God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Friday, April 24, 2015

I Know, Sorry; Been Really Busy, I’ll Get Back To You Soon

A question for both Larry and myself, ‘Why have you lost contact with so many of us for the last almost twenty years’? For me this is because in 1997 my then husband of 24 years tried to kill me! Consequently I was exiled by the remainder of my family…although a few friend souls called me while I was living in Steamboat Springs, Co to chit-chat; at this same time the financial institutions were in the midst of stealing my funds; they had already embezzled 80M$s and were forging my signature to take the rest just like there was no tomorrow for me and there would be no punishment for them.

I was in a bad mood, and becoming enmeshed in a fight for my life! A fight for both Larry and I as it would turn out! They,the powers that be, destroyed our flourishing business also, with a ‘Mafia Hit’! It’s the whistleblower treatment!

No one had sympathy for our plight, nor did many want to help, just a few human angels did so; however we never purposely refused to ever call anyone again; we just haven’t had the chance to resume any kind of a relationship with anyone since; survival has a funny way of limiting what is important in life from this perspective. Most of one’s thoughts go to, ‘Why aren’t the authorities investigating the financial institutions that did this; what about the money managers, trustees and my attorney; what about Supreme Court Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, who in the capacity as my attorney from 1969-1978 advised I create a trust to protect my assets, and they were still embezzled?' Although Larry and I have worked almost full-time to get justice, I’ve learned there is none for one reason; our government authorities know these kinds of financial crimes are taking place and they don’t care. They like it like this!

Meanwhile the social media shills are circulating remedies, over the Internet, for all the victims to financial crimes, illegal foreclosures, and other injustices; I’m here to tell you there aren’t any and this is the problem…the real problem. Not because there aren’t laws, but because our laws are purposely not implemented, because of corruption!

'Where will our next meal come from now? Will we be able to keep a roof over our heads long enough to re-create a means of support or will we end up in the streets unable from this point to continue our quest? The threat is real and constant. Will our cell phone go out before we have the money to pay for it again?' We have lost five of our precious dogs because of unaddressed, by the proper authorities, financial crimes, where are they? Our sixth dog, the Bu, was sick and we didn’t have the funds for vet care…somehow help appeared. 'What if we get sick? Our molars are cracking in our mouths and we can’t afford to go to the dentist. Will my front teeth fall out too? Will Larry’s gums finally give way to bone? We have no medical care at all. Will we finally lose all our storage because of non-payment, which includes my family photos, my daughter’s baby books, my birth certificate and all the legal documents belonging to us both?' All the clothes we have left belong in the trash. 'If I die where will my body end up? I’d like to be buried next to my mom and my precious Larry, and realize at this moment it won’t be possible. We'll be lucky to end up in a cardboard box and incinerated by the state! I have no family but Larry; he has no family but me; we both have our Bu and he has us; but we have been destitute and have no funds because of unaddressed financial crimes. We have lived in our truck, a tent and now sleazy motels, moving from state to state chasing employment, driving U-Haul trucks.' Someone said to me, 'I know life is shitty right now'. Shitty? Not quite the adjective I'd use. 'How about our car? It’s already been re-possessed once. We lived for three years, in a tent, with no car at all. Will we ever get good employment again or realize an income through acceptance, by an investor, of any of our eight completed business plans?’ Yeah, not much time for chit-chat as they say. People once close to me, unable to admit the truth here, call me a victim. They call Larry a gigolo. His family treats him with complete unimportance; so un-importantly they want little to do with him; a contact every 15 years works for them. Why? Because he loves me and has stood by my side so long he was attacked by unaddressed financial crimes too.

Once in awhile an angel throws us a couple hundred dollars, or even a thousand and we're so grateful; yet this causes us to feel like we're animals in the zoo, while we have the capability and experience to be an asset to society, who wouldn't want to be? Instead our illegally destroyed credit; lying rumors by the criminals, and no permanent address are the challenges we must overcome while finding an investor to launch even one of our lucrative ideas. We've actually landed one small investor through the foresight of an intelligent young man with the capacity to evaluate a great idea. With these funds Larry has been able to get a prototype completed and obtain some commitments for the future.

Now we're on phase 2; looking for another investor, while challenged with all the obstacles, which should come upon those who commit financial crimes, but instead in this country, these criminals are thought of as today's heroes by many investors. Why does it appear this way? Obviously, because these investors keep investing in stocks and other such proven fraud as if they haven't been warned of the unaddressed financial crimes taking place in the financial institutions...this includes the brokerage houses.

Has anyone watched American Greed on TV lately? Herein lies many truths about financial fraud, which supports our story of financial crimes. One would think these horrific financial stories would change the public's way of investing?

Hello, the financial institutions, money managers and other elite financial experts are embezzling your funds and adjusting account statements/ documents to hide the truth to where your money is going. I know, not all financial experts are doing this, but let me say this.

Whenever your funds are held in huge conglomerates' hands you have no idea what the truth is when it comes to where your funds are going. Larry and my experiences have proven this to be true and the concrete laws, in place, will not protect you because they aren't implemented. The smart investors need to be looking at ideas that are tangible; opportunities born of creativity; the added bonus would be investing with people who know the truth about what is really going on in the financial world. One has both with us. There is no safer place to invest your funds than with entrepreneurs who actually not only understand their craft but the truth in the financial world as well.

Still we’re both being criticized for being losers by those who committed these horrific financial crimes against us both now, and by those who choose to believe the rumors born from the gossip that started with the criminals who committed the crimes.

Then the media reports propaganda; spins lies calling it truth, and withholds the real facts! In fact had the media exposed what I reported in 2000 to them we'd all be better off, but they refused and have done so since...I keep trying to get their attention! Not just for us but a warning for all Americans who are suffering as we are.

In spite of our challenges and the ignored financial crimes we’re still overcoming our plight...slowly! Looking towards finding just one more very intelligent investor who wants to actually make money honestly and quickly.

I often wonder how the corrupt criminals, mostly in leadership roles in this country, spreading the lies about their victims, corruptly skirting prosecution, would fare if they were challenged for one second as we have been?

And you’re going to actually vote coming up in 2016? You believe what has happened to us won't happen to you and your family?

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