God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!

God's On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control!


Wednesday, March 6, 2013



I’m wondering, does it bother anyone that the only subject we as Americans, or the world for that matter, read or hear about concerning the foreclosures addresses robo-signing, underwriting and loan modifications only? Because, as you may or may not know, there’s a whole lot of other federal crimes occurring where people are suffering horribly; permanently; dying, and yet the authorities ignore these federal crimes as if our US Government hired the financial institutions to steal our homes, property and funds. When the victims report these incidences as crime they’re destroyed further; hired attorneys, no matter whether for the defendant or prosecution, protect the financial elite and the financial institutions from being found guilty of committing federal crimes; the judges are in on this too; media, both mainstream and alternative won’t say a word about these unaddressed crimes. Instead they spin tales about how this or that bank is being sued; laws are being changed to protect the laws already in place. Well they don’t mention the laws already in place; that would be too much truth to give the public. The media otherwise reports these new laws as if the older laws, decades old, weren’t already available but certainly not upheld by the courts? Then the cymbal’s clang (Breaking News) for a financial institution paying millions of dollars to “whom” I don’t know? And the media conveniently won’t reveal to whom? But the real question is how much did the financial institution actually embezzle, illegally foreclose upon, or steal from their customers? Believe me it’s a thousand times more than the financial institution pays in restitution and the funds don’t go to the victims; they go to the attorney who filed the suit against the financial institution in the first place, who will be representing the bank next time:>{

After sixteen years experience with fighting federal crimes committed against me, that actually continue to be (some would say twelve; it depends on how you’re counting and what) I believe I see a truth which most Americans need to be informed of; the victims already know and most have been silenced or they’re well on their way to such. The homelessness and pennilessness comes slowly stretching its tentacles out further towards the victim’s demise with each day that passes; the last quest for employment turned down; another lovingly cared for belonging sold for pennies so one can pay rent for tent space in a campground. Soon a victims only vehicle sold in exchange for eating, there’s no more time on the cell phone and continued efforts towards finding a job needs to be met by walking to get to interviews and back to the tent, which also lowers one’s chance still more of retaining work? Then finally the victim gets evicted from their tent in spite of their efforts to seek justice for the horrendous federal crimes committed against them; in spite of trying to get employment up against a government who’s secretly making sure the victims to this can’t get employment.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen this is America today, the land of the free, upside down. This is where criminal activity flourishes by the hands of the financial elite, government and unethical attorneys protecting the criminals. In fact it’s almost like the US Government and financial institutions sent out a memo to all attorneys in the country, demanding the attorneys listen up. “At all costs you must protect the financial institutions no matter what federal crimes they have committed, and we’ve got your back and a muslin bag full of cash will be waiting on your doorstep, if you mind us.” Yep! I’d say this is about it!

Honesty, integrity, morals and ethics are no longer honored today in this country, not honored in the world for that matter, but America use to be considered better than most other countries; freer. Yet this is no longer true; in fact I question if it ever was true? I’m wondering if what we were taught growing up about America, the land of the free, was merely psychopathic lies created by our forefathers?

The honorable qualities are, for a matter of fact, considered a weakness in the world today! And in all honesty I understand why? If a victim, no matter who they are has a number of financial institutions; a few law firms and the government all purposely hiding horrendous crime they committed against their victim(s), while actively trying to murder them, how in the world will the victim ever survive much less be respected for their character? What’s worse these character driven individuals are in the fight for their lives today against corruption while the public, not yet victimized, are “sheepling” about as if all is well? I can assure you it’s not and so can the millions of people in the streets starving to death from lack of food, care and exposure to the elements, who have lost their cell phones, computer connections and voices while the media purposely keeps this information from the public!

Yes, the media reports to you that these people brought on their demise on their own; and some may have; so what? Most of this is not true and in America no one should be living in the streets for any reason! Some people just can’t take this slow demise of their lives brought on by corruption so why shouldn’t they allow themselves to fade away on drugs? I believe I can see their point to a certain degree. Although there are days, I feel like I’d just as soon die, my work together with my Larry keeps both of us going. Many people don’t have someone to fight with:>) I do!

I tell you, after my experience, it kills me to watch the public scramble about hiring attorneys and law firms to handle these most popular illegal foreclosures? Then they spend or donate more money to these special foreclosure experts who will guide them through what a good attorney could do with their eyes closed, but won’t. Why? Because they somewhere along the line have taken another oath to protect the financial institutions, financial elite and government at any cost especially their clients. Yet the client usually doesn’t get this, because of the lies their attorney tells them about the laws, until it’s too friggin late. Besides, these illegal, and unlawful foreclosures shouldn’t be occurring at all, we are too advanced as a nation, in education and intelligence to see the kind of federal crimes occur one after the other constantly with no end in sight, by every financial institution in this country and in Europe. In fact, there are financial institutions in this country committing horrific federal crimes, possibly worse than BofA that the public hasn’t even heard of yet unless they happen to be one of their victims.

Still we the wounded by horrendous federal crimes that Attorney General Holder and those before and after him, will continue to ignore as we continue to find any way possible to put funds together to pay these monster attorneys that know exactly how to win our cases quickly if they chose to, but again they have taken another oath, unbeknownst to the public, to protect the financial institutions, financial elite and the government at all coats…to the client.

And “we the people” pay federal income taxes for the attorney general to protect us from financial abuse by the financial institutions? Instead like a heard of sheep we, see the crimes, take our Xanax, hire an attorney and believe every word he/she says until it’s too late and we’re completely homeless and penniless. If we complain at this point, about all the continued crimes committed against our trust and ourselves, we’ll find we will be unable to retain employment or government assistance. Next stop, the streets.

One-way, we the people, are fooled by our attorney and the corrupt legal system is by the length of time these lawsuits, concerning the unlawful foreclosures, take. There are so many motions and amended complaints; time for the judge to consider; appeals and then seven to ten years later you lose your 1M$ home, anyway, and receive twenty–five thousand dollar settlement after you probably spent another three hundred thousand dollars fighting an unlawful foreclosure, full of federal crimes, a two year old would understand. Your attorney walks away with all the benefits of the lawsuit; the financial institution made a fortune off your home even with the lawsuit and you lose again! This is a fact ladies and gentlemen!

The next thing you’ll see is you're being sued by the criminals and they’ll win! Judges can do this! Who's going to hold them accountable?

Of course the media is in on it all as they spin tale after tale about the unlawful foreclosures, subliminally teaching the public that this problem is being irradiated; they’ll even mention a state attorney general here or there in the news whose now had it and filing something against a national bank! But have we followed these so-called lawsuits to see where they go? No, of course not, we’re too busy struggling to work, being paid nothing, taking care of our children and fighting our own legal battle full of corruption to have time to realize these lawsuits go nowhere, making restitution for none but the placating attorneys wasting our time for money and the financial institutions and mortgage companies.

Yes, and today as always the media is at it again reporting a tale about the surging stock market…all for the benefit of controlling the public (the Sheeple) until you get attacked by these federal crimes that never get addressed by the government authorities or attorneys and you have one foot in the streets, then you’ll get what’s really going on.

It’s truly a pity that we don’t learn by what we see around us and by this all get on the same page and stand up and support each other, against our corrupt government, financial institutions, legal system and media?

And please understand once and for all these petitions, although honorable ways for the public to exercise their rights are not even being looked at nor are your letters to the attorney generals!



God help Us All!

Meanwhile you can actually see a story like this unfold, my story, in all its shocking revelations; unaddressed federal crimes, corrupt government authorities; attorneys; state bars; police departments and media; even laugh some over the absurdity of it all by picking up my new book that would make Dominick Dunne salivate if he were living;

God’s On Our Side, Sweetie! But The Devil Has Control! Find it on Amazon or here on my blog;

One last question; “Who has received their home back and made completely whole after the horrendous experience of having federal crime committed against them?”

By: Deborah Breuner
Heiress Lives In A Tent

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