God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Saturday, April 27, 2013


We all know by now that the financial institutions in this country are stealing us blind, or we should. I’m not talking about penalties for being overdrawn, or being charged outrageous fees for credit and debit cards. I’m talking about financial institutions going into our savings, checking, trust and stock accounts with ski masks over their faces, as in street bandits, and STEALING all the funds in these accounts. They’re unlawfully & illegally foreclosing on our homes too. If you report these federal crimes to the proper government authorities (Attorney General Eric Holder, financial watchdogs, state attorneys, FBI, DAs, local sheriffs or police, US or state representatives or media, you will be punished as a “whistleblower.” If you hire attorneys to file suits, you'll find they are doing everything they can to protect the financial institutions, as they represent you. You'll also learn that the judges corruptly use their power to protect the financial institutions:>(

The punishments that come to whistleblowers arrive as many varieties; unsolved murders by shootings or poisonings. One of the easiest is the powers that be commit more federal crimes against you and your family, as the authorities ignore these crimes along with the original criminal activity until you are jobless, unable to get employment or government assistance, homeless, penniless and have no vehicle. At this point it’s not long before you’ve lost all your belongings, have no cell phone or computer, and sleeping under a bridge. So far, by our own hard work (outrageous struggle) and a few caring people (not family) Larry, BuBu and I have managed to, so far, escape the bridge.

This is what an uninformed but well-intentioned American often says, “Why not call the local churches and charities”? Or how about this, “Here, let me give you the address of the shelter.” The latest is, “In Texas we care for our own, here call Caritias.”

Well just a month ago, Larry, Bu Bu and I moved out of our tent in Southern California which we had been living and writing in for almost three years, as we tried over and over again to find honest legal help because of the federal crimes committed against us both, in the end, with zero luck. We absolutely couldn’t obtain employment or government assistance and we finally figured out that the powers that be were making sure we could not survive and when they found us we’d very likely be murdered in the night, easily gotten to through our cloth walls. Just before we left, because of employment we finally found in Texas, we noticed a power that be found us…we narrowly escaped with our lives!

We left for Texas on March 17, 2013 in a rental car taking with us only what we could fit in the trunk; the rest of our belongings left in storage. Larry worked at the little store on the campground premises, at four dollars an hour, for months to get the money together so we’d have enough to get to Texas. Yes, I know the owners of the store were breaking California employment laws for minimum wage, but hey, who’s going to do anything about it and we were desperate for work; they saw us coming.

Nevertheless we were focused on our new opportunity on a thousand acre goat & hunting ranch. Larry would be the contractor building new hunting lodges; I would be helping to manufacture natural skin care products out of goat’s milk. This family business already had a huge number of renters on their hunting property and many businesses all over the country buying their product. Larry and my intentions were to make enough money to get back on our feet; then rebuild our business while having some more ideas of ways to earn an income in our off hours at the ranch. We’d stay at the ranch at least a year, perhaps more depending on many factors.

However, the ranch turned out to be a complete scam, something that should be turned into the authorities, which from previous experience, will NEVER address the crimes these people committed against us.If we do manage to take the time to call them? We’ll see, after we get on our feet what can be done, if we can rely on the law concerning this matter?

Bottom line, we had to leave the ranch after the first ten days, or die. The next thing we know we’re traveling around the hill country of Texas looking for employment, driving a U-Haul truck because it cost much less than renting a car. We have about five hundred dollars to our name as we check into a La Quinta Motel and Larry and I start looking for employment again. And wouldn’t you know it? Larry gets an interview in another city three hours away, and a promise that he’ll be called the next day. But, we’ve become smarter than this, so continue to seek other opportunities. By the time we ran out of money, after a number of kind friends helped a little here and there we found ourselves in Austin, Texas with two employment opportunities for Larry BUT no money with a two week delay before employment would remedy our problem. At this point we had to figure out where we’d live and how we’d eat until the job started?

This is when I called Caritias a charity in Austin; by the time I stopped three days had passed. It’s been two weeks now and they have never called me back. I signed up for Couchsurfing, an organization, which amounts to the citizens of the area all over the country, opening their homes for temporary guests. No luck here as of yet. We’re still waiting for someone to read our profiles and e-mail availability. It’s almost been a month since I signed up? Nevertheless we still wouldn’t have a car, or money to buy food unless we could get employment, even if just temporary day work until Larry’s position at one of the pool companies is ready to hire him.

As far as day work, both Larry and I have tried these opportunities over the years since all the federal crimes destroyed our lives, and found they are all plain old scams, full of criminal activity and federal crimes no one does anything about, such as our government agencies our taxes pay to address these crimes, protecting society. In fact just to be sure, Larry spent a day since we’ve been in Texas, and just like the many other day jobs, this one was a scam too;>(

So one day two weeks ago now, we were sitting in our cheap motel room wondering what in the world we should do? We hadn’t eaten anything but granola bars in days and didn’t have enough money to stay in another motel:>(It’s about now we’re passing over the suggestion to go to a shelter that will separate Larry and I from each other and take precious BuBu ... a family member from us. Certainly, we agree, we’d rather live under a bridge, than allow this:>(Just then Larry recalled a Christian Church ranch he had come across while seeking employment when we were still in California. They were hiring, paying a salary, supplying housing and all meals. Actually Larry had called them when we were still in California, before we got the goat ranch job, and they must have forgotten about calling back, after they said they would? So Larry calls them again:>)

Thank God, they are more than happy to have us come, while they won’t be able to pay a lot, only some and they have plenty of work for Larry and me according to the talents we have, and their needs, so we’ll be earning something for the two to three weeks as we wait until Larry’s work comes through:>)

By the time we take off for the ranch on the other side of Texas, we have sixty dollars in donations from Twitter and Facebook friends in cash. All other avenues to get some money or help of any kind haven’t worked out:>(We’re still driving a rental U-Haul truck that we won’t be able to pay for when we return it but it has a full tank of fuel to take us many miles before we’ll have to gas-up again…as bad as all this is we’re starving! Our checking account is overdrawn and we’re at risk again of losing all our storage in California (full of legal documents, family pictures & clothing needed when we do get the employment) because we’ve had no way to pay for it because of the scam employment we drove all the way to Texas to obtain:>(

As long as we can make it to this Christian Church ranch we figure we’ll at least be able to earn enough money to pay for our cell phone bill and storage; after all we’re talking three hundred dollars total; we’d worry about our other financial issues after we start the permanent employment now for both of us;>)

Finally, Larry and I gratefully drive through the rusty gate into the Christian Church ranch; my stomach has a pit in it as it often has over the last twelve to sixteen years. Well ever since my ex-husband, of twenty-four years, Richard L. Davis II tried to murder me in 1997 in the effort of hiding what he and a number of financial institutions embezzled from my trust account, while SCOTUS Anthony “Tony” M. Kennedy was my attorney, from 1970-1978, recommending the trust to protect my assets in the first place. Unfortunately Larry and I are still fighting this same battle in as much as we’re trying to stay alive:>)
Larry says, “Well I see I could at least build one of my gates for this place, it needs it:>) I agree with an “I know” and smile at him:>)

The road into the ranch is long and full of potholes from what appears to be a big Texas rain. The land is beautiful with trees and a sprinkling of both new and old buildings. We’re greeted, as we arrive, by the husband, a soft-spoken tall man, who guides us into the dining and meeting center saying, “My wife will be over to greet you soon.”

Meanwhile we all get engrossed in discussing what Larry and my talents are and what we can offer during our stay. Soon the wife shows up, the tall, loud, looming matriarch obviously, the same person Larry spoke with on the phone and who invited us to stay on the ranch as long as we refrain from drinking or smoking, which we’ve agreed to.

By the time she goes through Larry and my talents and experiences, which are vast to most, she states, “Well I’m inviting you to be hospitality guests for a month, then we’ll evaluate what you have to offer us?” I’m thinking in my head, “What? Does this mean you aren’t paying us to work here, and we’re only staying a couple of weeks; you knew this?” I looked at Larry and swallowed with fear written all over my face. I could see Larry was thinking deeply at this point. But we continued to listen to Mrs. Matriarch; Mr. Husband, still present, sat quietly not saying a word.

Awhile later, Larry and I are telling our hosts our story of unaddressed federal crimes, which didn’t seem to shock them one bit. One would think our connection here is a Godsend? But there’s no way to tell yet:>)

Around 5:00 PM Larry, Bu Bu and I are being driven, by tractor pulled trailer by Mr. Husband, over to the area where the housing is, right next to the dumping ground for donations, stacked up for what appears to have been twenty years of old cars, trailers, motor homes, railroad ties, boats, tools, windows, more cars, trucks, tires, etc. There are two little wood houses here. One is very small, filthy dirty inside, and one must climb a ladder to get into a single bed. Luckily, Larry said something about his hip having been broken, and after Mr. Husband told Mrs. Matriarch on the phone about this she agreed we should be moved to the bigger filthy house. I’m wondering, “What is this Texas thing with filthy dirty ranches and homes; and she said the housing was clean? The same filth was going on at the goat ranch?” Well, I’d have to say, this little wood house wasn’t as filthy as the goat ranch, but it needed to be cleaned, which wasn’t a problem as long as there were cleaning products.

After Larry and I unloaded the U-Haul truck, we walked back to the dining and meeting room where we had dinner with Mrs. Matriarch, Mr. Husband, their son and three other students of this Christian Church ranch, eating entirely raw food, which wasn’t bad but we’re left hoping breakfast will be better:>) As we start back to the little house, I turn towards Mrs. Matriarch and say, “So I know you told Larry on the phone before we arrived that you had work for us, and you couldn’t pay what we could hope to get elsewhere but what can you pay?” Mrs. Matriarch laughed in my face and said, “Ha! We’re not paying anything! This is strictly volunteer work here!”

Needless to say I’m more than furious! Mrs. Matriarch lied to us to get us to come here to her Christian Church ranch. God knows the place needs work! It’s a huge pit as it appears so far. And, whether we’re paid or not, we really don’t have a choice at this point. We have no money now. The U-Haul goes back in the morning, whose bill we can’t pay. And we have no food. We are stranded, for the moment; might as well make the best of it!

When Larry and I make it back to the little bigger filthy wood house, we look around for cleaning products, having to gather some from the other smaller little filthy wood house. Fortunately after mopping all the tile floors throughout, scrubbing the kitchen and bathroom, we agree it’s at least livable and Mr. Husband had given us clean sheets for the bed. We took notice that there is no TV but content in knowing we can watch DVDs on our laptop. We are now somewhat content, praying the employment we’re taking, together, comes sooner than expected. We’re grateful for the roof over our heads:>)

By morning things take a bigger turn towards a truth that was obviously and purposely withheld from us. Hey, just exactly like attorneys do! The first thing we’re noticing is no one tells anyone about anything? We have no idea when breakfast takes place:>(Then we find out there are no breakfasts here? We’re told by, a long time resident of the ranch, that there are only two meals a day, lunch and dinner. But he says no one ever knows what time? So Larry and I concur, we’re please we took some granola bars with us from the last motel we stayed in. Then though we were informed differently on the phone, we find out there is no WiFi connection for our computers here except in the main building near the dining & meeting room. So we set up my computer in the building there, just happy to have access at all:>) One way we’re earning an income is by the book; problem is the royalties only go out every other month. And, guess what month we’re in?

Within a few days, we’ve realized the food is mostly just horrible, with left over’s served, day after day and there’s only one meal a day served around 4:00 PM after allowing the food to sit out on the table to get cold before we’re told we can eat:>( Mrs. Matriarch says whenever she chooses to appear which isn’t usually before 3:00 PM “ Oh, didn’t I tell you we’re a fasting Christian Church ranch. We only eat one meal a day and totally fast on Sundays.”

Okay, now I’m in tears. Mostly because I’m starving! I believe this was Monday after we had arrived, and we’d already been through the Sunday fasting, the day before, which we had no clue about until it happened. And at this point we hadn’t eaten since Saturday at 4:00 PM and it’s now Monday at 3:00 PM with no hope of food until about 5:00 PM. Actually Larry and I have never been this hungry even when we had no money living in the tent? And, this is a Christian Church ranch, while the owners have known all about the reason we came here? We needed help and not for free! Larry has been building Mrs. Matriarch a light and heat sauna for no compensation (normally costing the buyer a couple of thousand dollars) just our room and board, which is find but there’s no food! Not to mention we’ve realized we have been lied to since the owners agreed to allow us to find shelter and food here.

We are an hour from any town, have no money and now no food to speak of, even with one meal a day, all we get is soup and salad dolled out by Mrs. Matriarch making sure no one takes more than they should. In fact just this evening our meal was served at 4:30 PM after it was allowed to sit out and get cold for a least an hour. Happily tonight there were waffles and syrup made from all natural ingredients and they were actually good, even cold. The eggs served with them were terrible because they were so cold. So I opted for having two quarters of a waffle with syrup to eat, when I went back to the serving table to serve myself another fourth, the serving platter was snapped away and taken to the kitchen. I called out, “Please wait I’d like another piece.” I then heard, “No, you can’t, have some eggs.”

Last Sunday the owners held a church service in the dining and meeting room for three hours, as Mrs. Matriarch resided over it; teaching we must memorize scripture word for word. Then she went on and on about how we must stop being such selfish human beings; it’s not about us but Jesus; it’s not about me but Jesus. The hour of music and singing was wonderful:>) Frankly I'm not sure I've met many people as selfish as she is, other than through other churches and charities.

So now Larry and I have our new employment coming up this week; we were to leave tomorrow but thankfully there has been a delay with our new employer and he’s asking us to come Wednesday instead. Thank God for small favors:>) We have three more days to figure out how we are going to get there?

The church here won’t help us financially; hell they refuse to feed us or at least follow through with their commitment and pay us a little for the work we’ve done and continue to do. Yes, I’ve done work too. I’ve proof read and edited pages and pages of Mrs. Matriarch’s prospectuses about her Christian Church ranch in order to receive donations, where we’re actually being held hostage and close to starving; at the very least we’re becoming malnourished. They know we have no way out, so they are abusing us. God knows what else we’ll experience until we get to leave here. These people should be reported to the authorities but I'm confident if I called someone they'd ignore us, call the owners and ask if they are abusing their volunteers? The owners of course will throw their formal education background around and the authorities will claim they found nothing sinister about the Christian Church ranch, and we'd be kicked out of here to the streets.

We have figured out that all we need is five hundred dollars now by this Monday or Tuesday, and our commitment to you the investor that we’ll pay back, DOUBLE, what you've invested in us, within the next few months; sooner most probably. We just want to get to our employment and our employer wants us there Wednesday of this coming week:>)

You know, I have just one question, “How is it that all the leaders in this country, along with many men & women of the cloth,law,charities & churches are so dishonest, and ungodly as they spout their lying rhetoric to the rest of us? And, many of us listen to them? I started questioning these authorities and others when I was young and earned the title of being very rebellious? Yet I was merely calling things as I saw them... people lying, cheating and stealing! This my friends, is what is wrong with the USA; the unethical corrupt behavior is rampant as our leaders, attorneys, judges and clergy mold lives.

Still if all you can afford are a few dollars as a donation, we'd be very grateful as this will get us by, with food, paying our phone etc. especially if many do it. Additionally, it will save our lives:>) Our Pay Pal account is: larrywaynesam@yahoo.com; thank you and God Bless:>))

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If you want to learn more about this story please read my blog; http://deborahbreuner.blogspot.com/; start with postings March/April 2012 Heiress Lives In A Tent... Parts 1-6 for the foundation; treat yourself to my memoir, whose message along with the entertainment value will save you and your families' lives financially, titled; God's On Our Side Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control! It can be purchased from my blog or from Amazon.








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