content, especially mine! “Well never mind, get my book out there to the public and inform,” as I must watch millions of Americans and Europeans still talking about what to do concerning their latest foreclosure; trying methods I know from experience don’t work; hiring attorneys I know are mostly all criminals; contacting government agencies who will never do their jobs, I’ve contacted them multiple times! But, the public is in the dark, just where our government and media wants them. Well until these victims learn what Larry and I have learned they’re in the dark! Awakened as we are now they’re probably told what we’re advised by those who haven’t a problem in the world compared to ours; neophyte victims to the federal crimes; paid foreclosure experts and activists with only so much experience, “Oh for Gods sake quit feeling sorry for yourselves and keep moving forward! You have to work hard to get justice today!” I’m thinking, “Really? Does this include being constantly re-victimized by what I’d call “whores”? This would be, those in society looking to make a dime off of other’s misery?

You might ask,"Well don't you have family or friends who can help"? The answer is simple, "No, family and friends get tired of the kind of problems we have so they cut you loose with an attitude indicating we aren't doing all we can to help ourselves!" But, then again many of my family are involved with the original federal crime, embezzlement of my funds, along with the financial institutions so they aren't at all excited to help in any way. They concur with the USA Government in wanting me dead! They certainly don't want to be putting up with a whistleblower longer than they have to!

Yeah! That must be what Larry and I are missing! The “sticktutiveness” that made the United States of America once great! We’ll have to work on this! However,I just counted how many years we have worked and smartly too; it's been sixteen years!

Meanwhile, if you want to know the truth to what is going on with all these foreclosures and other federal crimes committed by financial institutions and mortgage companies, plus the crimes of the attorneys and foreclosure experts claiming to help, pick up my book, God’s On Our Side Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control! Available here on my blog or from Amazon

By: Deborah Breuner
Heiress Lives In A Tent

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