God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Wednesday, January 2, 2013



Now I ask you why are Americans spending a good portion of their lives in a courtroom, (if their fortunate enough to have their day in court anymore) otherwise struggling with proving federal crime has been committed against them by a financial institution, instead of being protected by laws already in place eliminating such strife?

It’s insane!

I mean if the federal laws, already in place, were being upheld do you think financial institutions would commit horrendous federal crimes against their customers while wearing an arrogant f#@$ing smile across their lips? Then when you call them on it they purposely commit more federal crimes, as in ‘Mafia Hit’ against you, as their f#@$ing smile grows into laughter?

Finally you’ve had it with trying to discuss problems with the bank president and hire a banking attorney who unbeknownst to you lies about laws and may have once sat on the bank’s board of directors, still does or wrote the tiny script seen on all loan documents? But they are very careful about revealing any of this, or be honest, so as not to perjure them selves, not that it really matters because as long as they have the judge on their side they can lie all they want. Padding a judge pocket often helps. Attorneys lie about the rules of the court and how a complaint is written and why it’s written the way it is? Sometimes they don’t show up in court for a hearing with the judge, the judge dismisses the case and doesn’t mention this fact about the attorney not being present in his/her ruling? Instead he/she may write, “Dismissed for lack of evidence”.

“Wow, whatever could he/she have meant?” Well in my case when I questioned my attorney I got, “Oh I subpoenaed the account statements and they haven’t shown up yet. Don’t worry I can re-file once the UBS, McDonald & KeyBank statements of your trust account show up.” Now why would I question this answer from a prominent attorney with state bar memberships from California to Florida and most states in between and in good standing with them all too? I wouldn’t ten years ago, but today? My God I have a difficult time trusting any attorney today. Whatever advice I’d get now, I’d run to the law library and look up my best option on my own. Not that this would actually do any good because the judges are all corrupt too. And, no matter what federal law you can prove has been annihilated by a financial institution the judge will pull something like this if he were telling the truth, “I’m not allowing that black n white evidence into my courtroom today it’s too black n white and may incriminate the criminals, whereby I’ll have to find them guilty and lose my pocket padding, so we’ll skip that proof”. (Smile)

The truth is our legal system is set up to be criminal with all its, “That’s attorney client privilege crap” as an answer to all uncomfortable questions from behind locked doors of secrecy. Then all a judge has to do is say, “I won’t allow that into evidence”. Or this is my favorite, normally said differently, using important legal phrases, but might as well be said just like this, “I’ve changed my mind, you will not have your day in court, instead you’re evicted from your 2M$ home by your attorney who’s committing moral turpitude; lying about having a law license in Colorado; sports 85% fake CVs on his law firm website, committed bank fraud and bankruptcy fraud in his capacity as your attorney and been charged by the CalBar in the past. Oh and you say Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, our SCOTUS, has had something to do with all this as he was once your attorney but he won’t give you your file? Well hell this case is adjourned. Good day”. (Smile)

Lets not mention that all the state bars other than perhaps Kansas hide crimes their attorneys commit, in a secret place, on their state bar site where you practically have to siphon blood out of your arm, hold your mouth just right and spend three months perusing their site to figure out how it works in order to find an attorney’s discipline records. What the public sees easily, with little effort, pops up right away and the report is always squeaky clean unless an attorney ends up as a state bar scapegoat for some corrupt law firm; he/she has pissed another attorney off or murdered more than twenty clients. However, after what I’ve seen and experienced I’m assured state bars protect even attorneys who are serial killers. I wish I merely had someone in my family who wouldn’t have only one purpose in my life, which has always been stealing money from me when they had plenty of their own?

A state bar is an attorney’s ally not their disciplinary board. In fact if your goal in life is to be a criminal becoming an attorney would be your best option for having a long, successful career at any crime you chose.

I can also guarantee becoming a judge will protect you from any kind of prosecution as well under the same circumstances as for attorneys, The Commission on Judicial Conduct protects their own as well.

So if any of the powerful professionals in law are naughty who punishes them for their crimes? Likewise, when the “banksters” are naughty who holds them accountable? Who holds presidents, governors and other government officials accountable? Come on you know the answer. It’s no one while money flies under tables going at lightning speeds into pinstriped pockets. And, you pay taxes for this behavior!

Consequently we the people must demand a stop to this! We are the only ones above all these criminals! And, believe me, today they have no fear of us as we shout across social media with rage that goes nowhere but straight into the ears of our enemy, our USA Government!

After what I’ve seen, I trust the financial institutions, attorneys, judges & government know exactly how each legal issue will turn out way before you spend ten years fighting for your home for instance, spending every red cent you have left to prove federal crimes while the legal world, those you’ve hired to represent you, are orchestrating and manipulating how it will all turn out…in the house favor, not yours. I even know someone who’s set up a fundraiser seeking donations so she can pay her attorney to fight her foreclosure in court? I don’t fault her, she’s where I was ten years ago, believing the law will prevail!

Instead she’ll end up, like many others at the very best, losing her home, being paid a miniscule amount by the bank in settlement while the attorney & judge lies to her about why it all turned out this way preventing a court trial. By now, after close to ten years or longer a person is so f#@$ing tired they’re settling for whatever. They have lost everything including their excellent credit illegally destroyed by federal crime; the financial institution and attorney have won everything. And, they’re already in the midst of another bogus legal battle that they presently know how will turn out.

Again, with all the federal laws neatly established why would anyone need to spend their lives in court proving a law had been broken? Why do financial institutions arrogantly break these laws faster than lightning speed and everyday as if they’ll never be held accountable? Because they know they won’t be; they’re making extra money by what they’ve stolen from you, even if they have to pay you something, it’s nothing compared to what they gained by committing the federal crime in the first place; the corrupt attorney is happy to get paid costs from their client which they don’t have to prove is owed to them until the financial institution they supposedly just went up against hires them where they’ll make big bucks!

Conflict of interest laws aren’t upheld in this country either, just so you know. I mean bank presidents are running for USA office and politicians are becoming bank presidents? And, they're all laughing at "we the people" putting up with this!

Here’s one simple example of what I’ve been through; my 3M$ ten acre trust owned property in Sun Valley, Idaho was completely paid for; I built the home from scratch for $350,000.00 cash. Yes I made a very good real estate decision and my property appreciated a lot. I mean the experts advise these kinds of investments. What they don’t tell you is if you are fortunate enough to make a great decision such as this, a financial institution is waiting in the wings to steal it from you any way they can and you don’t have to have a loan against your property in order for a financial institution to foreclose. In fact your home can be in a trust, which should protect it, but hello ladies and gentlemen it doesn’t. In fact a trust protecting your assets is like wet pain to a financial institution. They just plain old ignore this expensive legal volt of protection, ignore a judicial foreclosure demanded by law for a trust owned property and foreclose non-judicially. Why? Because they want to; want the property; costs less; won’t be forced to litigate; takes a whole year less time and the judge won’t have to look at the documents in a non-judicial foreclosure. So law or no law the attorneys, with the judge’s help, throw all laws to the wind and foreclose using a personal loan, (which by the way is paid up ahead by a year) because the home is owned outright. And they don’t leave it at this they boldly steal all your furniture too! Then the bank turns around and sells your beautiful log home in the mountains of Sun Valley, Idaho (the home you were never in default on) to a bank executive (probably from KeyBank) for half it’s value, while destroying the value of the other properties in the area.

So the next time your trusted money manager or attorney recommends that you take out a small loan for tax purposes, run from the idea because a financial institution will use your little loan to foreclose on you, in spite of the fact that it’s against the law. In fact the federal crimes have become so bold in this country that it won’t be long before a bank forecloses on you for being overdrawn on your checking account if it hasn’t happened already?

Believe me the financial institutions and legal world have gone helter skelter because they have our USA politicians & government thirsting for their money and legal wrangling to get them elected and out of trouble or helping them face trouble while automatically protecting them from being discovered. It’s a given.

Our government should be an example for the rest of us; leading to uphold the laws and because they aren’t, on purpose, there is no change that can take place in this country.

All that is going on, at this point, are continuous federal laws being broken by the most powerful people in society, financial institutions, while the legal world protects them from being investigated, charged and prosecuted and the government likes it like this because they benefit while they don’t possess the kind of ethics and morals to rise above the corruption and lead.

How many people realize government authorities; financial watchdogs and FBI are the only authorities to address federal crimes? These cases concerning federal crimes by financial institutions are not supposed to be litigated civilly. An honest attorney, after merely hearing of cases like mine and those of millions of other Americans, would direct the victims to the attorney general. It’s true! This is where these cases belong while the attorney general investigates the financial institution. Why? Because these crimes concern all consumers doing business with this particular financial institution and so the one federal crime could be part of thousands more affecting many customers and potential customers. An attorney general doing his job would want to stop these crimes committed by the powerful financial institutions. It’s their job for which our taxes are paid.

This in my mind is one of the reasons the financial institutions just commit crime after crime, knowing all along no one will stop them, certainly not Eric Holder or any of the state attorney generals, while the poor public gravels with the one thing they have left, civil law suits filed by attorneys with an agenda; know they can’t win but happy to be paid costs, and little knowledge about what’s going on in the federal financial institutions.

Apparently it’s not Eric Holder’s job either, at least not as far as he’s concerned so therefore he should be fired! And there isn’t a state attorney general in my jurisdictions, Michigan, Idaho, Colorado and California who do their jobs either? They need to all be fired!

With the federal laws we have in place and the taxes we pay to have these laws implemented there is no reason there should be a pandemic of federal crimes and illegal foreclosures?

The financial institutions should be scared to death to commit these federal crimes because of stiff regulations and prosecutions. And if they slip crimes through once in a while, in a not so perfect world trying it’s best, then why should a consumer have to spend more money over and above what has already been stolen from them through federal crimes? Come on people civil law suits are about arguing over whose fault something is and proving it? When a financial institution embezzles, extorts and launders our funds out of our checking, savings, trust and stock accounts or illegally forecloses on our property there’s no question as to who’s fault it is and we the public are not on the same playing field as the financial institution. They have all these documents, statements and computer programs we don’t have and they also manipulate the system in hiding documents along with having access to many more avenues than we the people have to hide facts. Just how does an individual fight a corrupt financial institution, against an army of banking attorneys, who have tons of money to fight with: far more knowledge about the law, how to corrupt it and how to hide facts and documents than we do or our attorney might? Our attorney, who would be far happier representing the bank than us because they are assured of being paid, just wants to get our case over with; at least be paid their costs in case they lose; become friends with the financial institution executives so they’ll hire he/she and their law firm next time. It’s all about money not the law or justice!

If you’re skeptical about what I’ve just said about attorneys who take on these bank cases I invite you to contact every law firm who handles banks in Idaho and inquire about filing suit against KeyBank. You will be told they can’t help you because they represent KeyBank. Does it concern you that a criminal bank would scoop up all the law firms in their area, creating conflict of interest issues so the public can’t hire them if need be? Why would any bank need over a hundred law firms in one state representing them? Then again, maybe KeyBank sent a massive email out to all law firms in Idaho telling them I’d be calling and that they should turn me down. No matter what our powerful legal system is sick, twisted, corrupt and mostly criminal.

Do you think these outrageous unaddressed federal crimes and the attorneys and judges who help circumvent the laws could have something to do with our very weak economy? Personally I don’t see any remedies to any problems as long as federal crime is our USA foundation, which it is today.

Now lets talk about the media on which I won’t take much of your time but to say, the media whether MSM or alternative does not tell the public the truth as they withhold, twist, lie, sensationalize and lie some more with just one goal in mind…manipulating the public!

The media should be held legally responsible for all financial damages to millions of USA homeowners, whom have been challenged by illegal foreclosures, because they aren’t telling the public the truth! They should also be slapped with a defamation of character lawsuit for reporting that these foreclosures are the consumer’s fault!

Another untruth the media spouts concerns all the filings in court suing financial institutions! I challenge you to follow these so-called lawsuits all the way to the end if you can still find articles written about cases after the initial report? Most are dismissed! Then if a financial institution somehow ends up being a scapegoat, for the mere purpose of calming the public, see what they end up paying which by the way goes to the law firm, who annihilates the terms of their contract with no fear of the law, not the suffering victims to the federal crimes. An example would be that the financial institution pay a sixteenth of a penny for every one hundred thousand dollars they criminally embezzled, extorted, laundered or foreclosed upon. Hey to them it’s the cost of doing business and worth every penny including their time in court and settlement rooms. To the consumer it’s the destruction of their lives.

And, this my friends, along with all the other laws that aren’t upheld in this country, is what’s wrong with our USA and the economy while the media continues to revert your attention to less important issues, even lies to you about the housing market coming back.

Our USA Government learned a lot from the Hitler regime and that is “make it more subtle this time around”!

By: Deborah Breuner
Heiress Lives In A Tent

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