God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Monday, June 5, 2017





Wow! So now President Trump will be evaluated, for his decisions, by one of the same SCOTUS’s who’s at the bottom of the embezzlement of my trust.

You know the SCOTUS, Justice Anthony Kennedy, who has watched me, his client, be thrown into the streets, at fifty years old, becoming completely homeless and penniless because of his advice as my attorney, from 1970-1978.

Mr. Graduate of the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Hum was it always…and Political Science? So now still more telling…no?

I have no interest in commenting on my thoughts about President Trump. I have much interest in referring to a criminal to decide if Trump’s decisions are valid.

We are a sick, sick country.

We are a country full of leaders who are mostly sociopaths and psychopaths.

We all know what these personalities, within our families, can do to our lives so why do Americans accept these same personalities running their country?

We the people spend thousands of dollars paying therapists to help us deal with family and spouses who are sociopaths and psychopaths, but we accept that our leaders are such?

Good therapy will support the victims of sociopathic or psychopathic abuse to leave; it’s called getting out of a toxic relationship. Yet, at the same time we allow our country to be guided by sociopaths and psychopaths?

The public, today, have been blessed with education galore on just about any subject imaginable. One subject taking precedence of late is that of narcissists (aka) sociopaths and psychopaths. What I want to know is why isn’t education used in selecting candidates to run for office?

Simple concept!

I mean a first year psychology major would detect Obama’s body language screaming psychopath, and this has nothing to do with my political affiliation.

I have none.

It has to do with my education in psychology.

What I also have is the awareness that most people, who are elected and taking office in this country, whether being Democrats, Republicans or Independents are sociopaths and psychopaths, while we’re wondering why, we the public, deal with the problems we have today with bullying in the schools; crimes that never get investigated, homelessness, joblessness and pennilessness.

Interestingly President Trump does not have the body language of a sociopath or psychopath.

Still in spite of this truth; we the people continue to be victimized and then judged by the horrific credit we obtained from the victimization? While the powerful that commit the financial and real estate crimes, against the public, graduated from Harvard or London School of Economics and Political Science.

What this means to me is that it doesn’t matter who holds the office of president, or if they be sociopaths or psychopaths, financial and real estate crimes continue while not being addressed by the authorities or media, so to warn others and protect them from the same.

What does this point to? It points to no matter who’s in office, in this country, the crimes continue and aren’t addressed by anyone but the victims.

There’s something bigger going on here and I believe our presidents are merely figureheads who make no decisions, while it seems obvious many decisions are made by the SCOTUS.

At least this is what the media claims, and we all know what liars they are.

However what I know for sure based on my experience, not media hype, a SCOTUS, in the capacity of an attorney, advised a young 24 year old girl in 1974, also her second removed brother-in-law, to create a trust to protect her assets, along with those of her two young daughters, which today have been completely embezzled as a national financial institution adjusted monthly, quarterly and yearly statements to hide these facts over twenty-four years.

Enter Justice Anthony Kennedy…

And because of this monster who is one amongst nine SCOTUS seemingly running the country, while not of good character, we are completely homeless and penniless now, with great employment for Larry, yet he's unable to continue this employment because we live in our car, with only occasional nights in motels, by the gifts of mostly Facebook friends. We have even been approved for an apartment, which will instantly change our circumstances, should we be able to move in. However Larry's employer won't allow him to come to work as a resident of our car, and we can't pay for the apartment until Larry is paid. He'll never be paid if not going to work.

It's the vicious cycle for the homeless and penniless:>(

Now, as of this morning Larry suddenly has three new interviews; all from employers he sent résumés to over a month ago. Yet we don't have the funds to not only be interviewed, again, but stay in the employment Larry has now, a company that doesn't like it that he and his family are homeless and will likely fire Larry soon if we don't get ourselves under a roof. No matter what we do a mere $1,000.00 will fix everything at this point. If many people could donate small amounts, we'd be on our way. It's all we need to get into our apartment, it's all we need to again relocate if one of these other positions is better for us, while we let the apartment go, but the administrations fees are all paid for.

Again, the vicious cycle for the homeless and penniless, while charities, agencies and churches don't help, but with tiny band-aids for which we are grateful, yet leaving one begging for mercy and funds once more:>(

If you're so inclined to help, no matter how small, please either visit our campaign on my Facebook page or donate straight to our PayPal account at: larrywaynesam@yahoo.com

God Bless you....

By: Deborah Breuner (Davis)
Heiress Lives In A Tent

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