God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Sunday, February 3, 2013



Yes, media organizations who pride themselves in really, really telling the truth based on the fact there is little truth coming from MSM or alternative sources, but in all honesty, I don’t know what they call themselves other than by the title they give which consists of a personal name, such as a William, (Mr. IWasTheFirstToInterviewAfterTheTrial…) or something all encompassing like, Lawless America.

Actually based on what the public knows about the MSM these alternative, alternative media have to be worse, in my mind, because they are scared to death the government mafia will come after them, if they really tell the truth, so they pussy foot around the truth with little leeks here and there and call it the truth! They’ll tell you they want your story, once and for all, getting the truth to the poor public then they’ll manufacture reasons why they just can’t get to you to do the interview? I mean really it’s worse than sociopathic behavior, which makes them worse than MSM. But, they aren’t media whores like alternative media yet; they ‘re alternative news“want-a-bees”.

So this leaves the victims to horrendous federal crimes committed against them by national financial institutions and important leaders that run the United States of America, (like SCOTUS Anthony M. Kennedy) to fend for them selves with getting their stories out! Yes, there is no other way in the USA if you don’t die first from the “Mafia Hits” sent your way, as punishment, to your whistle blowing on the powerful!

Fortunately, as with most unfortunate truths, there’s always something or someone out in the world who will actually help get the truth out…this would be you, yourself and I, through people powered media, along with the occasional wide eyed optimist who believes still that they are making a difference with exposing real truths, such as on their own Internet radio program etc. And they are, but the nature of what they do, behind the scenes, in spite of what the MSM claims and spins, and the alternative blasts across the airways, is alternative to the alternative which makes most of the public think, “I’ve never heard this before I bet it’s not true”? When in fact, what we learn from these out of the way Internet radio programs and individual stories is actually the only truth there is, Period!

So who cares whether the truth gets out? You should actually because these truths could be the difference between whether you and your family, for instance, get robbed by your financial institution or even someone else, while there will never be anything done about it…not even an investigation! So best you make sure these thefts don’t happen at all, since there is no recourse. As it stands today, the public is playing Russian roulette with their lives and assets in the USA! It’s merely a matter of time before you too will be struggling to get a horrendous financial crime committed by someone you should be able to trust, such as your financial institution, (money manager, trustees, stock brokerage, attorneys) investigated and prosecuted. It won’t happen and instead you, as a victim, will be kicked to the curb with what feels like a mafia hit for reporting the horrendous crime(s).You'll suspect there’s some large entity pulling the strings?

At first you won’t notice this mafia hit actually, it’ll just appear that you’re experiencing some more bad luck in your life after the original crime(s) committed against you and your trust. You’ll notice everything you do, everyone you hire including attorneys, write, including financial watchdogs and attorney generals, ignore you with obtuse form letters or if representing you, in some capacity, they’ll be purposely withholding evidence from judges. You’ll deal with this for years in between more federal crimes committed against you, then your business, until you’re completely homeless and penniless. Then you’ll notice you absolutely cannot retain employment in spite of advanced qualifications, nor can you get government assistance of any kind. Past President Bush and President Obama ignore your “death row” begging-for-your-life-letters.

Finally your suspicions become a reality by realizing your life is being controlled by another entity, while you haven’t a cent to your name, homeless and hungry… dependent on selling your belongings in order to survive. There aren’t churches or charities that will help either? Is it our USA Government? Who else could it be? Who’s paying whom off? Just who is being protected?

Well in my case there’s a number of entities involved. We have KeyBank who most of the public doesn’t even know exists though they are a national bank, represented in every state in the USA, including Cologne, Germany, and considered mafia owned by victims to their federal crimes. And, there are secretively many more victims across the country, silenced. Then there’s NBD (National Bank of Detroit) now owned by Chase. There’s UBS Paine Webber, (was)Shearson Lehman and McDonalds Investments secretly (at the time) owned by KeyBank. Before my case against KeyBank was over they sold McDonald Investments. Why? I don’t know for sure but there is 80M$s of my trust account that has disappeared while McDonald Investments was involved with my now ex-husband’s failing business, (Davis Industries) in evaluating and selling it for close to 80M$s to Tesma International, close to the exact value of my trust! Hum, I at least smell a rat in why KeyBank sold McDonalds Investments and in why the attorney I hired to retrieve my assets, instead dismissed McDonald Investments from the lawsuit. Add the fact that SCOTUS Anthony M. Kennedy was my attorney advising and helping set up a trust to protect my assets from 1970-1978 and now refuses to return my file is quite telling? It’s been eight years since I started asking on my own and supposedly as long by attorneys I’ve hired with no response. See this is the kind of stuff the media withholds from the public:>{Alternative media reports what MSM already revealed and alternative, alternative chooses subjects that won’t get them in trouble…like news flashes on the dead and what they’ve been up to lately!

My final remark on all this, after being stomped again by another alternative, alternative making sociopathic promises to interview me, and never showing up with excuses a two year old could spot, is this. Wake up America and listen very closely to those of us that have been victimized by federal crimes. So far Americans are heard saying, “OMG I refuse to watch the news anymore; it’s not news it’s a performance and soap opera; plus it’s all a bunch of lies”! Yet, these same viewers have a problem believing a story, such as mind, if they didn’t hear it on national news? At the same time people powered outlets like Twitter and Facebook are being censored for content such as on what I reveal.

When are Americans going to realize we’re being led by a Hitler regime only worse, because we’re being controlled to our deaths, by MSM, from behind the scenes. Hitler didn’t hide as much!

By: Deborah Breuner
Heiress Lives In A Tent

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