God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Friday, April 26, 2013

What Merv Griffin Once Said

Merv Griffin always said, “I wouldn’t hire anyone who hasn’t lost everything at least twice.” Very good philosophy from my perspective and experience; obviously Mr. Griffin understood how important experience is; his success proves he knew what he was doing when he managed his business relationships in this manner.

Well Larry has lost everything twice; I’ve lost everything one great big time! Nevertheless I understand why Mr. Griffin felt this way now. It’s because there are truths out in the world concerning business, finance, law and government you will never learn in school no matter where you attend; no matter what college you feel lucky enough to get accepted by or grad school you get into. In fact there’s part of me that believes the finer the formal education, the more likely you’re learning how to be a criminal, but I could be wrong here?

In fact you can put all your sweat and tears into your own business, and without the knowledge Larry and I have, lose it in an instant by federal crime committed by your financial institution because you didn’t know how to protect it and yourself:>(By the way, it’s not in the ways we have always been taught; it’s in a way quite different.

You see we the people hear rumblings about horrible fraud, federal crimes and murders everyday; we accept these occurrences as part of life not realizing that these crimes, most of them, occur and continue mostly because our USA Government absolutely won’t investigate, and the criminals know this. Our USA Government commits many of these crimes; our financial institutions & leaders commit the rest while our government wants the truth silenced. The public at large does not understand how many federal crimes, in particular, never get investigated until they get hit by one of these crimes, which will destroy their lives and only then realizing why these crimes are so rampant in society. It’s because no one is addressing them, while the media withholds information, spins us in unimportant directions and lies about what is really going on in society.

A victim to a 80M$ embezzlement of their trust account by a financial institution, in this country, can work for close to twenty years to get an investigation into the crime and it will NEVER be launched, while the attorneys hired will purposely withhold all incriminating evidence of proof from the judge. If somehow the proof looks like it will hit his desk anyway, he/she will refuse to allow it into evidence using lame excuses as to why; because they can.

And I don’t know if Merv Griffins’ employees were survivors of unaddressed horrible federal crimes, which caused them to lose everything? After what I’ve seen and experienced, I’d venture to guess they were, while the wisdom they gathered had no price on it; these people were invaluable assets to Mr. Griffin as they would be to anyone who hadn’t experienced what they had. Anyone having experience with the federal crimes financial institutions commit are valuable assets to businesses and society. We the people will never learn to protect ourselves without these experienced members in their lives, because one will never learn of these horrific acts otherwise

Federal Crime will destroy a business along with a life and a family; financial crime is lethal and in the USA it’s rampant committed by financial institutions. Again, most of the public does not know about these crimes by first hand experience. Not because it hasn’t occurred to millions, it has. But, most have died in the streets, homeless and penniless; therefore silenced. Others have been murdered for being “whistleblowers” exposing the crimes, and then there are people like me, us, with tenacity that won’t quit. Few of us I’d presume? Meanwhile my husband and I have had to hide out not allowing anyone to really know where we are, in fear of being silenced by a “Hit Man.” The powers that be have not yet been able to kill us with a weapon but our lives have been frozen in poverty with unlawfully destroyed credit; flags on our SS numbers preventing many employers, whom have received our qualified applications, from calling us back; not to mention Larry and I have always been self employed so finding employment, for this reason, is difficult enough without the other obstacles we face.

Eventually, after all your belongings have been sold so you can eat and pay for rent in a campground, while living in a tent, there are no more ways to generate money. Soon you’ll lose your vehicle, then cell phone, computer and you’re walking. Yes, this is what the USA Government does to whistleblowers. It’s a slow kill if they can’t just shoot or poison you. No, churches and charities do not help. Shelters seldom have room for the homeless & penniless because there are so many.

Now finally, after years of looking for employment enabling us to get on our feet, Larry and I have found the perfect employment for us:>) We thought we had, about a month ago, and so moved to Texas onto a 1000 acre goat farm and hunting property. Larry was hired to build hunting lodges; I was hired to help make natural skin care out of goat’s milk, which is sold all over the country. The employment was a scam and finally, after ten days, we had to leave. I could write a book about our experiences and thereby prove crime is today rampant in society too, because some people are confident they can do anything they want. Who’s going to do anything about it?

Needless to say, Larry, BuBu and I have found ourselves stranded in Texas, with no vehicle, money or employment; once again sending out resumes describing both of our abundances of experience and talent, while living temporarily on a Christian ranch that doesn’t believe in food; just fasting, but we have a roof over our head and a bed to sleep in:>) So we’re grateful for this. And after a few offered positions to Larry that went astray because we have no permanent place to live or a vehicle we finally found the perfect employment, for us both, that will help us get on our feet. We start next week:>) We’ll have a place to live and a vehicle to drive while we soon can purchase our own:>)

But we have no way to get where we need to be so we can start working. We still have no vehicle or money and as I said earlier the charities and churches do not help people improve their lives. They instead help you wallow in it. If we could just take this employment we’d be on our feet in no time, ready to implement many of our other business ideas, with the extra knowledge about finances few will ever have...except the victims who more often than not never make it out of the streets:>( Then we have the book(s) I’ve written and script(s) Larry and I have written together. The first book has been published and doing well; it will do even better once we’re settled, making money and I can afford to advertise. A Canadian producer is looking at the first movie idea as I write today:>)

Anyway, we need financial help in order get to our new employment or we’ll not be hired:>(Once hired our relocation expenses will be reimbursed.
Right now we’re looking for an investor willing to invest in us to the tune of a few thousand dollars, to be paid back DOUBLE, what they invest within an agreed amount of time. It seems a shame that two viable, creative, savvy in finance individuals whom have always been self employed and done well in the past, before federal crime struck, could possibly spend their lives poverty stricken, as you and all other Americans pay for our care with your inflated taxes?

Wouldn’t you rather help in a small way now, get one hundred percent “return” on your invested money back and keep a family out of the streets brought on by government corruption? Isn’t it our duty, as Americans, to help our fellow American especially when we see and know how our USA Government has failed us all? If our lives are saved, our labored work in writing will help all Americans by informing them about corruption, many are not aware of, so they can protect their families, businesses and themselves from what Larry and I have endured for a good sixteen years. If we die in the streets, our work will go with us, while our experiences will help no one:>(

If you want to learn more please read my blog; start with postings March/April 2012 Heiress Lives In A Tent... Parts 1-6 for the foundation of this story:>)










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Thank you so much and God Bless:>)

UPDATE; as of Monday April 29, 2013 Larry and I must be on our way to our new employment or miss this opportunity:>(Meanwhile, an hour ago, we received another offer for employment in another state.

Deborah Breuner

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