God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Heiress Lives In A Tent: Death $ Taxes or Is It Taxed To Death?

Hail to the human spirit of evil in this world. No action against it actually celebrates the devil. If you’ve read all my articles then you’ll know that everybody with power such as the government authorities and the almighty churches will not do their jobs in spite of the fact that our taxes pay for the government authorities to protect the public, from federal financial crimes committed by financial institutions, and make sure donations given to churches go towards helping the poverty stricken.

Not even close to being true.

So if you want to save money do not donate your hard earned cash to the churches and organizations in place to help the homeless and penniless. They are stealing from you, in the name of God, and taking off to vacation in numerous locations around the world.

Well you should at least ask to see their books before you donate. Not that this is an end all; they can easily have financial books for the philanthropist and another with the truth. The financial institution they bank with will help them “cook the books.” The churches’ favorite candidate will receive the donation...not the poor. Or they won’t bother with the second financial record; they don’t have to because the government authorities will never check up on them…because, they’re in on it.

Who checks out the government authorities when they’re corrupt?

Oh and the taxes you pay? Hey it’s only about two weeks away when you’ll drop your check into the mailbox for its journey to the IRS. And, don’t you be late or you’ll be fined.  This will also alert an IRS auditor to come after you.

Oh my God if you’ve even made a mistake and lied on your taxes you’ll go to prison, while our government creates new departments, probably shell departments, where your tax monies will go. The government workers hired to run these shell departments really don’t have anything to do so they, sit naked in beanbag chairs all day, watching porn in their little cubicles playing with their pet…the pink wiener. No one will notice this behavior because no one does their work as government unions protect them from being fired.

Meanwhile, my eighty million dollar trust account paid millions of dollars in federal and state taxes over twenty-five years. Before I had a trust from 1949-1975 I paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes and couldn’t even walk for the first year and a half I did so.

Welcome to Hitlerville USA where taxes are paid for years then embezzlement sets in committed by the financial institution or many; sanctioned by the government authorities. Now what does one do?

Ah, they can do the only thing left for them to do when their own family has been involved with the federal financial crimes (stealing all your assets) committed by the financial institution(s) and their credit is worst than destroyed; therefore they’re unable to get employment other than becoming a carpet bagger selling their own stuff. And the lame stream and alternative media won’t expose this horrendous mafia inspired government or ours.

The victims to this can write $ write $ write telling their story, posting over social media, to not only help themselves, but bring other victims together in unity and warn those victims yet to come. They can author a book or a four-part memoir. They can even learn to write scripts.

Then on their own they can garner the interest of four different major publishers.

Yep, meet the “little spoiled brat” aka “rich bitch” that had it all including poverty equal to what has been experienced in Ethiopia…and still is.

This is Larry and my mission obviously, chosen by God, and we accept the challenge. But, when e-mails flood my mailbox with promises of help that never comes then we are victimized over $ over again.

How very cruel.

Three weeks ago a so-called-friend contacted me, on her own, with the promise that she’d send us eighty-dollars. Larry $ I were thanking God. But it never arrived. When I let my friend know it hadn’t come she wrote, “I not only sent it but sent one hundred dollars and I checked, the address was correct. If it doesn't arrive soon I'll send another one hundred dollars, don't worry.”

It still hasn’t arrived, and I haven’t heard a peep from her since, while she resides just ten miles away from us.

The next week after this an antique dealer committed to purchasing all my American made Lenox china which has never been used, because I never got around to it before my ex-husband tried to murder me. Sight unseen, and being completely aware of Larry and my situation, she changed her mind. Come on, she has this right obviously, but she’s already purchased a hundred thousand dollars of our belongings for a mere four thousand dollars, piece meal style, and adding to the same china she bought a month ago, could do little harm. Adding eight more place settings to her set, which she purchased from me as a re-sale...but kept it instead, while paying less than pennies on the dollar would be a steal to do it again?

It would save our lives, which is pretty important at this juncture, because if we die before the publisher comes through, no one will ever hear about this unbelievable tale that could save many other Americans from these federal financial crimes. Many of which the public has no clue about and they ain’t going to hear or read about it anywhere else, unless there’s another victim out there writing?

But never mind. Ms. Antique could care less. If I give it to her, this would work. In fact she’d be honored to have eight more place settings, because she loves the Lenox Autumn pattern and she adds, “Your things are so lovely darling and I’ve done so well with everything, but I just don’t feel like buying anymore now. We had such fun over Thanksgiving serving dinner on the china I purchased from you. So beautiful. Such a shame, most of it hadn't been used? Why would you sell it? Thank you though.”

"Gee, I don't know, perhaps because I'd like to eat," I responded.

Then I received a big fat e-mail saga about a personal life, very much like mine, and this person wants to help? Will they?

I’m not holding my breath. Besides I received the e-mail on April Fools day.

Well I could go on and on about the public and their offers of help in keeping Larry, Bu Bu and me alive, but that’s all they are…offers that don’t materialize.

Is this just another metaphor to what our government is doing to the American citizen?

What’s worse we’ve never asked for a handout; we’ve asked only for buyers of our beautiful heirlooms and belongings, while we continue to work our Asses off to not only save ourselves, but also warn the American public of impending financial doom…if they don’t take certain precautions.

Meanwhile the American public is donating to causes across the ocean; their churches; paying taxes to the state and federal government, when they have no idea where their money is actually going…much of it to shell departments created by the government. I guarantee the financial institutions are stealing funds right out of your accounts and you haven’t become aware yet. The more funds you have, the easier this is; they adjust bank statements too.

And, how does it make you feel to know that if a serious financial crime takes all your assets you’ll end up in the street because the government authorities, to which you pay taxes, absolutely will not investigate the federal crime committed against you?

This should make you really angry, angry enough to force you into doing your part in exposing all the federal crime going on by the powerful against the public. We all have a duty to each other and this country, by getting involved any way we can.

We have; we’ve written about what we’ve seen and experienced, and will continue until our last breath.

By; Deborah Breuner

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