God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Monday, January 7, 2013

There’s A Time & A Place To Use Butt; Especially When Talking To A Butt Head!


So I’ve had 80M$s embezzled out of my trust account and lost three multimillion dollar pieces of property (two were my homes) from illegal foreclosures and federal crimes committed by financial institutions. Had most of my furniture stolen by these monsters also while having to sell the rest so I could eat. I've been living in a tent for three years, as the attorneys I’ve hired committed more federal crimes against me and the reason I don’t get the right kind of legal help is because I’ve used the wrong words in describing my problem during the last twelve years. Really?

What a liberal bunch of crap, which I’ve heard before using slightly different variations in phrases. But what’s really interesting to me is I’ve heard remarks like this from people belonging to all political parties. Today, it doesn’t matter anymore whether you’re a liberal, conservative or independent, if you’ve been drinking the Kool- Aid you’d probably go along with the advice above. You know, “Use the correct words while describing your problems with the financial institutions and you might get something done"!

Oh my God! This is not true, and why should anyone mince words when it comes to crimes? Murder is called murder, why are federal financial crimes considered bad words almost as if one is using the “f” word inappropriately? Oh don’t say federal crime or accuse anyone of such, “Shame on you for saying that “ is the attitude? The attorneys especially sell this bill of goods to, you the victim, of horrific federal financial crimes. This is the first lie you’ll hear as you seek legal help for federal financial crimes committed against you.

You see we aren’t supposed to use the word “fraud” either when we complain to an attorney or financial institution about federal crimes committed against us? It’s a bad word, throws the defendant off course because fraud is very difficult to prove in a court of law?

Hello people this is attorney language for, “I don’t want to take your case on because I’m really protecting the bank you want to hire me to sue though I advertise for the plaintiff; the truth is this financial institution is planning to hire my firm and me next year and I can’t wait; be making lots of money:>)) Or here’s my favorite, “If you don’t have the account statements we can’t prove anything; you don’t have a case”!

Well of course you don’t have the account statements, the bank withheld them; quit sending them; so you’d have a difficult time proving anything! There's always the process of subpoenaing these statements, by a judge’s order, but the judges help the financial institutions by completely avoiding this process? Plus the financial institutions have the capability to adjust your bank statements ladies and gentlemen! Or weren’t you aware?

Fraud and federal crimes are really very easy to prove but the legal system puts all their energy into hiding the crimes, and this is what makes proving difficult. But it’s your own attorney that starts the ball rolling towards masking the federal crimes committed by these financial institutions and financial elite, while the judges are most happy to oblige. And from others I’ve spoken to, involved with CPS, the corruption in the courts and with the legal profession are the same…corrupt!

The liberal advice I received today started with what I’ve revealed above and it ended with my being told I’m basically a victim who uses the word “but” way too often. I need to continue to move forward and stop whining about the financial institutions proclivity to corruption? I was also told that the reason federal crimes banks commit aren’t addressed is because if they were no one would put their money in a financial institution!

Dah to this one!

The person who shared these wise words of wisdom with me did so with support in her voice for the financial institutions? I guess she momentarily forgot that I’d had 80M$s embezzled by a few financial institutions; lost three multimillion dollar properties which were completely paid for, through illegal foreclosure; and both criminally lost my furniture in these illegal foreclosures or had to sell the rest so I could eat. Then again she may not care? I don’t feel the same way as she does.

Expanding on my conversation with this person I’m told that I must understand the mindset of the banker who needs to earn money to feed his family, while I’m standing in the rain outside my tent, of three years, talking to her on a borrowed cell phone that has bad reception sometimes. Well not this time, the reception was great as if God Himself decided it should be; I needed to hear this person’s continued absurdity!

I mean she’s making excuses for “banksters” while it was banksters who destroyed my life with serious federal crimes that the US Government authorities purposely ignore! She didn’t seem to have any opinion on government authority corruption! But this was when she said, “If you use the right words with these financial institutions you’ll get somewhere. I learned this and have saved my property.” What this person doesn’t realize, because I don’t believe she’s up on my story, is that I saved my properties too for many years but the financial institution won out in the end. If things don’t change in this country I’m sadly confident she’ll lose her property in the end too.

When I raised the fact that our US Government authorities are paid by our taxes to protect us from financial institution abuse she said, “So you think that’s where I taxes go?” My response was, “No of course not but that’s what we’re told and we both know nobody knows the truth about anything the US Government is doing and here in lies the problem; they are corrupt while continuing to take our money; creating more agencies that do nothing; some may even be shell agencies that actually don't exist. Plus they're ignoring federal financial crimes!” Well my opinion went completely dismissed and she moved onto, “You need to stop complaining and get active in doing something to help; you shouldn’t just complain and blame.”

I’m thinking (because I know I’ve lost the battle with her before it begins), “Gee I’ve written a four part memoir exposing what I’ve experienced, seen in the banks and legal world that unless a person has been a victim to these federal crimes they wouldn’t know they existed. I’ve also, along with my partner Larry, written three completed movie scripts with a TV series, a dramedy, in the works. All this work exposes while entertaining so don’t tell me I’m not doing my part.” Has she noticed what the MSM and alternative media has done on this horrific subject of unaddressed federal crimes? After you’ve read my book you’ll be shocked to see just how much the media lies!

Well before I could finish my thought I’m told, “You need to walk into the court house and demand a judge look at your documents, you have that right you know!” By this time I’m no longer giving my opinion, I just respond with, “But I don’t even have a car anymore because of these crimes and the “Mafia Hit” our government has out for both Larry and me.” Her violent reaction is, “Quit feeling sorry for yourself and stop using “but.” I don’t want to hear the word “but” keep moving forward instead! My daughter doesn’t have a car and takes the bus now. See she found a way to get what she wanted. It might take her longer to get to work but she’s getting it done. I’m so proud of her.” If this person where paying attention she’d realize there are no buses that come by our tent for twenty miles!

I’m thinking again not wanting to respond because I know whatever I say will be met with an outrageous answer based on no facts. “I tell you some people armed with positive thinking sound ridiculous when they use it to avoid the obvious, which is our government authorities are allowing all the federal financial crimes to continue in this country and there is no place to go and get help, I’ve been to every one of them and been ignored! Senators, congressmen/women, assemblymen/women and all media have ignored me. Past President Bush and Obama whom I’ve written multiple times when all else failed have also ignored me. This is why I finally wrote a book!”

Oh my God then this person says, "You need to stop going to sources who are abusing you more and move on quicker." Again I'm thinking and now getting angry, "Oh really, where does one go when the authorities at the top and every other person who claimed they could help haven't and you wouldn't know this fact until you've come full circle? I just keep looking;been looking since1999. You have an answer?" She said, "No"

I do agree with one of this persons’ opinions; “Everything happens for a reason.” Yes, I live by this too. I see that I’ve had certain experiences that can finally open Americans’ eyes and ears if they’ll look and listen.

Of course if this person had the facts about my story she’d know that the last time Larry and I tried to fight an illegal eviction by standing our ground in the court house the judge threaten to throw us in jail. This is why I don’t walk into courthouses and demand attention. It’s not going to do anyone any good if we’re in jail! I think this person’s advice is dangerous:>(

Then the subject of Larry, our small wienie dog, BuBu and my starvation issue came up (haven’t eaten in almost a week so far) where I’m told to go to the local food bank for food. Obviously again I have more experience with this to know that it doesn’t work and I’m confident most Americans don’t realize this either, unless they have been a victim! You see one must qualify to receive food from food banks and we don’t! In fact with the “Mafia Hit” we received from our US Government for being whistleblowers to horrendous federal crime (80M$ embezzlement) committed by NBD (Chase) Paine Webber (UBS) and Shearson Lehman with Justice Anthony M. Kennedy at the helm, as my attorney, from 1979-1978, we’re headed for dying in the streets. Our US Government has made sure of this! So in our so-called “negative thinking” inappropriate use of “but” unwillingness to suck up all this crime as “it’s ok get over it” and doing whatever to survive, this makes us losers? I’ve heard it all now! But I’ve heard it before too.

I’m assuming “Mafia Hits” by our US Government as punishment for exposure of unaddressed federal crimes, preventing the victims from even getting employment isn’t believable? Well we’re here to tell you it’s true, not just a movie script!

Another intelligent remark I’ve heard out of this person’s mouth was “We have to work together for exposure and change” and this is true but people with agendas trying to make a dime off of us whom have been seriously attacked by unaddressed federal crimes is not working together.

So when I shared with this person about what I’ve experienced and therefore know about the corruption everywhere including in the charities, churches and food banks she said in front of others so they’d hear her, “I’ll help you get some food don’t worry, we’ll talk about it later.” Well for people who are starving later needs to be in the next half hour. She said this to me yesterday afternoon. Larry and I went to bed, (in our tent) for the third night in a row, after three years living here, very hungry. It’s not like we haven’t been here before and it seems somehow an angel or situation to help always appears; I’m confident at this point it won’t be this person’s help we’ll get.

What does this person do to create change? From what I’ve observed she filibusters! And, we have less food today than yesterday?

I was also given connections for help by this person; one was for a room for Larry and I to live in until we can get our lives straightened out; the other was supposedly someone who can help us legally but isn’t an attorney. After a brief introduction to both of these people yesterday I haven’t heard another word. I feel confident that once again Larry, BuBu and I are on our own as far as help goes. We’ve done it alone for over twelve years already, I believe we can continue, but we’re losers with a poor perception of our situation? Well this is the message we often receive, subliminally installed into the publics’ subconscious, often expressed by an individual, created by the media.

Below is a law not being upheld in this country and should be; it would solve most of Americas’ problems.

18 USC § 4 - Misprision of felony

Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

This law is broken everyday by Eric Holder and most state attorney generals as they purposely ignore all federal financial crimes committed by the financial institutions & financial elite. Then the attorneys and judges manipulate documents, withhold proof of federal crimes from judges; then judges claim certain proof (you know the undeniable proof) won't be accepted as evidence! What's worse the media won't say a word including alternative! We live in a very sick country! Corruption!

This is what I’ve observed in this country; the liberal minded thinkers out number everybody and many are our leaders; truth seekers and believers in right and wrong are chastised; a large number of citizens are in denial and take drugs in order to stay there or they’re into “the secret” as if positive thinking will solve everything while this coupled with taking action actually will, and a small group just want to live their lives expressing themselves through their creativity appreciating everything God created.

So how do we stop federal financial crimes that threaten all Americans when the only authorities that can stop these horrendous crimes are the government authorities i.e. Attorney General Holder, state attorney generals; FBI; financial watchdogs and media both MSM and alternative, while instead they’re all in bed with the financial institutions? None of the attorneys can actually help no matter what they tell you, because again these are federal crimes destroying lives, not civil. And, if an attorney doesn’t have an agenda to get whatever he can from a lawsuit filed against your lender or financial institution, just by signing a contract with you, where he actually never really helps but gets paid “costs” at least, the good ones will send you to Attorney General Holder; the really good attorneys know Attorney General Holder; state attorney generals; DAs; financial watchdogs and FBI do nothing, but a civil lawsuit against a financial institution won’t either!

Ladies and gentlemen there’s only one thing you should know, there is no one in government, the Senate or Congress you can petition complaining for change. They are all part of the crimes.

In order to solve a problem one must understand what it is. From my personal experience of over twelve years with horrendous federal crimes committed against my trust and me; trying to get an investigation by the proper authorities, the problem is government corruption. Until we’re all on the same page with this, nothing will ever change, including getting the media to actually work for the people instead of hiding government crimes against us.

Finally I must comment once again about how the attitude concerning our situation is, “For God’s sake you were once an heiress so you should be grateful for this and just move on and forget about all this crime! Get over it!”

“Really?” I always say. “This is the problem in our country. Forget about these crimes and move on; don’t share as a way to warn others so as to protect them from the same fate or start creating changes. Don’t expose federal crimes consumers have no clue about, which the media purposely hides from the public!" And after over twelve years of Larry and I working daily on this problem I’m a bit sarcastic and angry, I believe I deserve a break? Yet, it’s obvious after the way some respond to our small family plight we’re not allowed. In fact the message is, "You have no right to be angry.”

Let me ask you, “How would you feel if everything were totally ripped away from you, because of federal crimes; even your ability to retain employment? And for eight years you get to be re-traumatized, almost daily, because you must spend your days selling your belongings to eat, while living in your truck or the streets? The government authorities, the only authorities that can address federal crimes, ignore you and at the same time they’re actively trying to assure your death from behind closed doors of secrecy?

The truth is the closer I get to the truth the more unaware people resist it! The fact is the sooner we all face the truth and together expose and protect ourselves; demand change even if we have to create this change ourselves, the sooner corruption will become less of an issue in our financial institutions and government.

I have surmised from experience that many people are so busy with envy that I was once an heiress that they miss the message I bring to all Americans through my experience.

“What happens to one, is a metaphor to what will happen to you in time.” If not exposed! I believe strongly this message is my purpose in life and the reason these horrific crimes came to me.

Please if you want to save your financial lives amidst government corruption that doesn’t look like it will change anytime soon, read, God’s On Our Side Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control! You'll be shocked by what is actually going on in this country behind our backs.

God Bless you:>)

By: Deborah Breuner
Heiress Lives In A Tent

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