God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Saturday, June 27, 2015


Dear Justice Antonin Scalia,

You know what, your Justice Anthony “Tony” M. Kennedy is, not only, a hypocrite, liar and a whore, but he’s a thief as well. How do I know? Well it’s a long story I’ll try to share on three and a half pages here.

I’ve known Tony since childhood. We grew up together although I believe he’s easily twelve years my senior; he’s my sister Katherine “Kitty” Breuner Davis’ age and her direct brother-in-law. Tony is married to Mary Davis, my brother-in-law Gerard Harrison Davis’ twin sister. I attended their wedding. They attended mine. Ronald Reagan, who nominated Kennedy to be a SCOTUS kept his horses on my mother’s ranch while governor of California and he lived down the street from me in Sacramento, California.

Apparently Tony pulled the wool over Reagan’s eyes too?

I’d say Tony is my second-removed-brother-in-law and he was my attorney from 1969-1978, which means in legal jargon we have attorney client privilege, whether he’s a SCOTUS or not, and he’s responsible for the advice he gave me when I was 24 years old.

I’m writing you because I’m absolutely desperate to be heard and get help; I don’t have much time left on this earth, because of Tony Kennedy, and you should know about him before I lose my ability to have a voice; a voice I’ll likely lose next week, because of my extreme poverty. I’m thinking you’ll especially enjoy my story since I’ve noticed your frustration today with Tony’s ruling on gay marriage, as if this subject is even important in the scheme of corruption that is never ending and never addressed by the Supreme Court, (or any court) especially the corruption in the financial institutions in this country.

Perhaps the Supreme Court doesn’t address the financial corruption, in this country, because you’re tied in with the financial institutions and you like it like this as long as the crimes don’t affect you and your family in a negative way? I’m confident you know that Tony Kennedy is a crook; his client, that would be me an heiress worth 80M$s, now lives in the streets because of Tony Kennedy and his advice in 1974, which I believe was given so he could be instrumental in embezzling all my funds, slowly over twenty-four years. I believe he felt he could get away with this since I was only 21-28 years old when he was most instrumental in advising me, which started soon after my parents died.

Tony offered to me, at that time, trust because of familiarity, and a port in the storm. Losing both my parents in a year’s time at 21 years old was a real trauma.

Of course I have no idea what, exactly, Tony did or didn’t do because no matter who I’ve contacted to report this horrendous financial crime, they won’t investigate. I’ve contacted all the financial watchdogs in this country, the FBI, SEC, UCC, Eric Holder, and two attorney generals before him; including four state attorney generals, (current and predecessors) whom have had jurisdiction over the states where my funds were either held or invested in real estate, over the years, and Michigan where my trust was created to protect my assets. I’ve been totally ignored, other than my receiving obtuse form letters since 2001.

I do know Tony has a responsibility to me for his advice; he ignores my many letters of the past seeking help. This in itself is telling. I know the reason no one investigates is because of who Tony Kennedy is; no one wants to hold him accountable. And, the best way to do this is to refrain from probing into whether he’s part of the heist of my assets; I know he isn’t alone. Lots of hands have been greased by my 80M$s.

Today I trust, from experience with the authorities in this country, land of the free, that you’ll receive this letter; perhaps will or will not read it; scurry over to Tony Kennedy and show it to him; and then agree, together, to throw it away and forget all about me.

Maybe, just maybe you’re different? What I read about you says you are.

Maybe you’ll think, “Oh good the system is working perfectly for the USA’s goals.”

Until I see you offer no help to me, as you should on this matter, I’ll remain neutral. I’ll give you a day from when I know this registered letter arrives at the DOJ before I make my decision. Meanwhile I’ll post this letter on my blog; http://deborahbreuner.blogspot.com/

However one can see, by the enormity of my situation, just how long those in authority have purposely, hidden my case. And it won’t be long before my case turns into a murder case; my life is slowly, painfully, in extreme poverty, coming to an end, along with my husband, Larry’s and our one small dog, the Bu’s. I’m 66 years old; Larry is 60; we’re homeless, penniless; neither of us are able to obtain employment, although sometimes Larry can retain low paying positions if he’s lucky enough at his age; not many employers hire people who were once business owners, as he was, and now aged out of being an employee, and for a whole stream of other reasons, we can’t get employment. I’m confident the offenders, in my case, knew what would happen to me/us; they counted on, our deaths in the streets, to hide the horrific crimes and protect themselves from being discovered.The employment Larry does manage to retain; often turns out to be a scam or for mysterious reasons, out of the blue as a targeted individual stalked, and like a “Hit”, he gets fired for no reason!

Someone, or many, want us dead!

There are no churches, charities, or government agencies that help anyone, contrary to what the public has been told. Food stamps are taken from the penniless, at any given time after a few months, as occurred to us three years ago, as we stood in line at the grocery store. We often go without food, seeking investors or sponsors to invest in our, once flourishing business, destroyed by the powerful, “Hit” style, again as punishment for reporting the 80M$s embezzled from my trust, or lend money to us until our business can generate funds again. Those we have borrowed money from want nothing more to do with us; creating more abandonment of us. And I’ve been completely exiled by my family/blood group whom I believe are also involved with the financial crimes committed against my trust, Larry, (now too) and myself. Larry too exiled by his family because they want nothing to do with anyone struggling to survive against all odds as we have been since 2000 and continue so today.

They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.
-Benjamin Franklin

There are no ports in the storm, in this country, for horrendous financial crime victims, especially for financial crime committed by the powerful. I do trust, those involved with the kind of horrendous crimes that have destroyed my/our lives (now) will answer to a higher judge one day, God.

I have plenty of documents of proof; legal documents, timelines, letters etc. I can’t afford to forward these to you; I have no money. I’ll be lucky to find a couple of quarters in my jacket to buy a stamp and mail this letter.

Meanwhile please visit my blog; http://deborahbreuner.blogspot.com/ and the other one concerning the business all this crime destroyed; http://bespokebydeborah.blogspot.com/; see my/our latest efforts to get on our feet again; a campaign helping and honoring others; thereby helping ourselves. We continue to seek sponsors and/or investors by which to re-build our lives, yet I’m sure at least half of them see my/our story on the Internet, see the courts ignoring the crimes, and fear we aren’t a good risk? They just can’t comprehend the enormity of corruption in this world…in the USA financial institutions, authorities, courts and media.

The truth is investing in us is far less risky than most investments; we know the truth about what is going on in the financial institutions and can protect ourselves and our investor from financial crimes better than the best attorney, because we know that attorneys live by a special code; protect financial institutions against all odds, and we know how they do it, and understand how to stay away from all the financial crimes.

Many Americans, not yet hit by unaddressed, by the proper authorities, financial crime have no idea about the truth to what is going on in this country, the crime and corruption, so we are treated like the criminals instead of the victims, while the unaddressed financial crimes committed against us, follow us continuously with unlawfully destroyed credit, preventing our rebuilding.

Today in this world of, lack of values, our campaign has reached out to thousands with no response. I see the Supreme Court of The United States, ultimately, as blame for this, because they don’t uphold the laws of the land. The court doesn’t set the example for the people to follow; the SCOTUS is corrupt, as most courts are in this country, and without God. Instead they concern themselves with rights that should be natural to us all; gay rights, at the moment.

Yet you never address the constitution as it relates to the people and what they own?

Nobody, gay or not, can survive without money and yet the Supreme Court refuses to uphold the federal laws protecting our funds from corruption and crime mostly committed by the powerful.

You can educate yourselves more about my case(s) by GOOGLE-ing my name; Deborah Breuner or Deborah Breuner Davis. However, to protect themselves the courts on the KeyBank case withhold truths about my case as reported, such as there was never a loan against my Sun Valley, Idaho property; the bank took it anyway. One of the many crimes committed against my trust and myself starting just prior to my learning about the 80M$ embezzlement of my trust, and escalating AFTER I reported this embezzlement to the proper authorities.

Sounds and feels like a “Hit” to me.

Thank you for your time and “Immediate” attention to this matter. Lets see who you really are? Whoever you are, God knows you’re every move and thought! I don’t believe, confession to your priest, will remove the crime of ignoring this letter.


Deborah Clare Breuner Davis



(I have no physical address)

Please see the DOJs site concerning the delivery of my certified letter, mailed June 29, 2015; as of July 13, 2015 it still isn't there? Go to; www.usps.com and type in the numbers seen on this certified mail receipt; 70140510000067752151; is not delivering these certified letters just another way for the DOJ to ignore the public?

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