God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Wednesday, January 25, 2017


So Pastor Rench of the Calvary Baptist Church here in Temecula, California was recommended to us by Pastor Seaman of the Calvary Baptist Church in Potterville, California because we are here, in Temecula, and can’t make it to Porterville, California to get the help Pastor Seaman offered, although he never did say what help he could offer and wouldn’t unless he could see us in person. Sending our campaign, and blog address, to him apparently wasn't proof enough of who we are.


He’s worried about being scammed!

Yet, Larry originally called on Pastor Seaman as one of many leaders of churches in his home town; looking for the church his mother attends, so it's not like Larry is an unknown?

Here, meet the staff at the Calvary Baptist Church in Temecula, California; examples of staff NOT doing their jobs.


We have no car, money, home or employment; we spend every waking hour seeking employment and or an investor for our business, so we have no way of getting to Porterville other than hitchhiking…

Perhaps we can make it once Larry retains the employment?

Pastor Rench refuses to call Larry back, in spite of the fact he too has our campaign and blog address. In fact it now appears he’s screening Larry’s calls.

I call this behavior evil.

At this point I have to say, with all the talk about God being taken out of the schools and courts He has also left the churches in this country. I have yet to report one church we have contacted, over years that have or will help us.

The Mormon’s reached out just a teeny bit in Nashville, Tennessee with one agenda in mind; convert us and if they couldn’t abandon immediately…we’re now in the abandonment stage.

We have the beginnings of both employment and an investor, through our own hard work, still no way to survive until these opportunities transpire. We have been here before, in the last twelve years, since we started begging for our lives. In fact this exact scenario has been our life since the last horrific financial and real estate crime committed against us, by our own attorney, which the authorities in this country totally ignored.

In fact they are still ignoring it along with the original crimes starting in 2000.

The worst part of all this apparent Devil worship, in the churches, is that Larry and I could be on our feet instantly with the new employment and our investor coming soon after, but we need a small bridge of funds, and a truck that runs, in order to get to our new opportunities; the church could help us. I mean it's not like we're a couple of losers. If a church could help us, amidst their greed, they'd actually make money in the long run...we'd be so grateful for their help we'd donate to their church all the time out of gratitude.

At this point when we do get on our feet, there won't be a church I can think of that I'd give a cent to, because I know their agenda, and it's not to serve the Lord. And, for this matter we have learned charities are just as evil...helping no one, but themselves.

God help us all…

By: Deborah Breuner
Heiress Lives In A Tent


I contacted Pastor Rench this morning, through his contact page on his church site, after Larry heard him tell his secretary, while he waited on the phone that he was unavailable to speak with Larry; this Larry's fourth call to the pastor, and I received the response email below; this was hours ago. If one is to help someone in Larry, The Bu's and my situation, they'd really have needed to contact us last Friday when Larry first spoke with Pastor Seaman in Porterville, California. Pastor Seaman played the, "You could be scamming me" card, which I now believe is just a hypocrite "Robe of God" making excuses to not help. Stories like ours aren't made up, as is said, "Truth is stranger than fiction" and what's more my blog is sprinkled with documents of proof within the articles.

Below is our email conversation;

Confirmation from Calvary Baptist Church

Wednesday, January 25, 2017 10:35 AM Mark as Unread

From: "info@cbctemecula.com"

To: debbiebreuner@yahoo.com

Full Headers Printable View

Dear Deborah Breuner Davis,

Thanks for contacting us. We received the following message from you:

Pastor Rench,

I have no idea why you're ignoring our desperate call for help, but it's obvious to us that you are.

Frankly I'm very tired of seeking out both authorities and men and women of God that absolutely won't do their jobs. I have no other way of dealing with this but to write about you and your church on my blog, which is followed by over one hundred thousand readers from all over the world.

So check it out at you leisure; read about yourselves. I'm also adding you to my six volume memoir titled, "God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!"

It's unfortunate that I couldn't otherwise write good things about you and your church that are inspiring; it would suit you better into the future.

Deborah Breuner Davis

We will contact you as soon as we take a look at your inquiry.


Calvary Baptist Church

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