God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Thursday, January 22, 2015


I bet you’d be really pissed off if you knew the only way you’ll recover from the horrific crimes committed against you, and your family, by your financial institution or any other powerful financial elite in society, will be to start your life over with unlawfully destroyed credit, while watching your back. The more seriously these crimes affected your life the more difficult your rebuilding will be; retaining employment will be nearly impossible; creating your own business side-stepping the background checks, impossible too; retaining a loan to rebuild with, unheard of; government assistance? Well this is hardly ever but if you do manage to get government assistance it will only be enough funds to keep you in a tent, your car or in the streets under a bridge, breaking many laws because you can no longer afford to pay for different licenses, such as a drivers license! Can’t retain employment without a driver’s license! Nevertheless you'll no longer own a car on top of all the other hardships.

As some of you are reading this you’re saying to yourselves, “That’s not true; some people just don’t try hard enough; they give up”. This outrageous statement made by someone who has never lived in the streets because of unaddressed financial crimes. And here’s another one, “ Yes well many attorneys are crooks; you need to find yourself a good one; contact the bar association”. Hum, the bar association, an organization so crooked that if you’re an honest attorney you will lose your license; by your peers!

Then there’s, “You know you need to learn Common Law and represent yourself; first you’ll have to spend the next five years learning all the common laws; they differ from statute law you know. Get yourself involved with a good group on the subject; you can join for free and just make donations when you’re able. Oh and join in on the Monday night telephone calls where you can ask questions.” And, here’s one of my all time favorites, “I bet your case has holes in it and this is why you can’t get justice. You therefore deserve to live in the streets”!

This last remark spoken so eloquently by an Internet shill; most probably hired by our USA Government!

What? I always react, “Where are the holes coming from, on my end, when during and after fifteen years I still don’t have my account statements for my trust account which was embezzled? If there are holes the authorities, courts and attorneys created the holes and they did so on purpose!”

You need to ask yourselves why it’s okay that the owner of an account isn’t able to retain his or her own account statements?

Now in Common Law cases you might not have an attorney withholding evidence from the court, as you represent yourself pro per, but you still have the corrupt judge refusing to allow evidence into the court, or ordering a trial; he/she doesn’t have to explain why? Believe me judges use these tactics to hide crime all the time…forcing cases to settle with a victim who has lost everything because of unaddressed financial crimes; and these victims will settle for just about anything because their other choice is to live in the streets. This is a great tactic to hide crime and allow the criminals to pay very little for their fraud and corruption. The victims eventually die in the streets, never to be heard from again!

Oh and here’s the latest and my all-time favorite; “Obama created the Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force; passed an executive order in November 2009 that any and all crimes committed by financial institutions and ignored by the authorities is okay with him” to put it simply, because though his executive order claims to be creating this financial task force; there is none! So this is why one will never get justice; there’s no justice to be had since no crime has been committed based on the authorities non-action!


How do I know so much, you may ask? Well because I contacted by letter, email and telephoned all the departments of authority, concerning my case, Obama mentions on his task force both before and after he created this so-called task force. The treatment I received after 2009 was worse than what I experienced in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 when I contacted them all using the same methods.

Well here’s a truth, these crimes have always been okay with our USA Government and authorities, executive order or not, as proven by what has happened in my family alone; that is three generations of women losing their fortunes by unaddressed financial crimes committed by the financial institutions; sanctioned by the USA Government authorities starting in the late 1800s! I believe they have always sanctioned these crimes by financial institutions and committed crimes themselves. This does not make these criminal acts legal; it makes them corruptly committed by those whom we should be able to trust. Therefore the crimes are more serious than had they been committed by a neighbor! A neighbor might be prosecuted; a powerful USA leader, judge, attorney or authority has no one above them in our society holding them accountable! Do we actually believe this to be some sort of mistake that can be fixed by understanding our laws better or implementing original common laws?

Come on people!

And we frankly don’t even know for sure if this executive order, flying around the Internet, is real? It might merely be a “people prod” to get us more angry than we already are, while continuing to watch nothing be done about horrendous life- altering financial crimes destroying our lives.
The USA Government and the authorities are counting on Americans becoming so frustrated, angry and depressed that we’ll just go commit suicide!

You know what? Filing Common Law cases in courts today is as effective as wearing a miniskirt because it happens to be in style. A miniskirt isn’t better than a long skirt; it’s just different and the eye gets use to it, therefore one looks weird if they show up in a long skirt. Then five years later the miniskirt is out of style once more! Meanwhile nothing life altering occurred while the miniskirt was popular.

Yes, the shills are looking for ways to keep “we the victims” to horrific crimes occupied with false remedies so we won’t gather together as Americans with one mutual goal…stop the financial crimes destroying our lives and that of our families. If we were gathered together as one, we’d actually get things done that would cause pain for our government!

Without pain there is no gain!

Americans should start by gathering together and refusing to pay one more penny in taxes…primarily because there is no Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force just more taxes from you to pay for this shell agency!

Instead we’re actually wasting valuable time believing that our arrival in the Common Law courtroom to present our case after a People’s Grand Jury agreed, we have a case, is going to be the remedy to all the unaddressed financial crimes committed by the powerful in this country? Ask yourselves this,

“How will using Common Law change the outcome of my case; who is it that will be ruling and enforcing the laws”?

Hello! Here’s a reminder, it’s not that we have no laws in this country; it’s that the laws aren’t being enforced! And using common laws over so-called statute laws does not force enforcement. This whole scenario is merely giving the “powers that be” another decade to commit horrific financial crimes against you and your families and getting away with it!

Additionally Americans are being laughed at as neighboring countries watch President Obama’s Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force do nothing but many Americans actually believe in this?

Plus, why should you need to donate money that you no longer have, to an organization claiming to help you, because of unaddressed financial crimes the proper authorities should be handling? You are already paying taxes for this protection and receiving nothing for it! Now the Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force wants your donations?

And here’s the big kicker!

These organizations aren’t helping you; they are making a killing on your donations and your “hope factor”, while all they have to do is set up a website that teaches you Common Law or other remedy that will never work! Not because there is something wrong with what is being taught, it’s the “hope factor” for justice, through what they are teaching, that’s the lie. There is no hope for justice because those who hold the justice are running the country and there is no one above them; forcing their hand to enforce the laws; bringing justice to the victims.

However, the shills are keeping you occupied in groups claiming to teach you how to obtain justice…justice that will never come yet promising legal actions using Common Law will work:>(

Then we have the MSM printing and reporting these charges; http://news.yahoo.com/york-assembly-speaker-charged-five-criminal-counts-corruption-145959633--sector.html

I’m sorry ladies and gentlemen if there was any truth to the report above then why would Justice Anthony M. Kennedy one of our Supreme Court Justices, in his capacity as my attorney 1970-1978, recommending a trust to protect my assets, not be investigated after this so-called trust did not do such but instead allowed every asset and fund I had to be embezzled and stolen, while he never gets even investigated; I live homeless and penniless and have for over seven years and now you want me to believe Mr. Silver will face charges for financial corruption filed by US Attorney Preet Bharara?

You know what? Call President Obama’s Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force! Maybe you’ll receive better treatment than I did? I received this when the phone was answered; “Did you report this crime to your state attorney general”? I said, “Yes!” Now this ass says, “What are they doing about it”? I answer, “Nothing, they refuse to even look at my documents!” Now this inappropriately attired in a police uniform has the gall to say, “Well then I guess there’s no crime then…goodbye” and he hangs up!

I’ve been reporting the 80M$s embezzled from my trust fund while under the care of a few national financial institutions, financial elite and trustees since 2004 to all the proper authorities and continuously; been reporting the unlawful foreclosures on my properties, completed as punishment for whistle blowing on Justice Kennedy, for as long, and as often, while all I get is more proof that our own USA Government is purposely sitting back watching my planned murder take place.

And I know I’m not alone; you just don’t hear about these cases, amidst many other Americans, except from the victims who are still able to speak.
But so what? All this doesn’t concern you…right? You have a roof over your head; food in the fridge; a stock account going up and money in the bank protected “properly” by a trust.

Unfortunately you couldn’t be in a worse situation; in denial to the true financial crimes taking place; you are being attacked everyday. You just haven’t seen the ramifications yet.

Did you know that your financial institution can and does actually adjust your stock records and financial statements? Did you know financial institutions are foreclosing on properties that have no loans against them along with all the other illegal foreclosures? And there isn’t a thing you can do about it in this country today…you are playing Russian roulette, with your life, if you have one penny in any financial institution or own a home!

And, while those of you who are reading this are saying, “Well this doesn’t concern me, I can’t afford a stock portfolio, savings account or own real estate”. I always say, “Ha” to this because no matter how little you may have today, you can be assured you’ll never have a penny to your name in the future either, because of all the unaddressed financial crimes, in the financial institutions, that are now prominent in employment too!

Welcome to the American Holocaust!

By: Deborah Breuner
Heiress Lives In A Tent

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