God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Sunday, May 19, 2013


New Mexico’s Larry Barker of KRQE Channel 13 TV (larry.parker@krqe.com; 505-764-5240) is the state’s troubleshooter; he exposes government corruption, unfair treatment of employees & consumers, so I e-mailed & called him concerning the labor crimes, my husband and I had committed against us by our employer Shirley Ko who owns The Days Inn & Suites in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the Super 8 Motel and the A+ Extended Stay Inn in Las Vegas, New Mexico. She habitually hires employees, calling them new managers, to do her extra work, apparently; then fires them, for no cause, the day before she must pay their salary. Added to this, Ms. Ko is breaking New Mexico health laws and has Homeland Security issues as our passports disappeared from our possession and while our briefcase was in her car and we weren’t! Larry Barker, I’m assuming has more pressing issues to address; he won’t report what has occurred to us in his state as we now are worse than homeless, and penniless with no vehicle or employment at the moment, because of what Ms. Ko did! Worse yet, just like in every other state in the USA, there isn’t a government agency, leader, official, or authority that will help us. I will say; a secretary, Mindy at the governor’s office,(1-505-476-2200) directed us to food stamps? Can you believe this? Oh, and Larry Barker isn’t going to report the crimes; he too acting like I was bothering him when I called in my story to the newsroom after the e-mails I sent to him came back with no mistakes in his e-mail address? He got really defensive when I said, “I’ve sent you two e-mails and they both came back a day later? Did you refuse accepting them?” Mr. Barker jumped down my throat for even suggesting such lack of integrity:>0 He still won’t report the New Mexico motel crime spree!

What I want to know is why don’t the proper authorities investigate and charge the criminals who commit all these federal crimes; many are financial institutions, returning to the victims what has been stolen from them instead? Why should we, the victims to this, have to live off the publics’ taxes in order to survive while the criminals are now very wealthy because of what they have stolen from us? Most of these criminals are financial institutions and our leaders. Now I see motel owners committing horrendous crimes against their employees and, ultimately, also to the public who stays with them! From what we’ve seen, these three motels I speak of are Salmonella dens and potential terrorists who steal others' passports! The responses of our leaders, authorities, professionals and media, to these outrageous crimes, have reminded and taught me something.

Do we recall the 1950s-60s TV program called The Twilight Zone? Well I suggest you familiarize yourselves and do it quickly! There is much to learn from this well-known, successful science fiction. I have to say it was one of my favorite programs, a metaphor to my future perhaps…a metaphor for the public’s future!

All I can say is there has been no media anywhere who cared about the 80M$s embezzled from my trust account and the four multimillion dollar properties illegally taken, by fraudulent foreclosure and evictions, from me by the same financial institution, a couple of more and my attorney, as punishment for exposing the original crime to the proper government authorities, so why would they expose Ms. Ko and her three filthy, criminal motels as their current manager is an alleged meth addict? One wonders what news these so-called media mavericks actually expose? We shouldn’t, as the public, EVER wonder how the homeless and penniless are created or why our country is such a criminal mess!

Additionally, everyone in the USA and throughout the world who has figured out they can commit crime, federal crimes in particular, and be undetected because the authorities & media could care less are at this moment committing crimes against you and your family, while there will never be anything done about it! The “nothing will ever be done about it” is the big surprise that most have no clue of, yet we’ve all watched 48 Hours and programs like this while being totally disgusted with investigators who screw up on taking the evidence as the murderer remains undetected for twenty years or more. The pain the families must endure as the authorities continue to screw up on a murder case that screams guilt of someone standing right in front of them and never gets investigated horrifies us! Yet when federal crime committed by our financial institutions, financial elite, employers, attorneys and leaders occurs to someone other than ourselves we can’t quite believe it and assume it just couldn’t be true and if it is, it’s our own fault. My favorite reason for it’s our own fault is we weren’t positive enough when we chose our bank, employment, attorney and authority so we’re just “f#*$ing victims and at fault for being such! Oh, please! This attitude is merely another way the government, financial institutions, corporations, authorities, media and advertising helps to escape putting the blame where it belongs…on the criminal who has power over us!

The title of my book, God’s On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control explains what I’m talking about in the title alone! Although I recommend that you read the whole thing in order to protect your family and yourselves. You can pick it up on Amazon or from my blog; http://deborahbreuner.blogspot.com/

My question is, “Why should we the consumer have to fear that 99% of all financial institutions, corporations, attorneys and authorities are corrupt and how do we find the 1% who aren’t? Oh I know, be positive and the honest help will be at our doorsteps! However, if we should be so fortunate to find the honest ones, they will have to become dishonest in order to survive in their chosen profession! If they don’t become dishonest, in order to survive, they will find themselves without employment just like those of us who have been riddled with federal crime to destroy us!

After my husband and I have lived in poverty for 12 years, continuing to do so, doing everything we can to get an investigation into the horrendous federal crimes committed against us both in the end; trying to hire attorneys and exposing the corruption ourselves we have learned some very scary facts that most of the public has yet to realize. And, it’s not because people are dumb that they have no clue to what is going on, one would have to experience what we’ve been through to get it and those of us who have been through it know; they are today’s activists trying desperately to save their lives and warn the rest of the public, many who aren’t listening. I’d assume the reason you aren’t listening is because things are good for you right now so how in the world could what I’m talking about concern you? Many of you are confident, “This won’t happen to me, I’m smarter than they were and I’ve taken all the right steps to protect my family and myself. Plus our attorney is honest.”

“REALLY?” Okay lets see how you’ll think and feel after federal crimes such as those that have destroyed my family, strike you and yours and you must hire an attorney.

First of all if you have a trust protecting your assets, I’m here to tell you it doesn’t! A financial institution can just embezzle your funds anyway and nothing will be done! You can have your, 1% of the honest, attorneys subpoena your account statements and you’ll NEVER receive them as of seven years later while the judge does nothing and your, 1% of the honest, attorney lies to you as to why! You can even get so disgusted that you report this to your state attorney general or Eric Holder and you’ll be lucky if you receive back an obtuse form letter stamped with their signature, claiming it isn’t their jurisdiction even when the crimes committed occurred in their backyard. And, they do this from behind closed doors of secrecy while a secretary from Bulla Bulla, barely able to speak or understand, answers the phones reciting a memorized script! And even after 12 years you won’t get past her unless she leaves or dies and then another secretary just like her assumes her position!

Hey, you think employees like this are a mistake? I don’t! I believe they are hired for the purpose of keeping the pubic in their place; victims to federal and other crimes.

Did you also know that financial Institutions non-judicially foreclose on property even if there’s no loan against your home and it’s owned by your trust outright? Well it’s true and there’s not a thing you can do about it even if you spend seven years in court fighting this absurdity! The financial institution will take your property anyway; you’ll receive a settlement that’s 1/16 th of what your property is worth; your attorney, if you have one, will criminally take almost every cent of your settlement by lying about his costs after not holding one deposition, sending out one interrogatory, or completely not showing up at a judge’s hearing, therefore getting your case dismissed! You see there’s no one going over his/her account statements or legal work relating to your case, so why not? They can pretty much claim you owe anything including breach their contract with you and lie about the laws; there’s nothing you can do! No, sorry the state bars IGNORE ALL MALFEASENCE, MORAL TURPITUDE, MISPRISION OF FELONY, FEDERAL CRIME OR OTHER CRIMES THEIR ATTORNEYS COMMIT! THE COMMISSION ON JUDICIAL PERFORMANCE, to whom one would report a corrupt judge, is exactly the same. They ignore the complaints from behind locked doors of secrecy!

Nevertheless you, the least informed, newly attacked, are hiring foreclosure specialists whom you either pay or make donations to in order to acquire their expert advice on how to save your homes and property. If you haven’t been into this for at least twelve years, you’re a neophyte and still trusting something or someone will address all the federal crimes that took your home. Yes, there are many small legal wins that give you reason to rejoice, but in the end you will lose; the property will be taken and you’ll not be compensated for your loss!

Meanwhile if an attorney, amongst the 1% who is honest, actually does what’s right by his/her client, expose the crimes to the judge or courts, you’ll see them disbarred along with the honest judge, so they just can’t take the chance.

So isn’t this just like The Twilight Zone we watched on TV as a child? You see the Twilight Zone is waiting to recruit us all into the twilight zone. But in order to get us there we must be beaten to hell by our government, leaders, financial institutions, authorities, attorneys and media until we take the step they want us to take; the step into the twilight zone, drugged to the hilt on antidepressants, poverty stricken, homeless, penniless, without a vehicle or employment, thinking we’re grateful we’ve been accepted. Talk about mind control by the USA Government! You know one family down another few billion to go! The new age holocaust; we’re all headed to the Twilight Zone if we’ve earned it! Otherwise we go to the Fema Camps after a long haul in the streets!

By; Deborah Breuner
Heiress Lives In A Tent

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  1. What you are saying in this is exactly what I have experienced as well. Thank you for standing for truth when so few will. God is Truth and I believe that we should keep 'pressing on in His truth'. God bless you & yours.