God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Thursday, August 20, 2015

To Whomever This May Interest

Sculpture Prototype 5'1 with Cowboy Blue Powder Coating

So today Larry and I are looking at going into the streets again, Monday, with no car or money having lost everything, because of unaddressed, by the proper authorities, financial crimes. Larry and I have fought with our lives, with no support from anyone, since 2000, first against crimes then to rebuild our lives with all this unaddressed financial crime following us.

Crimes committed against victims, ruins the victims credit; not the perpetrators.

We haven’t done too badly, obviously, as we’ve managed to write books, screenplays, get employment that stinks, but get it. I was actually in a film. Larry has even obtained an investor. This is how he managed to build the Dallas Cowboys steel sculpture and the cowboy sculpture; very unique in that Larry’s sculptures cast a huge shadow, which is part of the art.

So far nobody in our families will help us enough to pull us out of the mess we are continuously in; we instead spin around in homelessness and poverty with never enough funds available to do anything, but pay for our sleazy motel room; car payments, insurance, phones, and storage.

Now, we have no funds at all and our storage is at risk as well as the car. In order to get our storage paid we must turn the unit over to someone else, in my family, to save the contents, or they refuse to help:>( Meanwhile Larry and I are headed to the streets, when only $10,000.00 would save us, allow time to retain employment so we can retain an apartment and continue the creation of our business, which already presents great opportunities.

Things couldn't get much worse in light of great success:>(

It's bad enough that we can't get justice, but now we can't even retain employment on time to save us, or create a business where an investor would actually make money. The people whom would normally invest in a entrepreneur, family, are, we believe, involved with the unaddressed financial crimes committed against us; if not all involved they are protecting the trustees and attorneys who destroyed my daughters and my trusts.

See blog below signature of our work.

As we sit right now, Larry has his work presented in proposal form in front of the Dallas Cowboys high-end art department waiting for his appointment with Jerry Jones. I can tell you his proposal wouldn’t be where it is right now if they didn’t like what they’ve seen and what Larry is proposing for the new offices, The Star in Frisco.

The Country Music Hall of Fame is waiting for a sculpture from Larry for, hopefully, the entrance to this building in Nashville, Tennessee. Right now we can’t afford to even build this piece, which will garner many buyers.

I haven’t been doing my work because, very simply, all the sewing machines I have left are in storage in California and we can’t afford to move these items, nor do we have a home to put them in, so we decided to start with Larry’s part of the business because of this and also because his sculptures cost very little to create and build, while garnering very high prices that customers pay. My work has a little higher overhead.

Larry can sell his sculptures for easily $10,000.00 a piece.

The problem is once we received the first investor’s funds, $12,000.00, we used these to build Larry’s prototypes and pay our living expenses, which was the plan. What wasn’t in the plan was the Bu’s Cancer, which cost us some of these funds, for his care, yet the vet did help us out a lot because of our situation. We have since been seeking another investor for between $50,000.00 and $100,000.00; also in the original plan.

We have a well-written proposal with light financials for this request to an equity partner.

We almost had another investor in May, of this year, but it didn’t work out and Larry’s work at Martin Lawrence Galleries was a joke; no money to be made there because no one ever comes into the place. Unfortunately our journey, for the last fifteen years, has proven so much fraud in employment. So Larry and I started seeking couples employment, on ranches, across the country not caring where we got hired, we just wanted to be on a ranch where we’d have a place to live and work, while continuing our business on the side. I’d even be able to get my stuff out of storage and start designing again under these circumstances.

Larry and I have been applying to these employment opportunities since with a few bites, but the problem is our ages, we believe. I also think the crime that has been committed against me, in particular, scares employers off.

They “Google” my name and it’s over!

Larry doesn’t meet with Jerry Jones until the art department calls him in and this could be tomorrow or a month from now?

Meanwhile, Larry has had two employment positions, since we started applying for ranch managers as a couple. Both these positions, in sales, turned out to be non- money making scams with at least two-week training sessions, which weren’t mentioned when he was hired.

At this point we’re still interviewing for these ranch manager positions; last one was last Sunday; they want us, but aren’t hiring until another sixty days from now? Something they didn’t mention in their ad.

All these issues, along with the opportunities that haven’t panned out yet, are putting us in the streets tomorrow with no car.

Larry, is now having to sell the prototype originally built to present to Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys. We have been working on this for days; not easy when you don’t have a name yet, as in this case, and the piece is a prototype, not the first in a series. The value of Larry’s sculptures will sky rocket once Jerry Jones places an order. And, we have little doubt about this occurring.

Still we’re selling what will start putting us back on our feet?

However Larry is working on selling this prototype as a promotional piece for a sports bar, business etc. to save our car, storage and keep us with a roof over our heads. But he can’t sell this piece for much; it’s a prototype.

We have one day left to do it in now:>(

We need an investor and we’ll be on our way making money, not only for ourselves, but also for the equity partner who gets involved. An investor will help us save Larry’s prototype too. Help me get back into my designing sooner, rather than later.

Did you know that family and friends fund most entrepreneurs?

We’ve had no family support, but timely funds in small amounts, unlawfully destroyed credit making it almost impossible to retain an investor, and our ages work deeply against us for employment, most of the time, although we did land our Russian born Richard as our first investor; we plan to only have two investors in the end. Our employment experiences scream, “You have no other choice but to start your own business,” which we know is true and it’s what we have always sought anyway.

Because, both Larry and I have been very successful in our business; my being able to earn up to $3,500.00, wholesale, for one coat. Larry sold a wall sculpture to the retired Absolute Vodka founder and CEO, in Sun Valley, Idaho for close to $9,000.00 in 1999. We did not lose this business we were once very successful with, it was destroyed by unaddressed by the proper authorities financial crime.

One more positive to investing in us that you’ll rarely see; we have inside knowledge on what is going on in the financial institutions that can destroy anyone’s life, for which finding justice is almost impossible, so it’s best to avoid these crimes than have to resolve them. We can be protective of you and your funds better than most, plus our product has been well accepted, sought and paid for. Additionally, we know how to pinch a penny; another plus to the plight we were given.

One can find something positive in just about anything.

However, if you want nothing to do with investing in our talent; it’s okay. Extending to us $10,000.00, which we’ll pay back, to get us out of the hole we’re in, now, would be very helpful too. I believe with a little more effort and the order from Jerry Jones we’ll get an investor elsewhere down the road a piece:>)

Thank you for your time, attention and consideration.

Love Always,



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