God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Monday, February 11, 2013



Well if you’ve read this blog from the beginning of it’s existence then you’re covered as far as understanding the federal crimes and corruption that have attacked my family and me; if you’re new to visit I recommend that you start by reading the first posts made back in March/April 2012, Part 1-6 Heiress Lives In A Tent; The New Face Of The Homeless In America. And, this title states a fact that will continue to escalate, in everyone's life, if the truth isn’t exposed to the public.

Additionally there’s my book entitled, God’s On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control! You can pick up your copy, both on my blog and on Amazon.

Yes there are many Americans whom have lost it all as well, accepting facts based on what they hear in the media…the horrible economy which in my mind, because of what I’ve personally seen and experienced over the last now twelve to sixteen years, is not entirely true. I would label America’s problems as unaddressed federal crime & corruption from the top down or said another way, “Fish rot from the head down.” A quote I heard not long ago that describes what has happened to America perfectly.

Many would claim I know nothing because I am an heiress who lost it all, which in their minds makes me different, unapproachable, one of the 1%, spoiled, pretentious and certainly not educated in the true ways of the world…I’ve been pampered too much.

Truth is one of these titles is true. I was spoiled financially until I was forty-eight years old, but since then I’ve lived in poverty as horrendous as Ethiopia might be, and I’m now sixty-four years old. Even my enemies would never call me unapproachable. I am not and never have been part of the 1%. The 1%ers are a group of people on this planet who came by their wealth by crime and corruption in my mind. There are plenty of families who have money, mostly inheritances, from the hard work of their ancestors who came over to America with talent and earned their money, passing it on to the next generation. Then there are still Americans who work hard and should be able to advance, but today it’s impossible! All people with money are considered a disease, in this country today, born out of jealousy and greed unless they are part of the government posse, consisting of financial institutions, huge corporations, almost all the attorneys, certain powerful actors, the media and government authorities. These are the real 1% and they are destroying this country while our government allows it to happen!

One of the reasons no one in the public, if not members of the posse, will ever succeed in the USA if stories like mine aren't exposed is because whatever you do earn with your sweat and tears will be stolen from you by the posse and I know, through experience how they do it. I will tell you now, the better financial decisions you make the more likely it will all be embezzled, extorted and laundered, while the better real estate decisions you make will leave your property as a target for a financial institution to illegally foreclose on it even if you have no loan against it, owning it outright! And, the biggest problem we have is no authority will do a thing about it!

At this point I have more to offer the average everyday American than ever before. Why? Well because I've seen federal crimes committed that are never exposed by the media and these crimes usually happen to citizens who have substantial assets, yet are not part of the posse, while the techniques used to unlawfully foreclose, embezzle, extort, and launder funds from all of us will amaze and shock; and the crimes I've seen will keep you with that dream from ever achieving it, because it won't be possible with the agendas the financial institutions and our US Government have.

My partner Larry, and I would like you to decide what we as a nation need to work on and I’ll promise you this, our story will at least entertain you with recollections of the old Gaslight film of the 1940’s; Dominick Dunne in his hay day; Ted Bundy’s sociopathic behavior gone “bankster” and cause you to imagine Ann Rule’s envy and frustration over she not finding this story first:>)) Well she couldn’t have, it’s mine…ours:>))

Which brings me to Hollywood’s approach on scripts written by the people who’ve lived the story and how they’re not only refused but their work is discarded without a reading? Now is that nice and open minded? Sylvester Stallone wrote his script and acted in the film too and that worked out okay. He made some money, so I hear, and so did everyone connected to him. What’s more the circumstances by which he created the script and insisting that he star in the film actually made his movie more desirable to the audience…not less? So honestly don’t understand the reluctance, while neither Larry nor I want to be in this film; we merely want to be instrumental in making it? Anyone who would work as hard as Sylvester Stallone to get done what he dreamed of doing is a natural moneymaker. And these are exactly the qualities Larry and I hold.

Larry and I have had extensive experience with horrific federal crimes committed first against my trust and me...eventually after we started reporting these crimes to the proper authorities the crimes attacked Larry too. I can describe these eventual experiences as nothing short of "Mafia Hits" most probably to shut us up. What we've experience on our road to justice is mind boggling and we know every American will benefit from our solid twelve years experience uncovering federal crimes committed against the public by the entities we should be able to trust, and the public most probably has no idea this is occurring until everything they have worked for during their lives has been criminally stolen from them and they set out to hire attorneys and report these crimes to the proper government or other authorities. Until people find themselves having to contact every branch of law enforcement there is they do not realize, what we found out. In fact they may not realize that they must investigate the laws themselves as the attorneys actually lie about the laws to protect the financial institutions. None of the authorities do their jobs and the media won't report these crimes.

The movie goer, like the reader, is in for both a dysfunctional,sociopathic family saga of a lifetime and a gaslighting murder mystery, tied up with government corruption that concerns all consumers worldwide that do business with financial institutions; attorneys; politicians and media, whether they be mainstream, alternative, alternative, alternative or people powered such as Twitter and Facebook.

We have already had someone in the industry read our script and love it. He's an actor and director from California living in Toronto, Rick Cordeiro. I invite you to look him up on IMDB for his credits, which are quite impressive.

Both Larry and I have had extensive experience in creating and managing our own businesses; Larry in restaurants seating 700 hundred at a time, contracting and building, designing and building furniture, breeding and training horses and scriptwriting.

My experience has been in managing three multimillion dollar properties, raising children, creating and managing my own fashion design business, designing, drafting patterns and sewing; educated at Parsons of New York. In photography; studied at the Center of Creative Studies in Detroit.

I have for the last five years written my memoir while Larry and I together studied scriptwriting with an English professor, Sean Ireland teaching this craft at Santa Monica City College. Larry and I have since written four scripts and have just started a "Dramedy" for TV.

As I’m sure you understand, most creative people can pretty much approach any artistic medium with success, especially when they have the work ethic to go with it, and I believe we do.

At the moment, we want to produce our first film together with a seasoned producer from whom we will learn as we go. We already have an actor wanting to play one of the major parts in this film. We'd like to produce and film this movie,taking it on the film festival circuit next year, 2014 dependent on getting the funding we need from possibly you or a number of investors?

We believe our film will not only entertain, as the audience responds with every emotion humanly possible without getting arrested, but teach as well, while the public won't even feel the education occurring that will save their financial lives.

Thank you for your time and consideration towards this emotionally life changing film. To get a better understanding of this story from the beginning, please read March/April 2012 postings Part 1-6 Heiress Lives In A Tent; The...


Deborah Breuner
Heiress Lives In A Tent

Kevin Syms Photography; Sun Valley, Idaho

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