God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Thursday, March 16, 2017


This picture of Congressman Calvert with his so-called-beloved Dachshand makes me sick and sad for his precious dog; anyone who can treat humans as this man does doesn't really love his dog. He needs to surrender this dog to us. We'll take good care of him/her.

Yeah right Congressman Hunter respects his place in service as a Marine; "Leave no man behind" of this country? His team won't even call me back, while my family and I are facing death in the streets because of authorities, like him, who refuse to do their jobs.

This morning Larry, The Bu and myself woke up in a motel room. My Social Security comes in the third Wednesday of each month at midnight; 10:00 PM on Tuesday California time.

We sat in a parking lot in front of Trader Joes, here in Temecula, until the clock struck 10:01PM; then transferred $200.00 off my SS card, to PayPal, and drove conservatively to the nearest Cheap Motel.

We took showers and fell into bed.

Yesterday, while in the car, I wrote a timeline, of our horrendous story, using one index finger while on my iphone, the only thing I own of monetary value, and sent two of these out to Inland Empire congressmen; one is Ken Calvert of the 42nd District and the other is, Duncan Hunter of the 50th District; neither phone answer-ers in these offices know which district their congressman represents as far as where Larry, The Bu and I reside, which is anywhere close to our storage facility in our car.

So I’m contacting both offices; Joe at Ken Calvert’s office actually suggested this, but also said his office would follow up on my request that a congressman look into why my multiple FBI reports on federal crimes committed against my trust and me by national financial institutions and real estate professionals, for over sixteen years, has been ignored.

And, although old Joe, (if in fact this is his real name) is ignoring me too with nicey, nicey words of, “Yes, I’m reading your timeline now and I’ll get right back to you,” he doesn’t.

I did ask Joe if his office can do anything to help us, like put us up in a motel for a while until we can manage to retain employment.

Joe avoided the answer.

Yes these representative phone answer-ers used to say , “F#@k you” and hang up, now, with the new administration, they merely nicey, nicey “we the victims” with lies until we quit calling.


Stay tuned because old Joe (again, if this is in fact his real name) may surprise us all.

Congressman Hunter's office hasn’t responded at all so I suppose I should be happy with what we’ve got, which is nothing for nothing...so far.

I can just see these congressmen office personal, when stories like ours come in. I see them sitting in board rooms chopping down on wings and pizza, which the state pays for, discussing how to handle an outrageous situation such as ours; that is homelessness and pennilessness, because of unaddressed by the proper authorities financial and real estate crimes.

The sleazy congressman says, to his sleazy staff, as grease drips off his lips, “Nah, never mind them and their stupid dog; let them die in their car; how long do we think it will take? Want to have a death pool? Lets all bet on how long it’s going to take”?

“I usually win these bets you know, Lol”!

Anyway, tomorrow once again, we turn into pumpkins; we’re back to living in our car in 90 degree weather until we either sell something, receive more donations,obtain an investor for just one of our likely flourishing business ideas, find a congressman that does their JOB, retain employment or die…

However counting on “The Papa” to have better plans for us.

Again thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for you donations, prayers and support. Feel badly that we must continue to ask, but just look at where we are?
And we are doing all, that’s humanly possible to help ourselves, against all odds.

We continue to need your help...PLEASE

God Bless you all!

PS: First " just got out of the shower" photo in five days...Yeah!!!

By: Deborah Breuner Davis
Heiress Lives In A Tent

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